Sunday, September 16, 2012


I can't believe I NEVER blogged about Cancun!! It was wonderful, amazing really. So I'll give a quick rundown about our trip somewhere over the rainbow :) So we first found the tickets for hotel and plane flight back in Feb. We decided we were going to use our tax return to pay for our vacation. We told Jonathan and Satyra about our plans to go on this trip and they were actually really excited. To our surprise and excitement they decided to come with us!! So We kept looking online for when it would be the cheapest. We finally found  a good deal that would end up being around 1800/ couple. So great! We didn't have the money at the moment but Jonathan bought the tickets and we just paid him back. Thank heavens we booked it because it was an awesome trip and being able to spend it with our BFFs made it that much better! Our trip took place June 21-June 28. The hotel we stayed at was really neat :) it was mostly outdoors and it was a nature preserve so literally you were like out in nature. It was also a sea turtle reserve so we got to see some sea turtles laying their eggs! The food was also really good, and I was in pregnant lady heaven :).  For the most part we hung out on the beach (which I kid you not looked like it was out of a dream) (best beach i've been to hands down!) and eat food.  I know this is redundant but the hotel and the food were probably a "B" but the beach was an A++ I really don't think it can be beat by any other one! Wyatt and I did a little day excursion where we went to visit some ruins and then we did some outdoor fun like swim in a cenote and kayaking and stuff. The cenote was BEAUTIFUL. literally just gorgeous, Stuff you see on pinterest. I'll try to add a movie of it. It was crazy because I jumped off of this little ledge into the cenote and I had completely fogotten that it could be bad for the baby. i was a little worried he wouldn't be ok, BUT when I asked him "Are you ok?" I felt him kick for the first time!!! {Well to be perfectly honest I believe I felt him kick on June 1st. I was laying and watching TV when I felt a popping sensation inside, I'm convinced it was him but anywho} We ate wonderful Mayan food that day as well. This was such a fun trip and I am SUPER happy wyatt and i got to go on this trip. hooray!
I guess you could say it was sort of like our last Hoora before the baby came. Jonathan and Satyra have now moved away to Ohio :( to go to Medical School. But Since we are moving to Connecticut, maybe we can have another adventure!! The weirdest thing to think about is that the next time we do an adventure like this Little Mr. Anthony will make us a little family of three :) can't wait to see his cute little face! 

PS. Today's Post title was brought to you by Gentlemen Broncos... silliest movie ever however it does have it's funny parts. Thanks Jataira for introducing it to us.

PSS. I fiddled around with blogspot for about an hour trying to upload a video It didn't exactly work and it makes me super mad... anywho maybe I'll upload it in another post... 

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