Friday, March 23, 2012


Wyatt walked! We are all SO proud of him. Poor thing, he didn't exactly like walking or even participating in graduation. However we were all very glad he did! We love him so much and we know he's going to do great things!  
Wyatt got an interview at ARUP, it went well!! Hopefully Wyatt gets the job. The hours would be nice (spending more time with wyatt) and the benefits we hear are amazing! 

Also drumroll please... Wyatt got an interview to WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY!!! :) I am SUPER proud of him! His interview is next Thursday & I really hope it goes well!  I love him so much and am so proud of him. Good Luck Wyatt!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The charmed life

I wanted to blog about the last couple of days :) I figure it was time to start talking about the good {for once}

I got hired on as a Dental Assistant at Center for Dental Professionals in Salt Lake! We live in Salt Lake now! crazy. I love my job, but it's oozing with drama. I'm happy to report that none of it involves me. I learned my lesson. I've managed to stay out of it all and I'm glad to report that the dentists/specialists really like me and my work.

My mom and I met up with Satayra to have lunch together at Guru's! Those fries are AMAZING

We went to Zumba, it was fun, the teacher was kinda lame but you gotta move right?

Wen't home and went to bed {early to bed, early to rise} (10 pm)

Woke up took a shower missed my meeting at work {too bad soo sad} Went to Kneaders with my mama for All you can eat french toast and a wonderful little sandwhich! :)

Then went to the riverwoods where my mom treated me to a Super pedicure! :) they gave me a massage with hot stones and everything, amazing.

Went home caught a ride up to SLC.

Talked to Marco on the phone today :) miss him

caught up with Wyatt, went to Dr. Nic's office {that office is super nice!} {hope to get hired part time there!}

Went to Pistol petes, gotta help out the family eh?