Sunday, October 20, 2013

Priestly duties

had another very sweet moment today and I couldn't help but write it down! I was sleeping and dreaming. When suddenly I felt a little hand on my neck. I woke up to sweet Danny's lovable squishy happy face peering back to me. As if to say "good morning mommy I love you!". I love Danny so much! Sometimes I feel guilty that I don't teach him as many things as I ought to. His mind is like an open book that is just waiting to be filled with all sorts of knowledge! I've already seen how the things he observes and watches he later repeats it. I feel as though it's my fault if he doesn't know Latin! Alright jk Maybe Not That Far But Really I Should be teaching him a whole lot more. Lately I've been thinking a lot about me me me when if I would be thinking of others I know I would be much happier and better person. So today I'm going to recommit to being a mommy! Well, I guess I can slack off while my mom is still here :)...

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