Sunday, October 20, 2013

Priestly duties

had another very sweet moment today and I couldn't help but write it down! I was sleeping and dreaming. When suddenly I felt a little hand on my neck. I woke up to sweet Danny's lovable squishy happy face peering back to me. As if to say "good morning mommy I love you!". I love Danny so much! Sometimes I feel guilty that I don't teach him as many things as I ought to. His mind is like an open book that is just waiting to be filled with all sorts of knowledge! I've already seen how the things he observes and watches he later repeats it. I feel as though it's my fault if he doesn't know Latin! Alright jk Maybe Not That Far But Really I Should be teaching him a whole lot more. Lately I've been thinking a lot about me me me when if I would be thinking of others I know I would be much happier and better person. So today I'm going to recommit to being a mommy! Well, I guess I can slack off while my mom is still here :)...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thank you very much bert

 *Grandma sitting in bed at night with Annika and Danny before we left for CT. May 2013
*Grandpa and Danny April 2013
*Nanny, Papa and Alex with Danny before we moved away.. April 2013?
*Danny being adorable April 2013?
 *random play time with grandma and grandpa
*On our way out to CT we say Hal Anthony and his family on our same flight, they were going to Paris! May 2013
*Danny did great on the flight! I didn't really sleep...May 2013
*My first glimpse at Hamden CT. May 2013
*Wyatt, Danny and I on our first train ride to NYC!!

*Danny's favorite chair! Seriously, he loved that thing. My dad picked it up for him off of an add on ksl. That chair was a lifesaver! Worth a million dollars to me!
*A picture we took of my mom and Danny while at the mall. Taken with our very first smartphones May 2013
*Our makeshift play pin for Danny while we moved our stuff out. Danny liked kicking that toy. May 2013 *Our relocube. Surprisingly we could fit a lot more things in there than I would have thought
*Danny with the koala bear hat his grandma made him!
*I really like this picture, Wyatt used to talk Danny to sleep and it worked! April 2013
*A picture of my old phone... not smart phone
*Lauren and I having Dinner together for the last time before I moved to CT! Love her so much April 2013 *Annika and Danny being adorable March 2013
*Danny and his friend Riley, who happened to live right across the hall! I went over to introduce myself and ended up being good friends with them and even better friends with their Nanny Baouyen!
 *Another friend of Danny's, Claire, she was a chunky baby. Her Parents Tiffany and Darin are also really good friends of ours. Just another young family like us.

June 2013
 *Happy 4 years to me and wyatt! we celebrated by going to the Olive Garden
* (July 2013) Danny's first time in a pool! He cried a little when I stuck his feet in but he was pretty happy the rest of the time! *Danny sleeping like a champ without being swaddled!
*Danny Playing with his toys and the boppy.
*I told you that chair was a life saver, he was fascinated by the washing machine! Yay for me
*My birthday, girl friends that came to celebrate with me! It was amazing they all came considering I had known them all for less than 3 weeks!
*The boys
*Danny and Riley again! They even put their arms around each other!
 *Danny testing out a walker! Baouyen and I were walking around toys r us with him?
 *Our first time at the pool together! Danny did great and the water was seriously amazing. our first 4th of July as a family! It was actually a lot of fun. We went to a bbq and pool at Maria's apartments (spring glen?) then spent the evening watching a redbox movie. Couldn't have imagined a better 4th!
*A darling picture of Linda and Danny when she came out to help us move out to CT
*Wyatt and Danny at the petting zoo in September.Our first time going to the big E!
*Danny holding onto Wyatt's lunch as if he was going to school. Ugh I'm melting!
*a quick picture I took of Danny and I after giving him a bath!
 *Danny finally learned how to crawl... backwards!He kept dissapearing under the couch. silly boy
*Linda coming to visit was amazing!! We loved it. I never knew how nice it could be to have someone visit me :)this was the first morning she was there. She was reading Danny a book.

*More from our 4th of July BBQ! It was really so much fun. I was surprised at how little we missed being home. We really did have a blast. We invited Jess and Austin and I am happy we were able to extend that invitation to them
*Danny knitting with grandma, while visiting Utah
*Wyatt and Alex playing with Danny
*Having Dinner at PF Changs with my roommates Deidre and Alyssa, I am always surprised at how kind my old roommates are to me. considering I was a terrible friend (blame dating life)... But Diedre was newly pregnant in this picture and Danny was at home with my mom (:
*One of the best parts of visiting Utah? Cousins!
*Danny being adorable in the mornings...
*Danny finally learning how to hold his own bottle! Hurray! This was actually taken at Mike and Jamie's apartment! August 2013

*More from our UT trip! We got to spend a night at the Cabin with the Tomlinson's!
*Free red-mango, yes you read that right, free! Danny loved it  *An adorable picture of Danny with his Nanny and Papa July  Danny had his first lick of ice cream on this day...
*We actually took this picture before we left CT. May 2013
*I started the habit of getting up at 5 am and working out. One of the perks, among many, was coming back to this adorableness. *One day in May when Danny was super grumpy and nothing made him happy except a bath. Thank you mom for the bath seat. total life saver
*The only way Danny did tummy time was watching tv... ah well! *Danny's first pairs of shoes. Linda bought them for his blessing. and he basically wore them everywhere. bitter sweet when they stopped fitting.
*Misquamicut beach in RH! Danny wasn't afraid of the water this time!
*Danny sleeping on his tummy:)
*Danny actually falling asleep in his bouncer! Never thought that would happen...
*Danny looking fat eating Carrots :)
*Quick bite of Rumbi with my mom before we went back to CT
*Danny watching Disney at Nanny and papa's house and looking chubby!
*Our first dinner party in CT. Milli, flabio, dottie, my mom and the missionaries all came... epic success!
*Danny watching Jake and the neverland pirates!
*My big 9 month old!
*Danny's first (documented) time sleeping through the night... he had done it a couple days before once as well
*Visiting Hill Cummorah September 2013 Labor day
*The breakers RH
*Danny eating :)
*That one time I made whole wheat bred and enchiladas!
*The big E with Linda in town September 2013

Who do I look like more? Mommy or Daddy?

 xoxo Cindita

 ps. quote brought to you by the Hobbit!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Danny's frist steps!

Danny took his first steps! He walked from Wyatt to me and then back to Wyatt!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Morning naps and cuddles

This morning Danny wouldn't take a nap  so I laid in my bed with him and started to sing Edelweiss. To my surprise he cuddled up to me and started "singing" too. I wanted to pause that moment and cuddle with him like that forever! I did, however, put him back in his crib because I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep with him in my bed! I'd be worried he would fall out! These are the moments that make motherhood so sweet. Love my squishy