Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eeek he pooped he pooped!

Things we love about Daniel at 1 Month!

I love his milk drunk face after a good feeding
The way he lifts his right arm {for whatever reason} after a good feeding
His smile! This baby has been flashing us those pink gums since the day we brought him home, makes getting up with him and bouncing him while he's fussy worth it.
He makes funny noises when he's crying and we put his binky in {they sound alien like}
His face while he's in the tub, he loves taking a bath, but he screams every time we take him out.
He generally sleeps pretty well at night. he will sleep like 3 hr stretches and wake up to feed. at around 1:30 am, 5:00 am and 7:30 ish. {he doesn't really sleep during the day}
The way he recognizes my voice! I walked through the door the other day and said "ooh my baby!" he coo'd ! He recognized my voice :)
The way he stretches when he just woke up, he looks like a little butter ball. 
The way he farts a lot when he woke up
The way he looked that one time we were washing his hair, hard to explain, he had his eyes closed and head tilted back and was just loving having his hair washed under the running water
The way he looked that one night all 3{Wyatt, me and danny} were up in the middle of the night and I was holding him. He looked so frazzled it still makes me laugh to think about.
The way he loves it when you cuddle him
The way snuggles his head under my chin when I'm holding him {sometimes he will do this sometimes he won't}
Lastly, the way he looks at me, he has the cutest little gaze and I can't help but feel that we are totally having a moment!


ps. Today's post title was brought to you by none other than Wyatt :). We were told many times  that skin to skin for mother & baby was crucial, but we were also told that when mommy isn't available Daddy is an excellent candidate for skin to skin! So one day, after a frustrating visit to a lactation specialist (trouble latching)   I encouraged Wyatt to try this skin to skin business. So he finally agreed, he took our newborn upstairs took his shirt off and got danny down to a diaper. Not long after he went upstairs, Wyatt came flying downstairs screaming "He pooped!! He pooped!" it was hilarious.

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