Friday, October 26, 2012

Eye of the Sparrow

Alright so I have a lot to write in this blog post so hopefully I can get it all in there. My BABY SHOWER! Which to be honest was the highlight of the last two weeks! The Monday before my shower I had "Breakfast for Dinner" at Lauren's house. It was really good! It was also my first time trying Turkey Bacon. Which BTW was delicious. We talked and laughed and had a good time! We also made a quick stop by Sarah's house to pop in and say hi, she wasn't home. darn.
 The rest of the week was spent getting things ready for the baby shower, which surprisingly it was a lot of work! Nonetheless it was a very busy week. My room never got cleaned {yet somehow I was still able to check my facebook all the tame, lame. Priorities}.
We woke up at the butt crack of dawn to make tamales, Lupe and Wendy came over to help. It was really fun having them there. When you have friends to talk to it makes time fly. We actually finished at 11 am which was fantastic! After we did that Lupe and I hung out a little and then she left so Jade could take a nap, what a cutie. Afterwards we waited for the last batch of Tamales to stop cooking so we could go get manicures {and a pedicure for me:) } I REALLY needed it. I was STRESSING big time! I think I can safely attribute most of this stress to pregnancy. I seem to be more "in the moment" now, it's interesting.

The day came, and I was pretty excited, a little nervous but overall excited! I wondered how many people would come... if any! On our way to the Baby shower wyatt and I stopped by Party Land and bought a balloon boquet and it was BEAUTIFUL it was a huge pacifier and lots of other little balloons {with polka dots!}.  Everyone commented at how nice the balloons were. I wanted to move the balloons to another location in the room and as I was doing so I heard wyatt say "Cindy Stop! stop moving!" but it was too late. POP there went my precious balloons. I seriously wanted to cry. I thought it marked the first event in a long line of tragedies. But I am happy to report that this was simply not the case!

 The first people to show up were Tuare Garrido and Cassidy Olsen! I couldn't believe that they both came! Mainly Cassidy, that's nuts I haven't seen her in years... since my wedding really. I told Wyatt he should call on someone to say the prayer. It was kind of fun seeing him stand up and welcome people to the shower and thank them for coming, I hardly get to see him do something like that. Everyone started eating but I couldn't really eat. I wasn't really hungry and I was nervous/excited. After that people started pouring in! Here is a rough list of what I can remember
Tuare Garrido
Cassidy Olsen
Chantel Snyder
Gloria Ferron
Sis Siebert
Sis Hamilton
Sis Upstill
Sue Borg
Rosa Kyrobie
Vanessa Kyrobie
Sarah Miskell
Lauren Warden
Mike Warden
Phillip Earnshaw
Lupe Earnshaw
Joslyn Wilson
Debora Barrett
Brother Grover
Sister Grover
Erika Ortiz
Abril Wells
Chrissy Walker
Mary Merrell
Deenas Wyatt
Ruth Oberhansly
Ruths kids
Michelle Smith
Her Kids
The Holley sisters!
Linda's friends

All in all I would say that somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 people showed up. We had Tamales, Beans, Tacos, Chips and two salsa's to offer our guests. Everyone was ranting and raving about how delicious the food was. Linda did a whole dessert table! It was idyllic! A beautiful day outside, kids playing in the back yard and adults scattered all over the deck enjoying their meals, good company and beautiful weather.  REALLY people this was a Baby Shower unlike any other! SO many people came! Multiple people told me that they had never been to a baby shower like this and it was by far their favorite. I wanted women to feel comfortable bringing their husbands/boyfriends to the shower and to my surprise many brought their significant others. I figure that by having their boyfriends/husbands there it would help people enjoy themselves more.The Anthony men had the BYU football game which turned out to be fantastic because so many men liked to stop and watch it.

 When it came to Baby Showers we killed it! Thomas commented saying that I really knew how to throw a party (best compliment of the century) Someday when my kids tell me I'm not cool I will tell them that I definitely knew how to throw a party.

Then came present opening which was surprisingly really smooth! Haleigh sat next to me and she would get really excited about the gifts and it kind of made it even more excited!

People were SO generous with their gift giving! We had TONS of presents it was exciting and we were grateful.  Really every gift meant a lot to me! It meant somebody's time, money and effort. I really feel so blessed and so grateful at how many people showed up and the gifts they gave to fund our little boys start to life!

ps. Our quote came from "A Bad Lip Reading" of the debate. Which my friends and I have been very keen on!

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