Wednesday, December 25, 2013

what we love about Danny at 11 months!


I mean really... What isn't there to love about our baby boy?! But nonetheless here are just a few...

*his growling, ugh it kills me!

*when he stands on his tip toes and growls, probably thinking it makes his growling more intimidating!

*his babbling! "Mamama" "ma" "bye" "agua" "mas"
*his "singing" he is so stinking cute when he sings! He doesn't do it as much anymore buuutt it was adorable, in every sense of the word! (He especially enjoyed singing to Christo me Mande Que Brille. )

*he bounces on beds now! So fun

* His walking! This boy can walk! Every once in a while he will walk a short distance & it's really exciting whenever he does!!
*his side walking. Sometimes when he's walking with you he will all of a sudden start waking side ways, always so cautions!

*he shimmies across walls, this kid thinks he's spiderman!

*he crawls on his hands and knees now! It used to be an army crawl but now he's on hands and knees!

*his smile. I will forever love his smile! Chubba chovi!

*he responds to all the different names I call him!

*he is always so happy!

*his howl! We spent months trying to teach him to howl and he finally has! 

*his snuggles! Sometimes, if you're lucky he will snuggle with you!!

*besos! His open mouthed kisses he gives only to me!

*I love when he flaps his hands up and down! And it's even more fun when he's in the tub!

* his tubbies! He loves taking baths and it's so fun to see him crawl around in it!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Priestly duties

had another very sweet moment today and I couldn't help but write it down! I was sleeping and dreaming. When suddenly I felt a little hand on my neck. I woke up to sweet Danny's lovable squishy happy face peering back to me. As if to say "good morning mommy I love you!". I love Danny so much! Sometimes I feel guilty that I don't teach him as many things as I ought to. His mind is like an open book that is just waiting to be filled with all sorts of knowledge! I've already seen how the things he observes and watches he later repeats it. I feel as though it's my fault if he doesn't know Latin! Alright jk Maybe Not That Far But Really I Should be teaching him a whole lot more. Lately I've been thinking a lot about me me me when if I would be thinking of others I know I would be much happier and better person. So today I'm going to recommit to being a mommy! Well, I guess I can slack off while my mom is still here :)...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thank you very much bert

 *Grandma sitting in bed at night with Annika and Danny before we left for CT. May 2013
*Grandpa and Danny April 2013
*Nanny, Papa and Alex with Danny before we moved away.. April 2013?
*Danny being adorable April 2013?
 *random play time with grandma and grandpa
*On our way out to CT we say Hal Anthony and his family on our same flight, they were going to Paris! May 2013
*Danny did great on the flight! I didn't really sleep...May 2013
*My first glimpse at Hamden CT. May 2013
*Wyatt, Danny and I on our first train ride to NYC!!

*Danny's favorite chair! Seriously, he loved that thing. My dad picked it up for him off of an add on ksl. That chair was a lifesaver! Worth a million dollars to me!
*A picture we took of my mom and Danny while at the mall. Taken with our very first smartphones May 2013
*Our makeshift play pin for Danny while we moved our stuff out. Danny liked kicking that toy. May 2013 *Our relocube. Surprisingly we could fit a lot more things in there than I would have thought
*Danny with the koala bear hat his grandma made him!
*I really like this picture, Wyatt used to talk Danny to sleep and it worked! April 2013
*A picture of my old phone... not smart phone
*Lauren and I having Dinner together for the last time before I moved to CT! Love her so much April 2013 *Annika and Danny being adorable March 2013
*Danny and his friend Riley, who happened to live right across the hall! I went over to introduce myself and ended up being good friends with them and even better friends with their Nanny Baouyen!
 *Another friend of Danny's, Claire, she was a chunky baby. Her Parents Tiffany and Darin are also really good friends of ours. Just another young family like us.

June 2013
 *Happy 4 years to me and wyatt! we celebrated by going to the Olive Garden
* (July 2013) Danny's first time in a pool! He cried a little when I stuck his feet in but he was pretty happy the rest of the time! *Danny sleeping like a champ without being swaddled!
*Danny Playing with his toys and the boppy.
*I told you that chair was a life saver, he was fascinated by the washing machine! Yay for me
*My birthday, girl friends that came to celebrate with me! It was amazing they all came considering I had known them all for less than 3 weeks!
*The boys
*Danny and Riley again! They even put their arms around each other!
 *Danny testing out a walker! Baouyen and I were walking around toys r us with him?
 *Our first time at the pool together! Danny did great and the water was seriously amazing. our first 4th of July as a family! It was actually a lot of fun. We went to a bbq and pool at Maria's apartments (spring glen?) then spent the evening watching a redbox movie. Couldn't have imagined a better 4th!
*A darling picture of Linda and Danny when she came out to help us move out to CT
*Wyatt and Danny at the petting zoo in September.Our first time going to the big E!
*Danny holding onto Wyatt's lunch as if he was going to school. Ugh I'm melting!
*a quick picture I took of Danny and I after giving him a bath!
 *Danny finally learned how to crawl... backwards!He kept dissapearing under the couch. silly boy
*Linda coming to visit was amazing!! We loved it. I never knew how nice it could be to have someone visit me :)this was the first morning she was there. She was reading Danny a book.

*More from our 4th of July BBQ! It was really so much fun. I was surprised at how little we missed being home. We really did have a blast. We invited Jess and Austin and I am happy we were able to extend that invitation to them
*Danny knitting with grandma, while visiting Utah
*Wyatt and Alex playing with Danny
*Having Dinner at PF Changs with my roommates Deidre and Alyssa, I am always surprised at how kind my old roommates are to me. considering I was a terrible friend (blame dating life)... But Diedre was newly pregnant in this picture and Danny was at home with my mom (:
*One of the best parts of visiting Utah? Cousins!
*Danny being adorable in the mornings...
*Danny finally learning how to hold his own bottle! Hurray! This was actually taken at Mike and Jamie's apartment! August 2013

*More from our UT trip! We got to spend a night at the Cabin with the Tomlinson's!
*Free red-mango, yes you read that right, free! Danny loved it  *An adorable picture of Danny with his Nanny and Papa July  Danny had his first lick of ice cream on this day...
*We actually took this picture before we left CT. May 2013
*I started the habit of getting up at 5 am and working out. One of the perks, among many, was coming back to this adorableness. *One day in May when Danny was super grumpy and nothing made him happy except a bath. Thank you mom for the bath seat. total life saver
*The only way Danny did tummy time was watching tv... ah well! *Danny's first pairs of shoes. Linda bought them for his blessing. and he basically wore them everywhere. bitter sweet when they stopped fitting.
*Misquamicut beach in RH! Danny wasn't afraid of the water this time!
*Danny sleeping on his tummy:)
*Danny actually falling asleep in his bouncer! Never thought that would happen...
*Danny looking fat eating Carrots :)
*Quick bite of Rumbi with my mom before we went back to CT
*Danny watching Disney at Nanny and papa's house and looking chubby!
*Our first dinner party in CT. Milli, flabio, dottie, my mom and the missionaries all came... epic success!
*Danny watching Jake and the neverland pirates!
*My big 9 month old!
*Danny's first (documented) time sleeping through the night... he had done it a couple days before once as well
*Visiting Hill Cummorah September 2013 Labor day
*The breakers RH
*Danny eating :)
*That one time I made whole wheat bred and enchiladas!
*The big E with Linda in town September 2013

Who do I look like more? Mommy or Daddy?

 xoxo Cindita

 ps. quote brought to you by the Hobbit!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Danny's frist steps!

Danny took his first steps! He walked from Wyatt to me and then back to Wyatt!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Morning naps and cuddles

This morning Danny wouldn't take a nap  so I laid in my bed with him and started to sing Edelweiss. To my surprise he cuddled up to me and started "singing" too. I wanted to pause that moment and cuddle with him like that forever! I did, however, put him back in his crib because I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep with him in my bed! I'd be worried he would fall out! These are the moments that make motherhood so sweet. Love my squishy

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What we love about Danny at 3 months!

What we love about Daniel at 3 months

His smile! he is always flashing us his gummy goodness. poor thing, in the midst of his gas pain he will flash us his gums
His cooing! he loves to talk!! he usually goes "eh?" "eh?" "ooh" "ooh" "ooh" it seriously makes our hearts melt!
His standing up, he would rather stand than sit
he still loves to take  bath and he splishes and splashes like no tomorrow, once he even moved around so much he fell in the water for a split second oops! but we got him right out!
He is such a people person! he will always smile at them.
He started lifting his legs up! its so cute
He tries to grab at things at he's pretty good at grabbing things right in front of him
He has found his hands! he chews and sucks on them as if they were candy!
He loves his stroller! He will always be happy going on a stroller ride, cute baby :)
His face when he just wakes up, he looks like a little grumpy old man it's pretty adorable
On a good night he will ususally sleep a 5 hour stretch starting around 10:45 pm
He eats on a 3 hr schedule during the day
He looks pretty serious right before a fart comes and he kind of cries right before it gets out and a little after it slips out too. (he also lifts his leg up to far too) (funny baby!)
He loooves to breastfeed
He is awesome at taking medicine
and basically he's ours! we love him to pieces!



Thursday, February 7, 2013

Croupy, Poopy, Barfy

Being a new mom I have gone through a variety of emotions. But hey! I never had the emotional breakdowns that people said would come with motherhood. Wahoo, crisis averted. But I have had quiet cries in the showers or crying when the baby cries :) As I was feeding my baby today feeling sorry for myself I realized that I wasn't doing myself any good by feeling bad about my back, my slow healing tear, how terrifying pooping is! {TMI? well good thing nobody really reads this right??} Even more I spend all day with Daniel now and I would hate for my negativity to rub off on him! I have been a complainer in the past {see previous posts} and always decided I wanted to change. But now I really do need to change. I don't want this little guy to get an ounce of my negativity! So I have decided I am slowly going to start making changes.

1. Every time I breastfeed I am going to think of 10 things I am grateful for and say them outloud
2. I am going to print out these quotes and put them around my bathroom mirror and really take them to heart.
3. Try to enjoy the ride a little more! Everybody says they miss when there kids were babies right? Well mine still is, so I am going to try and enjoy it.

I will say though that I am starting to see a change. Once I came to accept the fact that taking care of Danny really is my only job things became easier. No one expects me to do anything  but love and care for this little baby. That's it! So when I'm frustrated he hasn't slept so I can't clean the room I really need to sit down and realize that no one cares if the room is clean, as long as I still have a happy {or somewhat happy} baby at the end of the day. I am also going to stop stressing out about when he sleeps/wakes. I get tons of help anyways, no need!



ps. Todays quote came from Arrested Development, a show Wyatt and I have recently started liking. :)  Post title was brought to you by my friend Joslyn. The description she gave taking care of a sick baby.

Eeek he pooped he pooped!

Things we love about Daniel at 1 Month!

I love his milk drunk face after a good feeding
The way he lifts his right arm {for whatever reason} after a good feeding
His smile! This baby has been flashing us those pink gums since the day we brought him home, makes getting up with him and bouncing him while he's fussy worth it.
He makes funny noises when he's crying and we put his binky in {they sound alien like}
His face while he's in the tub, he loves taking a bath, but he screams every time we take him out.
He generally sleeps pretty well at night. he will sleep like 3 hr stretches and wake up to feed. at around 1:30 am, 5:00 am and 7:30 ish. {he doesn't really sleep during the day}
The way he recognizes my voice! I walked through the door the other day and said "ooh my baby!" he coo'd ! He recognized my voice :)
The way he stretches when he just woke up, he looks like a little butter ball. 
The way he farts a lot when he woke up
The way he looked that one time we were washing his hair, hard to explain, he had his eyes closed and head tilted back and was just loving having his hair washed under the running water
The way he looked that one night all 3{Wyatt, me and danny} were up in the middle of the night and I was holding him. He looked so frazzled it still makes me laugh to think about.
The way he loves it when you cuddle him
The way snuggles his head under my chin when I'm holding him {sometimes he will do this sometimes he won't}
Lastly, the way he looks at me, he has the cutest little gaze and I can't help but feel that we are totally having a moment!


ps. Today's post title was brought to you by none other than Wyatt :). We were told many times  that skin to skin for mother & baby was crucial, but we were also told that when mommy isn't available Daddy is an excellent candidate for skin to skin! So one day, after a frustrating visit to a lactation specialist (trouble latching)   I encouraged Wyatt to try this skin to skin business. So he finally agreed, he took our newborn upstairs took his shirt off and got danny down to a diaper. Not long after he went upstairs, Wyatt came flying downstairs screaming "He pooped!! He pooped!" it was hilarious.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I can tell my contractions are getting more Oz

Take a look at the last picture I took prego. I'm pretty sure I was 40 wks and three days when we took this picture! Soo many things that I haven't blogged about, a period of 20 wks missing in the blog but well oh well, right? Those 20 wks were filled with seeing lots of friends, watching debates, swimming, or relaxing with wyatt Walking miles desperately trying to get this little guy out. Little did we know that he came exactly when he needed to come.
The week he was born Marco was in town because he was on leave and he wanted to be there to see Daniel! It didn't look like he was coming anytime soon so we were all kind of bummed out. We missed the 2012 mark ,which was also a little sad for us, but we were just excited to meet him.  Having so many people around and being out and about made it a fantastic week. I hadn't seen Marco in forever so I really liked that! Every morning Marco would say "Just go into labor already!!" I kept telling him that if I could I would. New years was nice, the Anthony's took everyone out to Tucanos to celebrate! Wyatt was working and couldn't be there :( oh the sacrifices of the money makers. 2012, What a year! Then that night  Wyatt came home he watched a movie with Marco, I watched Mirror Mirror with my dad upstairs. Wyatt and I went to the mall for their New years celebrations. It was a little bland but still fun, way more fun then sitting home!  It turned out that having

Danny in Jan. 2013 turned out to be the best possible outcome because I could be on Medicaid and therefore he was one Medicaid the momment he was born, for his entire first year! Wahoo! Anyways....

So on Jan 2 2013 ( Wednesday) i had a fetal nonstress test to check on our little bun. He was doing great and I had two contractions while I was laying there. But nothing too big happened. My fluid was low but that was about it. We had our Dr.s apointment and she kept saying how my water would totally break right? She also said she would be on call until friday at 7 am and that if I could go into labor between here and now she would be there to deliver my baby. We also set an induction date, which really frustrated me! I didn't want to be induced, it really stressed me out!
After the Drs apointment I was feeling really discouraged and I really wanted to go into labor before my induction date. sooo on the train ride home I decided to do the unspeakable. I borrowed Castor oil from Katelyn Bowen and took some before I ate my Cafe Rio. We took it home because we were all worried I would have horrible diarrhea after taking it :) Which never happened.
At around 10pm my brother brought home a pie from Village Inn asking if I wanted it, uhm yes. We then had a heart to heart for a while and we talked about life in general. it was nice. AFter that was done I took a hot bath and ate my pie. the charmed life.
I came to bed but got up again because my cramps hurt. I called the OB answering service and got some lady on call. {one of her partners}She said that I could try taking a bath and that if they didn't go away I could go to Labor and Delivery. I took another hot bath and then I told wyatt that I thought I might be in labor. He got really excited and started packing things in the car. I kept telling him not to get too excited because I wasn't exactly sure if I was in Labor. But my cramps were coming pretty strong so I decided to get ready and head out the door. Before leaving I woke up Marco and let him know I was going to the hospital and that If he would be willing I would call to let him know when to bring mom up. He said that was fine, then I left to the hospital!
I texted my doula Maryanne and tried calling her. She called me back and told me that she was actually sick and wouldn't be able to come but that she would send her intern Emily {which I wasn't too excited about}
The car ride over was probably the longest car ride of my life! The contractions were so intense!! There was no one on the road but us basically, Wyatt was pretty excited, and it seems like we were driving like crazy people but we weren't. We got to the hospital and we just left the car in the roundabout and went into Labor in Delivery. We checked in and we were put in a triage room. I remember there was a nurse there that I really wanted and she ended up being my nurse. She was really funny. She checked me, and she was horrible at checking!! it hurt so bad everytime she would check, she moved around a lot.  I was given  a robe and told to walk around. which sucked big time becuase i swear it would make the contractions worse. Eventually Emily showed up and even though she wasn't the ideal doula i was relived to see her. She kind of sucked as far as the massage therapy went but just her presence was comforting! She was there with me when we walked around and would hold on to my hips during contractions and she got me ice chips. Basically she did anything I asked her to, which was very nice of her. So even though the morning of jan 2 I was dialated to a 1 and 60% effaced and when I got checked {ouch!} at the hospital I was at a 3 and 80% effaced. When I got checked again I hadn't progressed. So sadly I got sent home, all I wanted was to take a hot bath! Instead of going home we went to a Hotel. I got a Morphine shot  {which I didn't even flinch when the nurse gave it to me!} Emily said she was going home to sleep and that she would come back whenever I called her. I swear it took us an hour to find our hotel!! I was like in and out of it, exhausted really. The morphine shot kicked in and made me oober sleepy. It definitely didn't stop the contractions but it slowed them down and I was able to sleep! I still remember walking into the hotel, it was such a surreal moment. I remember they were serving breakfast and everything looked soo good. I especially wanted a waffle but was too tired to eat it. However we did get some muffins for later. We got up to our room and it looked so nice. There was a king sized bed, a couch, tv and a really nice looking tub which I was excited about!  The bed I remember being so comfortable! The comforter on top was truly comforting! Soo nice. I didn't sleep very well and we only slept for about 3 hours. I woke up at around 8 am and spent the rest of the day in and out of the tub. Finally at around 2pm I text Maryann and told her I wanted some reinforcements, I also asked if she couldn't send Marin over. {She gave me my labor inducing massage and basically was amazing at it} to my surprise and happiness Marin was available!! First Emily showed up and helped me through some surges just sitting on the couch. {she also brought me and wyatt some snacks, thank heavens I was starving!}Wyatt then left to go find some food and find me a roxburry shake, which I requested specifically by name. He was more than happy to comply  I walked up and down the haflway with Emily for about 30 minutes when Marin showed up. Oh my gosh Marin was a sight for sore eyes! she set her things down and walked around the halls with us a little and also told me I could get in a hot jacuzzi! yippe! Wyatt came back and I ate a tiny bit of what he had gotten me and then threw the rest away. poor wyatt, he got four different smoothies because he wasn't sure which flavor i'd like best. None of them ended up being consumed.  I labored a little bit longer just around the room, Marin was amazing btw she really knew her stuff! Then I decided to get in the tub. The tub made it soo much easier to labor through. I remember Emily asking me some questions while I was laboring for her doula certifications and Marin adding hot water to the tub and swirling around, also she used some of her essential oils to help me cope with the pain. Wyatt took a nap on the couch, at Marins request. That hour of laboring on the bed was one of the best ones! i was so relaxed I was actually like half asleep the entire time. Then some stronger ones came and Marin suggested we go to the hospital. I was worried about going to the hospital because I didn't want to go and get sent home {I mean my contractions were super close together, Emily as my witness!} But Marin said she had a feeling we should go so I went. They wrapped me up in a blanket {which we stole from the hotel} and walked me out to Wyatt's car.  They drove in a another car. The car ride over to the hospital was hard. We hit a speed bump and I thought I was going to die! When we pulled into the pull through emily and marin were there to help me get out of the car. I had a surge as I was getting out of the car so they helped me through that. Then we walked to the Labor and Delivery unit, again. { Also it was crazy actually walking in and being in labor! Wyatt and I dreamed about this day for so long, when we would walk in there and it was actually happening!} We got checked in again and to our surprise and delight we were actually given a room! With a tub, yay! I don't remember much about getting settled in, I remember my iv hurt but not too bad.
When everything was squared away I was in a hurry to get in the tub. but to my dismay it had no hot water sooo I had to get out and labor without it. which was really discoureging. {btw my labor and delivery nurse cheri, was really sweet} I tried to labor as much as I could. I was on my hands and my knees at one point and wyatt was at my head sitting indian style. The doulas were rubbing my back and holding my hips. I remember crying, tons of tears, I distinctly remember them rolling down my cheek as I looked at wyatt and told him "I can't do this anymore! I can't do this for 6 or 7 hrs longer, I just can't! I'm too tired". I was exhausted, I kept telling Marin that I couldn't go on like this for 6 or 7 more hours, and she kept saying "well lets not, lets not do this for that much time". I had some pretty strong surges that I couldn't breath through, basically I just panicked through them! Then I decided to get the epidural because I wasn't progressing at all and it was really discouraging to me. I sort of felt like Emily and the nurse were telling me not to, Marin was on board for whatever I was on board for. it took the anesthesiologist all of 5 min to be there. I thought for sure I would crumble over the epidural but I hadled it like a champ. well. I remember Marin was holding my feet and wyatt was holding my hands. The weird popping sensation I felt as he was placing the epidural was the worst of it. Afterwards I was so tired I fell alseep for about an hour I remember this time being very difficult, emotionally, I felt defeated. Marin and Emily were great help they kept saying "You made a great informed decision", I think that's where I hit rock bottom with my labor. When the nurse came back to check me and I still hadn't dialated and I got really sad.
Anyways, so after my nap the nurse came to check me and since I still hadn't dilated she started Pitocin, which I wasn't too happy about. She said she would up it every 1 hr I didn't dilate. So then I felt like I was on a clock, pretty stressful. But I decided to try and relax and try out different labor positions. So we popped Pretty Woman in and I squatted through some of the movie I vaguely remember the part where she is shopping for clothing... but that's about it. Then I was on my hands and knees during part of howl's moving castle. I can't remember the movie but I do remember the music in it, very calming. I think I remember seeing the scene where sofi visits madam sulivan and there is a shot of the city. BTW the time I was awake during pretty woman was awesome, we were laughing and talking like normal people!
 I fell alseep again and when I woke up the nurse told me I was at a 10, fully effaced and ready to push! Oh my gosh I had waited SOO long for this moment! it was probably the climax of the birth! I called my brother told him it was time to bring my mom, I asked the nurse if I could wait a sec. before pushing so I could fix my hair and make up. Everything happened so quick! I even remember Marin saying "this is where everything speeds up!" or something to that affect. Another nurse came in {oh on a side note I had gotten another nurse, Sara, who was amazing, she would let me move around so much with my epidural, she helped me move around a lot and was very kind. } and they started warming up the warmer for the baby and other stuff. The time came for me to start trying to push. Which was crazy loco. I remember her saying she wanted to test how good of a pusher I was so I gave her some pushes when I felt some pressure and she told me to. She said I was fantastic. Then I really started to feel the pressure to push, that was crazy. Sara didn't even have to tell me when to push I would tell her "I need to push now!" and she would say, go ahead. So I would. It felt just like being constipated, really constipated. I felt everything! {besides the contractions, thank goodness :)} My mom showed up around this time.
Wyatt was holding one of my legs and I remember seeing th elook of horror on his face. That's when I knew I was really close. He freaked out saying he could see a tuft of hair and decided he didn't want to be holding my leg or watching for that matter... Everybody said "he has hair"! Then Sara told me I needed to refrain from pushing while Dr. Brown came in, I tried so hard to do little pushes, but boy was it hard. While she was putting her glove on and being super peppy. I told her " I NEED TO PUSH!!" so she said push away!  After that it was like 3 pushes and the pain was super intense! The rim of fire, I totally felt it! so real, the pressure the pain everything was so real and I felt his head come out, I remember this being a relief, then his shoulders and then he was out!!I had my eyes half closed. I remember seeing his slimy little body on my stomach {his cord wasn't long enough to make it to my chest, short cord} I mostly remember touching him for the first time. I think I touched his chest then his left arm. It felt out of this world. He was so slimy! I don't think he was really crying either. But boy I was, Wyatt cut the cord, when it stopped pulsing and took the baby away. They kept asking me if I wanted to hold him on my chest and I kept saying no, because I was exhausted and a hot mess. I tore a little, and since my epidural had run out the stitching was a terrible experience. Everybody kept telling me it was over and not to cry  I even snapped at my mom saying "I tore and it hurts!". I think I vaguely remember her crying, happy tears I believe. It was, after all, her birthday. pretty cute, huh? Share a birthday with your grandma. Finally I was willing and able to hold him and Wyatt gave me some kisses and you know all the gushy stuff :). I think the doulas got some pictures, which I'm excited to see. But there you have it. The story of how I brought Daniel into the world.  Still doesn't seem real!

The rest of the day was filled with trying to recover and family visits.


ps. I sent Maryann a text message while I was in the tub in the hotel, I was laboring through my contractions and I could tell I was tired wen I sent her "I need backup! I can tell me contractions are getting more Oz" :) I even remember thinking "oh you need to have a capitol O in Oz not a small letter! silly me ;)