Wednesday, December 25, 2013

what we love about Danny at 11 months!


I mean really... What isn't there to love about our baby boy?! But nonetheless here are just a few...

*his growling, ugh it kills me!

*when he stands on his tip toes and growls, probably thinking it makes his growling more intimidating!

*his babbling! "Mamama" "ma" "bye" "agua" "mas"
*his "singing" he is so stinking cute when he sings! He doesn't do it as much anymore buuutt it was adorable, in every sense of the word! (He especially enjoyed singing to Christo me Mande Que Brille. )

*he bounces on beds now! So fun

* His walking! This boy can walk! Every once in a while he will walk a short distance & it's really exciting whenever he does!!
*his side walking. Sometimes when he's walking with you he will all of a sudden start waking side ways, always so cautions!

*he shimmies across walls, this kid thinks he's spiderman!

*he crawls on his hands and knees now! It used to be an army crawl but now he's on hands and knees!

*his smile. I will forever love his smile! Chubba chovi!

*he responds to all the different names I call him!

*he is always so happy!

*his howl! We spent months trying to teach him to howl and he finally has! 

*his snuggles! Sometimes, if you're lucky he will snuggle with you!!

*besos! His open mouthed kisses he gives only to me!

*I love when he flaps his hands up and down! And it's even more fun when he's in the tub!

* his tubbies! He loves taking baths and it's so fun to see him crawl around in it!