Friday, May 4, 2012


So.... I'm so totally PREGNANT! I know right?! I'm excited, scared and nervous all at once! My due date is December 31/Jan 1. I myself found out Tuesday the 24th! 
Story goes like this... 

After work on Tuesday I went home, changed and headed to school (Salt lake community college south city campus). After negotiating my grade a little, I was pleased with my A- :) Afterwards I went to Smiths to buy some rice chips. I noticed that they were selling individual slices of red velvet cake and thought "I deserve this! I got an A-!" So I grabbed it. I also saw someone making sushi and giving samples of it away. I couldn't resist, I LOVE sushi! It was delicious. So I took a box home and thought "Red Velvet cake and Sushi tonight!!! It's gonna be a good night!". I quickly jumped in my car and drove home! Before I could get home I started to feel sick and I immediately thought "Their sushi was bad :( ". I felt sick all the way home, when I got home I ate more sushi even though I felt sick, I couldn't resist it was delicious... I called Wyatt to tell him that sushi made me sick. He suggested I take a pregnancy test. I said no way! I thought about it and about an hour later I pulled out a left over pregnancy test I had and took it. I left to watch TV while, I came back and I saw the two pink lines!! I couldn't believe I let out a happy shriek and immediately called my mama. Then I devised a way to tell Wyatt... I couldn't think of anything special so when I picked him up at work I just showed him a clear blue digital test. I tried my hardest not to blink an eye, so I could watch his reaction. He was super excited he let out a little wimper of joy and was just SUPER excited. I told him I was hungry and we decided to go to in & out to celebrate. Luckily that didn't make me sick. I am 5 weeks pregnant now and monday will make 6! So far so good. 

My dad was super excited and said he hoped it was a boy 
My in laws were way excited as well. We told them at kneaders over breakfast, courtesy of them of course lol. Alex & Thomas were there as well. I remember my mother in laws expression the most. She was super excited and she grabbed my arm. She shot her hand in the air and said "It's a boy! I just know it!" afterwards I asked my father in law what he thought we were having and he said "A boy". 
Out of my brothers, marco was the most excited one {i think}
All and all Wyatt and I have been super Giddy! We can't wait to kick this pregnancy off right and to meet our new little peanut! We already love it SO much. 
Also, I'm not finding out the gender! Other exciting news... 

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