Sunday, April 21, 2013

What we love about Danny at 3 months!

What we love about Daniel at 3 months

His smile! he is always flashing us his gummy goodness. poor thing, in the midst of his gas pain he will flash us his gums
His cooing! he loves to talk!! he usually goes "eh?" "eh?" "ooh" "ooh" "ooh" it seriously makes our hearts melt!
His standing up, he would rather stand than sit
he still loves to take  bath and he splishes and splashes like no tomorrow, once he even moved around so much he fell in the water for a split second oops! but we got him right out!
He is such a people person! he will always smile at them.
He started lifting his legs up! its so cute
He tries to grab at things at he's pretty good at grabbing things right in front of him
He has found his hands! he chews and sucks on them as if they were candy!
He loves his stroller! He will always be happy going on a stroller ride, cute baby :)
His face when he just wakes up, he looks like a little grumpy old man it's pretty adorable
On a good night he will ususally sleep a 5 hour stretch starting around 10:45 pm
He eats on a 3 hr schedule during the day
He looks pretty serious right before a fart comes and he kind of cries right before it gets out and a little after it slips out too. (he also lifts his leg up to far too) (funny baby!)
He loooves to breastfeed
He is awesome at taking medicine
and basically he's ours! we love him to pieces!