Monday, November 24, 2014

Is that white bread? No offense but are you on a scholarship?

Well, It's November, not sure when that happened but it's here. Wyatt has been commuting to Hartford for his rotation (and his commute takes forever) and while we're just happy to have him back, it will be nice when this rotation is ova! In the meantime we've been making the time we do have together count! We get out and do a fair amount of things, so I can't complain! This past week we took Danny to his first movie! We saw Big Hero 6 and I think he actually enjoyed it. Sure, he spent half the movie walking down and up the stairs, but who doesn't do that at the movie theater?

He loved playing this racing game... even if we never put any money in it!

So I decided to throw in all these other pictures in here. They include everything from a day in the park to halloween, which, if you missed it Danny was a Cyberman and I was Clara. (we still need a picture with Wyatt as the Doctor)
Danny insists on "helping" me whoever I cook or bake  
Dunkin Doughnuts is about three blocks from my house, so we walk there a lot to have doughnuts and to just get out!

Wyatt and Danny coloring while we waited for our food at Olive Garden

His face in this picture is so darn cute, but here are the group of kids dressed up! 

he kind of dragged his loot around the parking lot with him 

He had the trick or treat thing down

I am really going to miss these beautiful New England falls! 

Chrissy's Birthday

Being home with Danny without a car has been tough. But I feel like I've spent more quality time with him, does that make sense? We read more books and do more activities together, like puzzles. He's getting good at his animals, and we're working on his colors. Just yesterday while he was doing a puzzle with a frog in it, he actually hopped around like a frog and went "Ribbit!". It was way cute.  His most used word is definitely "no!" or "no way!". *sigh* Not sure when that will change. He still enjoys doing Laundry with me and the dishes. He's cute and I love him!

For your catch up lets go back to my birthday week. That's right, I said WEEK! I am very blessed to have awesome friends and family who made my birthday kind of a big deal. I got spoiled this year!  The weekend before my birthday Wyatt was in town from Boston so we went to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate my birthday week! I got this peanut butter chocolate shake, that I shared with Danny, that I still think about! My darling neighbor Dottie made me a birthday cake and had some of the neighbor gals sing happy birthday to me. This cake was seriously amazing! Dottie also decorated my door for my birthday! I opened the door on my birthday and there were balloons taped to it!

These ladies are pretty amazing! Look at that cake! It's legit!

Dream Birthday cake!!
As if cake wasn't enough, Dottie gave me a gift certificate to get my tootsies done!!

Here you see Chrissy and I and our fabulous feet! 

 Sadly, Wyatt wasn't around on my actually birthday he was in Boston. However, I have awesome friends and we went to NEW YORK for my birthday! Babies and all! Minus loosing my phone in Central Park it was an incredible day and I couldn't have asked for a better Birthday. Much love to my friends who were there to spend it with me!

I came home to find two birthday packages from my mom and My neighbor Jessica gave me a present as well! My sweet in-laws sent me the money to buy a new phone. THANK YOU! Doctor Who YATZEE!!! Jessica also later threw me a party that friday with friends from Wyatt's class at Qunnipiac!

As if that wasn't enough birthday Celebrations the moms in the ward got together at the park to celebrate my birthday as well. Becca Alleman brought some Sans pelligrino and it was a good time!  Seriously guys, 24 was a good birthday! 25 better watch it's back.

The highlight of my 24th birthday hands down was going dancing in New York with Wyatt! Scratch that one off the Bucket list, it was epic! We researched which club we would go to for what seemed like an entire week! The reviews said it was bomb expensive and that we probably wouldn't get in anyways. Well lucky me everything worked out perfectly. Ever so amazing Baouyen took care of Danny for us so we could be young wild and free! We had some delays on the train but once we hit the city it was amazing! It was a whole other world being there at night! I loved it! I swear New York gives me energy! We went to the club we had picked out and we literally waited in line for 5 minutes! They let us through and we didn't pay a dime! The DJ was great and played songs that I was obsessed with (jealous by chromeo and summer by calvin harris) (I wished he had played latched by disclosure, but hey! 2/3 I consider those my 2014 summer anthems) We then ran through Times Square and stopped to buy a coke and Doctor Pepper! Truly it was magical and everything I had imagined. I had always wanted to spend a birthday night in New york and this year I did!

It was definitely a birthday for the books!


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by the Facebook page Overheard at Private school, they have some pretty hilarious entries, check it out!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Treat yo self!

Where to begin, uh, well I'm so far behind on my bloging I figured I would all out give up! But then I really enjoy reading through my old posts and seeing how far I've come! So I decided that I would blog about current events and at the end, blog about something in the past that I never blogged about. This way I'm not perpetually catching up. Because It's exhausting! 
So Wyatt is back from Texas, FINALLY. I swear those last three weeks were so difficult. Had I known I'd be that lonely, I would have never done it! But it's done, over with, thank heavens. We are so happy to have him back! Both Danny and I are really happy to have him back, and most of the times I can't remember what it was like to have him gone. (except when I do I appreciate him a million times more) (hence why I should have been blogging this whole time) 
So Wyatt has a rotation in Hartford, which would be fine, but it sucks. It's an hour commute and he has to take the car with him! Which, if I wasn't a mom would be fine, but I am! So It's been a little bit of a pain, but the Lord has seriously blessed me with willing souls ready to give me rides and friends who think of me when they go out on an adventure.  Which is how Danny and I found ourselves at Basset park today enjoying the last of summers rays of sunshine. It really was a beautiful day! Danny was so sweet today. He's a little clingy but I absolutely love him. He enjoys watching shows, going to the park, and cooking (I know!). He also has an intense attraction to doing laundry (let's hope that one lasts). I would list off the things he likes to eat, but he doesn't really eat... ah well.  We had fun in the park today!
Later on Chrissy and the missionaries came over for a "Happy Birthday Chrissy"/ crepes for the missionaries. It was a good time,  I will always love having missionaries over. I swear they bring a special spirit to the house! 

Welp, that's a wrap! 

For your catch-up we're throwing it back to May 2, when I met Naomi Davis. (like, wow!) I lost my cool when I met her, I couldn't even talk! Good thing Baoyen was there to help me along. Really, I have looked up to Naomi Davis since 2009.  

She's perfect.


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by Tom and Donna! I want to watch Parks and Recs more, I just haven't gotten around to it. But this is hilarious! Wyatt and I have been using this as an inside joke for ever now!

Monday, September 1, 2014

I know some of these words!

I've been blessed to have terrific friends in CT! I consider them family really. They made my time without Wyatt from May-July fly by because I always had invitations to dinner, playdates, or lunch. I am so very thankful for the support of those around me! One of these such get togethers was with my neighbors! Jess and Austin, sometimes after Danny would go down for the night I would walk across the hall and we'd play cards together, watch a show or just talk. It was nice, it made me feel less lonely.
I had told them I had never watched "Firefly" and it was decided that we would watch firefly on fridays together, which was awesome! On one night we watched Firefly with friends then when everyone left Jess waited up with me watching Pitch Perfect so I wouldn't have to wait by myself to pick Wyatt up at midnight! Thank you Jess (: 

btw a very funny inside joke was born out of this! Crow says BOO! lol I couldn't get enough of it. to this day I don't know why I thought it was so funny.... 

Denny says: Crow says BOO!

Denny posted this picture on my Facebook wall for my birthdays with the caption "Crow says birthday time!" 
I hope we have many more game/firefly nights together. Thanks guys!



The hills are alive with the sound of music!

More catch up blogging. Deal with it.

Thursday May 8th Wyatt and I went on a date as a sort of "Goodbye, see you in six months" send off. It was sad, we talked about how crazy it was that he was leaving! Well folks we are more than halfway through it! Partay! Just thought I'd mention the little date we went on! Thank you to Tyler and Katie for babysitting and making it possible for us to actually enjoy our meal!

9 weeks left! 



Thursday, August 28, 2014

MAJOR Deduction!

Another post of "Somewhere back in May"... brace yourself

I have grown quite fond of Wyatt's classmates, after a year of getting to know them. I only wish I could have gotten to know them better! Spefically, I grew somewhat attached to some of their significant others. Among them are Jess, Katie, and Elaine. These ladies were all in the same boat I was in. We came here to support our men in their Masters degree and we were all away from our families. We didn't get together as much as we should have, that's for certain, but the moments we spent together were bliss! One of these moments was during Elaines Birthday. We wanted to celebrate it with her so we went to a restaurant called Tapas Ibiza, literally a three minute walk from my apartment. I wasn't sure what to make of the restaurant when I initially got there. I had Danny with me as well (Like I had mentioned, the beginning of a summer of being two peas in a pod) so I was worried that he wouldn't let me enjoy the meal! 
The food was DELICIOUS! Amazing even! The staff was so nice to Danny, even bringing out a plate of fruit for him and a hand puppet to entertain him! Jess's phone had internet coverage so Danny was able to sit and watch Baby Einstein (thank you Youtube!)  It was incredible sitting with these girls I had befriended! We had all come such a long way :)  I tried squid! (and it was really, REALLY good!)  ( I felt sophisticated and white) 

The next day Austin, Wyatt, Jess, Danny and I went to the Brown Stone restaurant House in Hamden to have breakfast. It was a rather difficult breakfast as Danny was none too pleased about it. All the same, it was nice. Jess and I went to watch Spiderman 2 afterwards, and we loved it! We were both devastated over ****SPOILERS*** the loss of Gwen :(  It was a fun weekend!


PS. Today's Post title was brought to you by "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" I love that movie. I thank Desiree all the time (In my mind) for gifting it to me!  I quote this movie WAY more than I should. But I can't help it! It's so much fun!


Somewhere in May, both Marcus and Wyatt were out of town so naturally, we spent a fair amount of time together (: Which, if you know Maria, is fantastic! We visited Kid City with Hilary, we visited Gillet state park with Baouyen, went to the zoo with Rachel and we even had a sleepover (that was more fun than it should have been!) (I mean who has fun sleepovers with kids!?) So here are some of our adventures from our husband-less week, though, they were dearly missed!



Don't you love how awful and silly my face looks here? My friends are gorgeous, Maria looks like a freaking model and then there I am. 

Our sleepover was so much fun! Danny and Braxtyn went to sleep and we watched Pitch Perfect, ate pizza (home made) and ate Oh henry bars. Then we dozed off on the couch. We woke up the next day and had German pancakes and pop-cicles. One major highlight of our sleep over was watching "Think like a man" Admittedly,  I was skeptical of the movie. But I laughed 80% of the movie! I loved it! To this day I consider it one of my favorites! Wyatt even liked it! That speaks volumes as to the entertainment value of the movie (:  All in all it was a VERY fun week! Thanks ladies, for making my time without Wyatt fly by!