Friday, May 18, 2012

Are you afraid of the dark? The coyotes come out at night! I've got a fat ass I don't want to get eaten!

So yesterday as i was looking through my blog I realized that I had made some goals a little while ago, I wanted to let you know how the goals went :)

1. spend energy on improving me not worrying about silly things
I am proud to say I have actually been doing pretty good on this :) I haven't been worrying about things that used to worry me, thank the Lord. I have been soo much happier I haven't been doing the best at improving myself, I have done somethings but I could definitely do better. I am just so happy that the same thoughts haven't possessed me, they were paralyzing really.
2. get to the best possible body I can be and stay there....
I have done this :) Thanks to Dr. Cameron Egbert's removal of my wisdom teeth. Getting off Birth control helped too. I have achieved a better body than I had even in High School. I believe I have done an ok job of this, however I haven't been doing abs seeing as how they won't really be necessary now, but I do think I should do some good butt exercises and I still do my 30 min of jogging a day. I went to a doctors appointment what I believe to be Friday April 27 and I weighed in at 115! yahoo, hopefully I can keep my pregnancy weight gain to 135... that would be really nice. I mean I weighed 138 back in January.
3. Treat Wyatt like the best friend he is and apply Dr Laura's advice more often
I would like to say I have done a better job at this, but I supposse I can't exactly be the judge of that. Our relationship has been happier and healthier though. I truly do love Wyatt, he's my best friend and our marriage is better than its ever been :)
4. Cook more :)
I have cooked more! I have finally mastered the art of cooking flour tortillas! I made lasagna today and I have made quite a bit of other things.  I should cook more often, but these days I'm pretty tired sooo
5. Be a good employee and make it through work without making enemies
When i worked at Center of Dental Professionals I actually did make it through without making enemies, even when I worked with some pretty hard headed ladies. I am really proud of myself. I was able to be nice to people without getting too close to them so they wouldn't end up hating me.
6. Get A's in my classes to be on my way to Dental Hygiene!
I took Nutrition this last semester and I got an A-, that's good enough for me!! :) the night I celebrated my good grade is when I found out I was pregnant. But technically I achieved this goal
7. Get into Dental Hygiene schoo...
Well I might not be able to get into hygiene school without properly spelling school. This is still one of my goals, however due to my pregnancy & Wyatt going to grad school I'm not exactly sure when this will be
8. Be frugal!
I haven't exactly achieved this goal :( I love spending money too much. I work hard so I can play! But I really need to save more so we can spoil our little nugget.
9. Be kind to others
I am proud to say that I have been VERY kind to others :) I think I can definitely scratch this off my list. for now
10. more churchee
not soo much, but our hearts are in the right place. Maybe a good goal would be to say good length prayers?
11. let things go
I have been doing a little better on this, I definitely could do better and will keep trying to. Maybe it's time for me to read my book, how to stop stressing and start living? perhaps
12. Be terribly happy :)
I'm on my way...
For now, that is all, I think I will come up with another list of goals to accomplish during my pregnancy.

ps. Todays post title was brought to you by winston on "New Girl"

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