Sunday, January 12, 2014


Yesterday (Saturday) we had a really fun day! We got to sleep in late (I will never get sick of doing this- there's something so nice about waking up at the crack of dawn and dropping Danny off to my mom then going back to sleep, what's best is knowing I didn't just hand him off to a nanny, but to his grandma- that's what helps me sleep in the morning :)
Afterwards we got ready, went to have lunch. I got to see an awesome documentary of Jerusalem, Wyatt went back to his parents house with Danny. Then I came back picked up Danny and headed to Provo, where I dropped Danny off and headed to Cassidy's house for dinner. She made me clams! They were delicious! We spent time reminiscing, talking about tv and where people we knew were. It was interesting taking to her...

On that note- Jerusalem, that was a fascinating documentary. Seeing this documentary showed me how little I've seen and know of the world. There is so much waiting to be discovered, causes waiting to be championed. Really, that documentary inspired me. In the best way! I kept thinking "I want to show my children this, I want to see this, with my kids" "I want to open they're eyes!" "I want to teach my kid's all I can".
I mean really, keeping up with the Kardashians? Toddler's in tiaras? While these shows are widely hysterical they don't actually provide anything of value to me or my growth and learning. But that documentary inspired me! (I could throw in Sherlock & Doctor who into this unnecessary shows, but.... No!)
So I will teach my kids! I'll teach them the map of the US so they can visualize it, I'll teach them the world so they can visualize it!
I would very much like to put together small lessons for Danny, small lessons I can teach him everyday.


Our title is brought to you by Doctor Who. :)

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