Friday, October 26, 2012

Eye of the Sparrow

Alright so I have a lot to write in this blog post so hopefully I can get it all in there. My BABY SHOWER! Which to be honest was the highlight of the last two weeks! The Monday before my shower I had "Breakfast for Dinner" at Lauren's house. It was really good! It was also my first time trying Turkey Bacon. Which BTW was delicious. We talked and laughed and had a good time! We also made a quick stop by Sarah's house to pop in and say hi, she wasn't home. darn.
 The rest of the week was spent getting things ready for the baby shower, which surprisingly it was a lot of work! Nonetheless it was a very busy week. My room never got cleaned {yet somehow I was still able to check my facebook all the tame, lame. Priorities}.
We woke up at the butt crack of dawn to make tamales, Lupe and Wendy came over to help. It was really fun having them there. When you have friends to talk to it makes time fly. We actually finished at 11 am which was fantastic! After we did that Lupe and I hung out a little and then she left so Jade could take a nap, what a cutie. Afterwards we waited for the last batch of Tamales to stop cooking so we could go get manicures {and a pedicure for me:) } I REALLY needed it. I was STRESSING big time! I think I can safely attribute most of this stress to pregnancy. I seem to be more "in the moment" now, it's interesting.

The day came, and I was pretty excited, a little nervous but overall excited! I wondered how many people would come... if any! On our way to the Baby shower wyatt and I stopped by Party Land and bought a balloon boquet and it was BEAUTIFUL it was a huge pacifier and lots of other little balloons {with polka dots!}.  Everyone commented at how nice the balloons were. I wanted to move the balloons to another location in the room and as I was doing so I heard wyatt say "Cindy Stop! stop moving!" but it was too late. POP there went my precious balloons. I seriously wanted to cry. I thought it marked the first event in a long line of tragedies. But I am happy to report that this was simply not the case!

 The first people to show up were Tuare Garrido and Cassidy Olsen! I couldn't believe that they both came! Mainly Cassidy, that's nuts I haven't seen her in years... since my wedding really. I told Wyatt he should call on someone to say the prayer. It was kind of fun seeing him stand up and welcome people to the shower and thank them for coming, I hardly get to see him do something like that. Everyone started eating but I couldn't really eat. I wasn't really hungry and I was nervous/excited. After that people started pouring in! Here is a rough list of what I can remember
Tuare Garrido
Cassidy Olsen
Chantel Snyder
Gloria Ferron
Sis Siebert
Sis Hamilton
Sis Upstill
Sue Borg
Rosa Kyrobie
Vanessa Kyrobie
Sarah Miskell
Lauren Warden
Mike Warden
Phillip Earnshaw
Lupe Earnshaw
Joslyn Wilson
Debora Barrett
Brother Grover
Sister Grover
Erika Ortiz
Abril Wells
Chrissy Walker
Mary Merrell
Deenas Wyatt
Ruth Oberhansly
Ruths kids
Michelle Smith
Her Kids
The Holley sisters!
Linda's friends

All in all I would say that somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 people showed up. We had Tamales, Beans, Tacos, Chips and two salsa's to offer our guests. Everyone was ranting and raving about how delicious the food was. Linda did a whole dessert table! It was idyllic! A beautiful day outside, kids playing in the back yard and adults scattered all over the deck enjoying their meals, good company and beautiful weather.  REALLY people this was a Baby Shower unlike any other! SO many people came! Multiple people told me that they had never been to a baby shower like this and it was by far their favorite. I wanted women to feel comfortable bringing their husbands/boyfriends to the shower and to my surprise many brought their significant others. I figure that by having their boyfriends/husbands there it would help people enjoy themselves more.The Anthony men had the BYU football game which turned out to be fantastic because so many men liked to stop and watch it.

 When it came to Baby Showers we killed it! Thomas commented saying that I really knew how to throw a party (best compliment of the century) Someday when my kids tell me I'm not cool I will tell them that I definitely knew how to throw a party.

Then came present opening which was surprisingly really smooth! Haleigh sat next to me and she would get really excited about the gifts and it kind of made it even more excited!

People were SO generous with their gift giving! We had TONS of presents it was exciting and we were grateful.  Really every gift meant a lot to me! It meant somebody's time, money and effort. I really feel so blessed and so grateful at how many people showed up and the gifts they gave to fund our little boys start to life!

ps. Our quote came from "A Bad Lip Reading" of the debate. Which my friends and I have been very keen on!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ahh! My Shawl!

Alright getting the motivation to write in this blog today took all my will power! But nonetheless there is lots to write about. So I have hung out with my friends a lot, and done my fair share of other activities I will try to recount them.

So since my last post I had my OB appointment. {those are always so exciting to me! I feel like I'm getting one step closer to having this little boy on the outside! I also had my glucose test. OH my gosh! I was SOO nervous for this {mainly the blood draw, that I literally could not sleep the night before, I was tossing and turning ALLL NIGHT LONG} Which really I shouldn't have been worried about a thing because that leaflet test thing was way worse.... way. Anyways so we wake up the next morning and we try to wake up early because we needed to go register at "Buy Buy Baby" basically the mecca of baby stores. It's like Bed Bath and Beyond but baby style. And they don't just have the cheap stuff like "Babies R Us" but they have the luxury strollers and luxury things like at "Babinskis". Basically my favorite store now! Anyways so we had to get up early to go register there. Poor Wyatt was so tired  from the night before he was a tad bit grumpy :) I didn't make a peep the night before though! He claimed that my thoughts and my tossing and turning kept him up... "You were thinking too loudly!". Anyways I got to my OBs office and I was told to go drink the orange liquid stuff then come back, it really wasn't bad. I kind of liked it... it tasted like a melted otter pop. really.  Then I went to my OB appointment and we got to listen to his heartbeat, again :) Then basically we were done. We did find out however that they give baby his first bath in the same room I'm in. I was really happy to hear this. They said they do this so that moms don't miss out! Which means that my mom will be able to give him a bath. Which she was really worried about. Ugh then I was told to get  a flu shot! Two pokes in one day?! Please help me. So I walked over to the lab and went to get my blood drawn { I had expressed my worries to the front desk ladies at the OBs office and they quickly recommended a phlebotomist and even ran over there and begged her to draw my blood {they are so nice and sweet for doing that! They have always been nice though :)} So I go over there and she does an excellent job! I didn't even cry :) It was an epic moment! I then came back and decided to have my flu shot. I didn't cry or panic over that one! {I was on fire, really} it also didn't even hurt. Yahoo! Afterwards we went to have some lunch at San Diego subs? I have no idea what it is called but mine was delicious. But I could barely eat because of all the sugar roaming around in my blood. sick. I was also super excited about our ultrasound. I couldn't wait to see our babies little face again! So when it came time we went over there and had it done! My dad came too. It was exciting seeing him again! Darn kid wouldn't put his hands down from his face. So it was hard to get a good picture from him. Poor baby and poor me. The ultrasound tech poked and poked so much i had a bruised belly by the end of it! If he had just put his arms down none of this would have happened! But here are some of the pictures none the less... cute!

Then friday I had my WIC appointment again, and I had a breast feeding class. Which was actually very informative! Then I came home and wyatt and I went to his parents house {they weren't home} to wait for Tim to come down so we could all go to the game. It was so much fun having tim around. He really is super funny! Then we came home and wen to sleep. The next day Tim left and wyatt and I kind of bummed around watching conference! The only thing I really got out of conference is that they changed the age limit for when you can go on a mission 18 for boys and 19 for GIRLS! 19?! That is sooo much sooner than freaken 21. I literally cried tears of jealousy. It took me a while to get over it. But it wasn't until I thought about My flower story (see march 10, 2012 post) that I realized if I had gone on a mission there would have been no one to give that old women her flowers! It made me cry to think about how she might not have gotten that sign of love. I felt like showing her God's love for her was just as a good as a mission.{I saved a soul!} But while I was feeling bad for myself I cried all the time thinking about the unfairness until I saw this on pinterest....

Yes leave it to Pinterest to share with me some life lessons eh? I cried harder thinking about how many women pray to have good, kind Wyatts. How many couples pray to be able to have a baby and then it hit me that I was being a little fart. I have been so blessed I really need not complain about an unfair life... If anything my life has been unfair to other people, really. So I got over that. But now I think about this quote all the time. I even got it printed so I could put it in a frame and next to my bed so I could always remember. When I see various people I think about this quote. Like a family my mom took care of in the hospital we saw. They had four girls and their new baby was a boy. You could tell they had very little money. But the dad was as happy as could be with his family! Poor things they weren't citizens or residents so they had to worry about being deported and he has to work two jobs to support his family. It broke my heart to think of how much they have to work to get just a little bit of what i have already been given. Made me realize you can and should be able to be happy with just about any amount of money!

On Tuesday {oct. 9th}I was feeling a little blue and frustrated so I was gonna go to the movies by myself but then Sarah and Lauren joined me! I bought the tickets and they bought the popcorn and the drinks. I felt so happy inside that these girls are my friends. I love that we hang out a lot because I think I would be terribly lonely if we didn't. Being able to see so many of my friends while I have been here in Utah has been a huge blessing. I mean, I stay home all day so it would get lonely but I am just so happy to have my friends. I am also happy that they are willing to hang out with me still!

Wednesday night Annika and her parents got here. Annika was going to stay until friday while her parents were out. We were taking care of her. I was surprised at how quickly I would get tired. Kids take time! This made me a little nervous... what am I gonna do when I have my own?! Speaking of feeling awful my mom and I went by burlington coat factory and we found the rocking chair that we had spotted out a couple weeks earlier. It is a really little rocking chair. I deal really for me {I'm little...} I wasn't feeling too bad about not having bought it because I bought another one that was cooler and this one was disgusting, everyone and their dog had sat on it. But then a sales associate pointed out that they had a brand new boxed one. I couldn't help but sit down and cry. I spent 200 dollars on my rocking chair and I could have gotten this one for a fraction of the cost and it was still fantastic. I felt bad about that the rest of the day. Thankfully my mom came to the rescue and put it on layaway for me. {thanks mom} Then my doula got back to me and told me that she couldn't give me a discount if indeed I had to have a planned csection. I cried even harder. I really liked this doula and I was so sad that I wasn't going to be able to afford her. really it was terrible. But I couldn't bring myself to pay 600 dollars even if I ended up having a planned csection! So I canceled things with her. This day in particular was a rough day. I wrote on facebook how I thought I had found a great deal but then was bitterly dissapointed when I found a new one. but I didn't want to tell wyatt. I thought he would kill me! When he came home he noticed I was a little sad but didn't try to hard to get things out of me. But then when he asked me about the facebook status I just le loose and cried like a two year old in a toy store. When I told him about how I'd seen a rocking chair at burlington his first question was "Did you like that one better? Do you want that one?" what a sweetheart. Here I was trying to tell him that I blew 200 dollars on a chair unecessarily. He was only concerned if I had gotten exactly what I wanted. He calmed me down and asured me everything was alright.
Then I told him about the doula situation and he promised me that he would work soo hard that he would make himself worth 600 dollars to me. He said he could be my doula and that he would read the entire "Birth partner" book. I felt better. I am going to check on one more woman and if i can't afford her then I'm just going to hire Wyatt :) Hopefully he'll be good. I don't have any previous reviews though. {this all happened on Thursday by the way the 11}

Friday i went for a swim by myself, Wyatt opted out of this one because it was cold outside. But I really enjoyed it, it really helped my neck pain. After I came back we got things ready for Lupe and her mom and Jade to come over. Really it was so much fun. Lupe's sweet mom brought me an outfit for our little boy in 1 year old size! yippe. It was so cute a pair of jeans and a nice button up. Thank you :) I need to send her a thank you note, really. We had enchiladas thanks to my mom, they were delicious. We also had lemonades thanks to lupe {we hadn't had something to drink with our food in forever...} and they even brought cheesecake over yum! We had a lot of fun. Jade and Annika played amazingly well together. I think they really like each other! It was funny while Annika was here and we would take her to the playground I would walk around keeping an eye on her to make sure everything was fine. It dawned on me that a dozen other parents were doing the exact same thing. I then realized that I have joined the circle and this would now be my world. It made me chuckle a little. When I told Wyatt this he said "I never walked around just watching kids I took to the playground. I played with them! I didn't want them ever playing with other kids. So I was the one to always play with them" "Why would I take my kid to the park if I wasn't going to play with him?" What a sweet guy. I can tell already he is going to be an awesome daddy!

Saturday came and Wyatt and I went to the football game, we lost :( sad.  Then we came home for a while. Went to Terra mia and had tiramisu {so good :)} We then watched "Dark Knight Rises" at the dollar theater :) such a great movie! I got a slurpee here, which was really good but I quickly started to feel sick because I had had TONS of sugar that day. Poor baby. And that brings us to today.

I signed up for my Hypnobirthing and my Third trimester class. Thankfully they all have their minimum limit so they will most not be canceled. It was funny too because My 3rd trimester class is now full! Thats the last one they do of the year! I was the last one to sign up for it. Yahoo for me! Things couldn't have worked out better! Now I just need to figure out how to entertain myself from 6:30 pm- 9:30 pm every monday starting the 29th. Well no scratch that I need to entertain myself the rest of the time, because wyatt will be working, but I'm just driving up with him to go to the classes. Sooo long wait much? I think so, luckily I have a big book to read "The birth partner" sooo it won't be that bad. I've also decided that I am going to be listening to a books on tape when the baby is born. Harry potter! it will be epic! I will have to breast feed so much that I can just get up at night. Press play on the tape breastfeed and when I'm done put him down and press stop. Amazing. See with  tv series it would have been harder because you have to angle to the lap top just right to be able to see it. But with book on tape, no big deal! I'm pretty cool I guess. The rest of October has exciting things coming, this saturday is my baby shower! Next saturday is my little show and the monday after that I have my first hypnobirthing class! Then an OB appointment on thursday and on saturday 3rd trimester class. Then next week Hypnobirthing on monday and 3rd trimester on saturday. Then hypnobirthing again on monday and OB appointment on thursday.  So on and so forth. Exciting things are coming. Yay!

Well that's about it I believe. Today's post title was brought to you by Sophie on Howl's moving castle, Wyatt and I love to make fun of that saying "Ah my shawl! Thank you turnip head" for whatever reason. but we are also still obsessed with "Eh ka?" {Eh Carl} :) Makes me so happy!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some milk for my piggies

Take a look at that adorable little face!! We got this picture at my 20 (19) week ultrasound. Isn't he gorgeous?! Well I thought I would post about what has been happening lately. (last week I spent the entire time fussing over trying to upload videos... which I'm still a little annoyed about. Anyways I am 26 weeks tomorrow! I can't believe how fast time is going. It seems like just yesterday I made it to 20 weeks... Before you know it I'll be 30 weeks and then time will really start to fly. But before that happens I would like to tell you a little bit of what I've been doing.

So when we moved down here from Salt Lake I quit my job at the Reconstructive Dental Specialist of Utah. There was no way I would have been able to commute. Before I could look for a new job Wyatt just told me not to bother, he really wanted me to be able to stay home during my pregnancy. At first I kind of freaked out but really, what a sweetheart!

January 1 2012- Kicked off the New Year like we should with Satyra and Jonathan at Club Elevate dancing. It was a little intense, but SOO much fun. We ran around the streets afterwards screaming "Happy New Year!" There was fireworks in the background {really it seemed like a movie} Of course afterwards we HAD to go to IHOP. SO much fun. I remember the first song they played after 12:00 am struck was "We found love" By Rhianna... safe to say my best new years ever.  {Funny that this New Years, I might be at a hospital giving birth to my little boy}

January 4- Moms Birthday, We had ice cream cake with Renee and Annika to celebrate her birthday :)

January 18- Paid Tuition for my Nutrition class
January 19- I had an appointment with the Podiatrist, cuz my feet are messed up.
January 20- Eye doctor and Dentist appointments {Trying to make the most of my Dads insurance, when I went to the Dentist I had no cavities!! Hooray!} Scheduled my Wisdom Teeth Removal!

January 27- Wisdom Teeth Removal from Dr. Cameron Egbert! He did such a fantastic job, I woke up and wondered if we had already done it.{He said I talked all through the surgery, funny} Sadly it took me FOREVER to recover from this surgery and I even had to have one site reopened and cleaned. Rotten luck eh? However i lost a ton of weight! By the time of my first OB appointment I weighed 115! score! Since I didn't get horrible morning sickness I was happy I had lost some poundage... I would have been a total fatty right now... shudder.
January 28- Jazz Game! We went to support Jimmer! {I was miserable because I had gotten my wisdom teeth out. I didn't even stay awake for most of the game, I was in and out really.
Feb 11- Saw Wyatt's Family and Renee, Annika and my mom. We also hung out with Gloria and Luis, but I'm not exactly sure what we did...
Feb 12- Hung out with a bunch of friends Sunday afternoon
Feb. 16- Melting Pot with Jonathan and Satyra, This is where we started talking about Cancun, Wyatt and I were already going but we invited Jonathan and Satyra to come... we never thought they actually would! But we were thrilled when they did!
Feb. 24- Wyatts Birthday! Thomas came over to help me surprise him with cake and time with his little brother {Thanks Thomas}
April 13- Moms Knee surgery {Renee and Annika came up to keep my mom company {thank heavens}
April 16- My first day working for Dr. Egbert, hooray!
April 29- Alex got back from his mission, wahoo!! He told me I lost a ton of weight, ha! He looks so much bigger than when he left.
April 20- Wyatt's Graduation! {I was already Pregnant, I just didn't know it!!}
April 24- Found out I was pregnant! Last week of my Nutrition Class!! {Which I totally rocked!}Of course we went to In and out to celebrate, wyatt was estatic!
May 3rd or 4th- I'm gonna guess that one of these two days was when we did our first ultrasound at Fetal Fotos! We saw the little peanut and we heard the heartbeat. Our hearts fluttered with Joy as we realized that this was really happening!!
May 10- Went to my moms work to give her flowers and chocolate cake, then went to City Creek with Satyra {Mexican Mothers day :) }
May 12- Lunch at Outback for Mothers day, Dinner with Phil and Lupe and I'm pretty sure we watched "Dark Shawdows" with Satyra and Jonathan {That movie turned out to be a lot weirder than I expected}
May 15- Hung out with my Mom in Salt Lake, drove around everywhere :) {I always LOVED when my mom came to visit me, it made me giddy and we always had such a fun time, I missed her when she was gone... I wonder how I'm gonna handle CT}
May 16- Pedicures at Juicy Nails for mothers day {Compliments of Marco and Emilee again, thank you!}
May 17- Lunch with Satyra at our favorite little french restaurant :) {as I side note I had a lot of days in May where I didn't work, it was soo much fun :) Made me really happy} (I'm almost certain Wyatt was gone for a couple of days away at his West Virginia interview... but I can't quite remember the date)
May 31- Massage in honor of mothers day compliments of Marco and Emilee {thank you!}
June 1- I was laying on the couch {as I usually did after work} I was exhausted and a little sad, when I swear to you I first felt my baby kick. It was only like 2 or 3 times in a row but I'm 100% they were kicks. I remember being super surprised and excited. At first I was like... what the heck was that?
June 2- Happy Birthday to me!! We celebrated by going to the Dinosaur Museum, Wyatt took me on a shopping spree the week before, we met up with Wyatt's family for Texas Roadhouse to celebrate MINE AND THOMAS' birthdays! BIRTHDAY TWINS... we tried to do Timpanogos Caves but we had no luck. Darn.
June 10- I think this might have been the night where we stayed at the Armstrong Mansion in honor of our 3rd anniversary, it was a great place but we didn't even make love there! We both felt too sick. What a bust! we ate dominos pizza and it was disgusting.
June 12- My FIRST OB appointment! I remember practically having to sell my soul to get into Dr. Melissa Brown, Thanks to the sweet front desk Ladies I was able to :) It was seriously the most exciting thing ever. we got to see the baby through ultrasound and he was soo active {of course he looked like a little jelly bean, but he was ours and we were soo excited to see him!}
June 19- Happy 3 Years to us! I'm pretty sure we went somewhere for lunch... if I can remember right
June 21-28- Cancun with Satyra and Jonathan!! :) Best trip ever!
June 29- I'm pretty sure we went to IHOP for breakfast and then we went to Fetal Fotos for an ultrasound. Wyatt was worried about the baby because I had a fever in Cancun and did some cliff jumping. He also told them that if they could tell we wanted to know the gender {naughty Wyatt} The lady doing the ultrasound said "I can't be 100% sure it's a little early but I would say it's a boy". We were super excited at the possibility of having a boy! Up to this point I hadn't even allowed myself to think it was a boy, because deep down I wanted one SOO bad! They gave us a voucher and told us to come back in two weeks and they would see for certain if it was a boy... we were bursting.
July 3- Even if it was only a couple of days after I HAD to know if what we were having was indeed a little man. I originally wanted to keep it a secret but the thought of having a little boy just made me SOO giddy. So right after work I RACED to get to get to Fetal Fotos. I requested the girl that did my first ultrasound because she was soo much more happy and she seemed way more experienced. I brought her a brownie for squeezing me in. I went without Wyatt because I was a little nervous .I laid down and pulled my shirt up {the girl warned me the baby might not be sitting in the right spot for me to see or it still might be too early. but I didn't care I wanted to know} seconds after she put the thing on my stomach she knew and she said "that is 100% a boy" oh my gosh, words cannot express my joy at that point. Seriously I felt like i had just gone to the moon and back! I kept asking her to make sure over and over. She kept saying it was a boy! I was like nearly screaming "it's a boy, Oh my gosh it's a boy!" When I left there I was seriously on cloud nine. I couldn't believe it. But I wanted to surprise Wyatt, so I thought I would buy our little man a cute outfit and surpirse wyatt with a picture of the ultrasound showing he's a boy in one of the pockets. I first called my mom and at first she didn't believe me but then she got way excited. Then I called my dad, then I called Hoss. They were both excited. I went straight for Baby Gap when I got to City Creek and I ran into Ruth and Justin. I told her that I had found out it was a Boy! She went to Baby Gap with me and helped me picked out the first outfit I bought my little teddy. A gorgeous sunday outfit, blue pants, pink plaid shirt and an argyle pink and purple sweater. I also bought him a denim jumper. While I was at city creek I called Marco and of all the siblings he was by far the happiest I told him "Marco, it's a boy! I'm having a boy" and he said "NO way man!! Dude I am so stoked" Then my phone died :( but I called him when I got home and we chatted about how excited we were. Wyatt was excited but not as excited as I had anticipated him being, he said "I already knew it was a boy"
July 4- BBQ like at the Anthony's house, we told everyone we were having a boy and RSL game {we were supposed to go to this with Satyra and Jonathan but they had already moved :( }
July 11- OB appointment @9:20 am
July 18-20 Wyatt was gone for his Quinnipiac interview, it was lonely not having him there {Not that I saw him like at all anyways}
July 21- Watched The Dark Knight Rises
July 27- Last Day of working for Dr. Egbert, I bawled like the baby I am. It was really sad cleaning out my cubby and saying bye to Melissa
July 28- Try to move things out like crazy people {we were literally up until 5 am, sweet Wyatt stayed up even longer to try and get us all ready to leave... which by the time Wyatt's family came over to help us move we were... by the way I am so grateful they came to help us move... really, but really I am} Goodbye Meadowbrook, I can't say I miss you too much. I am soo much Happier here :)
July 30- First day Wyatt and I went swimming at the Provo Rec Center, we stayed for like an hour phew what a workout
July 31- Wyatt did the finishing touches to our apartment and turned in the keys, and we were done with Meadowbrook hooray! I also went to a really fun Hip Hop class at the Rec Center. I took the bus there and the teacher gave me a ride home. She was really nice.
August 1- Swimming again
August 2- Hip Hop
August 3- Lauren picked me up and took me to Costa Vida, her treat. Seriously how nice is she?
August 4- Katelyn Bowen's Baby shower I went with my mom, Max's wedding. We got to see Satyra and Jonathan again!! We went to Red Mango afterwards and then took them to the cabin they were staying at.
August 7- I hung out with T, we watched Baby mama and went to check out an apartment for her. It was so great being able to see her again. I consider her a close friend
August 9- 20 week ultrasound (even though I was really only 19) at 8:40 am and OB appointment right after that {miserable constipation that day, I resorted to some drastic measures to say the least... }
August 10- My sweet roommates graduated :) I went to see them all dressed up! It was the first time in a long time that I had seen them all together (we missed Alyssa and Kate)
August 13- We found out Wyatt was accepted into Quinnipiac HOORAY!
August 14- WIC appointment, we got approved and we were pretty excited
August 21- 80s Zumba with Lauren, pretty freaken fun!
September 5- Deidre, Lauren, Sarah and I all went to Dinner together at Zupas and then we went to Sarah's apartment for Maple Bars, they were so good.
September 6- OB apt @ 11:20 this time my mom and I went to City Creek 
September 11- I went on a hike with Sarah to Bridaveil falls, it was beautiful .Later that day I went to Zumba with Lauren at good old BYU. I went because my favorite teacher was teaching but it wasn't as good as I remembered it so I decided I didn't need a wristband. What a relief those things are expensive and hard to get.
September 12-Cassie came over and we watched "Mean Girls" and talked. Mean girls never gets old. I don't think it ever will...
September 15- Yard Sale with my parents and Utah State Fair with Phil and Lupe. Wyatt and I got a Turkey Leg and funnel cake, they were both delicioius
September 18-shopping with Ruth and Dinner at Terra Mia with my mom
September 19- Wyatt came home early from work his schedule switched to 8-5 for the 19th and 20th. We went to Los Hermanos with Wyatts family and then hung out at his parents house for a while. Good day
September 20- laziest day of my life, I literally did NOTHING it was sad really. But I got some Penne Rosa at Noodles and co. We then watched the football game at his parents house
September 21- went swimming in the morning and then was super productive. Got my baby shower invites printed and go my hair cut to my shoulders!
September 22- Yard sale with Lupe, wasn't as succesful this time, darn :( Cascade springs with Sarah and Brian.
September 23- Today.

Phew that was a lot. I can't believe I was able to list all of that, it makes me happy. One thing is for sure, I have A LOT of people to thank for so far this year being amazing. Such a great year :) I always thought that my 18th year and my 23rd year would be amazing years but I never thought that 22 would hold so much in it as well!

Anyways back to my initial thought. I have really enjoyed my time at home. I mean I thought I would go crazy becuase the entire month of August and two weeks of September we didn't have cable or interenet. So you would think there would be nothing to do. But somehow I always found something. I have kept myself really entertained, and still do. So my basic week goes as follows

12 pm Swimming with Wyatt,
1:40 Wyatt leaves for work, Rest of the Day cooking and cleaning, at around
7 or 8 pm sit down to watch a movie until Wyatt gets home

Between times I usually hang out with my mom and or friends. I sometimes take bike rides, work on my memory book, read, crochet,  or go on a walk, or do something else. Now that I have the internet I spend some time on here as well. Really I wish I spent less. Before I had the internet I maybe used it once a week. It felt good to be free of my addiction. Maybe I can kick that addiction again :) One thing is for sure I don't use it half as much as I used to. Or need to.

I still can't believe it's the last week of September! it seems like just yesterday was the beginning. Soon it will be baby shower time and then the little showcase I've been practicing for and by that time I'll be 30 weeks pregnant! 10 more weeks after that {maybe less if baby gives us a pleasant surprise, but not too early! maybe week 39 :)}  I am so grateful for my life, for Wyatt's, my families and my baby! I have probably never been happier, well maybe I have. But for a long amount of time like I have been these past two months. I have been so lucky to be able to stay home {thanks to my sweet Wyatt}. Because I'm able to stay home I'm able to more time with Wyatt than I ever have! We get all morning together and we stay up late together. I sometimes wish he had a better schedule because I wonder if he'd be happier with it. But then I am selfish because I think of all the time I get him to myself :) I have no idea what it's gonna be like when Baby joins the picture but I can bet I won't be seeing much of Wy afterwards. I love him so much and I can't wait to have a baby with him! I have so lucky to spend all this time with my mom. I think I will miss her terribly when we move away. But I'm happy that we will be living with her when I have my baby and at least she will be able to spend some serious bonding time with him. I am excited to see Marco again :) I get to see him in December after Danny's born {hopefully, he comes within the time he's here...} Hopefully he comes before jan 1, even if he comes December 31 that would be perfect! So we can get our Tax Break... This is such an exciting time and I'm trying to soak up every last second of it!  Below I'll put some pictures for you to gaze at :)

Ps. Today's quote is brought to you by Flight of the Conchords. Mel says it when she just walks into Brett and Jermaine's apartment like it's no big deal. She apparently bought them milk :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I can't believe I NEVER blogged about Cancun!! It was wonderful, amazing really. So I'll give a quick rundown about our trip somewhere over the rainbow :) So we first found the tickets for hotel and plane flight back in Feb. We decided we were going to use our tax return to pay for our vacation. We told Jonathan and Satyra about our plans to go on this trip and they were actually really excited. To our surprise and excitement they decided to come with us!! So We kept looking online for when it would be the cheapest. We finally found  a good deal that would end up being around 1800/ couple. So great! We didn't have the money at the moment but Jonathan bought the tickets and we just paid him back. Thank heavens we booked it because it was an awesome trip and being able to spend it with our BFFs made it that much better! Our trip took place June 21-June 28. The hotel we stayed at was really neat :) it was mostly outdoors and it was a nature preserve so literally you were like out in nature. It was also a sea turtle reserve so we got to see some sea turtles laying their eggs! The food was also really good, and I was in pregnant lady heaven :).  For the most part we hung out on the beach (which I kid you not looked like it was out of a dream) (best beach i've been to hands down!) and eat food.  I know this is redundant but the hotel and the food were probably a "B" but the beach was an A++ I really don't think it can be beat by any other one! Wyatt and I did a little day excursion where we went to visit some ruins and then we did some outdoor fun like swim in a cenote and kayaking and stuff. The cenote was BEAUTIFUL. literally just gorgeous, Stuff you see on pinterest. I'll try to add a movie of it. It was crazy because I jumped off of this little ledge into the cenote and I had completely fogotten that it could be bad for the baby. i was a little worried he wouldn't be ok, BUT when I asked him "Are you ok?" I felt him kick for the first time!!! {Well to be perfectly honest I believe I felt him kick on June 1st. I was laying and watching TV when I felt a popping sensation inside, I'm convinced it was him but anywho} We ate wonderful Mayan food that day as well. This was such a fun trip and I am SUPER happy wyatt and i got to go on this trip. hooray!
I guess you could say it was sort of like our last Hoora before the baby came. Jonathan and Satyra have now moved away to Ohio :( to go to Medical School. But Since we are moving to Connecticut, maybe we can have another adventure!! The weirdest thing to think about is that the next time we do an adventure like this Little Mr. Anthony will make us a little family of three :) can't wait to see his cute little face! 

PS. Today's Post title was brought to you by Gentlemen Broncos... silliest movie ever however it does have it's funny parts. Thanks Jataira for introducing it to us.

PSS. I fiddled around with blogspot for about an hour trying to upload a video It didn't exactly work and it makes me super mad... anywho maybe I'll upload it in another post... 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

An apple a day keeps satan away!

Behold good reader my offspring. This is my baby and he is a boy. If you doubt his manhood don't worry I did too but our 20 week ultrasound not only proved he was indeed a boy but also that he knows how to flip us off. It was really quite funny, when I asked the Dr. if he was sure it was a boy, he thought I had mistakenly asked him if he thought it was a girl, his reply was - "That aint no girl" afterwards he said "It's either a boy or a girl with a penis". We also got an adorable picture of his cute little face (3D). He has a cute little face indeed :) What a cutie. {Dr. said everything looked fine with baby D}
I am also beginning to feel him kick a lot although I'm completely convinced that I first felt him on Sunday the 21 of 2012 {during our cancun trip}. Anyways, it's funny because I feel as though I'm the only person who has ever felt a baby kick. I'm pretty cool.

So other than our cool little hamster we have some other fun news.

WYATT got ACCEPTED into Quinnipiac University for Pathology Assistant program. Yay Guero! I am so proud of him!! He had the interview like a month ago and he got a letter in the mail on August 13, 2012 saying he was accepted. We are pretty stoked. Now we know what we are going to be doing for the next two years. OK what was really crazy is that the night before I had a dream that Wyatt called me and told me that a letter came in the mail for him and Thomas opened it for him and read it to him and he was accepted! The next day it happened like that. Fate? Coincidence?? maybe both!

I left my job working for Dr. Egbert and it broke my heart. I did such a great job there and truly loved working with Melissa and Dr. Egbert. I cried all the tears leaving. They appreciated me and my hard work. Melissa was my BFF I will miss them and my job forever.

We have moved down to Provo to live with my parents. We also bought a swamp cooler to deal with the heat {a piece of our furniture even grew furr}. We go swimming monday wednesday and friday. I go to a "Hip Hop shuffle" class on Tuesdays and it's pretty fun. I'm still going to the practices for the Luz de las naciones show. It's kind of fun, I think the baby likes it because he kicks a lot.Wyatt bought me a prenatal Yoga DVD and I have tried it like twice. I just can't take the fact that its an hour and a half long! ouch!

I am currently a stay at home wife. Which is kind of cool, I actually really like it. I am a lot happier. We don't have cable or internet so I have been busy doing productive things {cleaning, cooking, scrapbooking, piano and crocheting} . Which feels really good :) I also really like it because I don't have to worry if I can't sleep at night because I know I won't have to wake up early. I also am starting to get winded pretty easily so It's nice not to have to force myself to work. { thank you wyatt :) } One thing I noticed is that I am way lazier though! I notice myself not wanting to go swimming or excercies, even though I really need to. I am going to try and push through it though. I always feel better when I do.

I finally figured out a way to part my hair and do it to where I think it looks actually really nice :) good for me! I am definitely sporting a baby bump these days. I actually really love it :) I am so excited, nervous and scared about our upcoming little man!

Right now life is just about living it up :) we are waiting for our new lives as parents and we are waiting for the time to move away for Wyatt to start school. But right now we are just having a good life :) I'm sure it will never be the same...  I'm trying not to stress about things because it's bad for the baby and bad for me!!

This is an exciting part in our lives and I want to enjoy every second of it! I just want to let myself enjoy life. I want to go to Disneyland without being too afraid that it will rain. Hopefully I will get better and better at that! I have conquered things like that before so hopefully I will have learned my lesson! I am pretty happy and I sometimes can't believe I am pregnant and am on cloud nine. I will have to post pictures SOON!



PS. our quote was brought to you by Wyatt :) love him