Sunday, November 27, 2011

Go to hell Kenneth!... Why thank you sir :)

Go to Hell Kenneth!... Why thank you sir :)

Well... It's that time of year again, where I actually blog :) So many things have happened since I last did. First off my situation  at work got SO much worse. I mean I feel like I was literally being held under water until I finally had to burst open and bring all sorts of drama into my life. I was harassed at work, yes you read that right, harassed! can you believe that? Doesn't bullying end when you are in elementary school? and all this time I was wrong... Now I have grown in MANY ways but I still don't know how to stand up to someone, and I have a feeling I won't learn for a while... hopefully will never have to. It got to a point where I couldn't sleep at night, I lost my appetite, and all I could think of was dreading work. In one of my previous posts I had listed all the things I needed to remember before I got a different job. I feel as though if I would have followed those I would have been saved from most if not ALL my heartache... sometimes I hate myself!
I did however gain lots of good things from this horrible black butterfly in my life. First off, I learned to let things slide off my back... something I had desperately wanted to master and well know after a refiners fire I am much closer than I ever was. Secondly, letting people go.
Now this is HUGE for me. I have always had issues with letting people go. I feel as though I am closer to being more mature about the whole, saying goodbye thing, still hard though.
When I left my job {rather unexpectedly} I left SO MANY people behind that i got along with SO well... :( and this made me very sad. But I realized that this needed to happen for my personal well being. It was hard but I survived, right?
Another thing I learned is, stop trying to be the best! When I started at this job I REALLY wanted to be great at it, I was willing to give it my all, and I ended up leaving a sour taste in my supervisors mouth. Not because I didn't do the job right, or because I didn't work hard enough. But because I wanted so badly to be friends with the people I worked with and because I wanted to be the next best thing. I realize now that If I would have just tried my best and left it at that  I would have been an excellent employee. Like Cori, I met a girl there while I was working who is pretty dang cool! You wouldn't believe it but she's actually really quite, but she left a big impact on me! She is basically the most easy person I have ever met to get along with and she is REALLY nice. She worked as a Dental Assistant for 3 years! And she is still completely normal. She saved up half her tuition for school with her husband by being super frugal! She so dang cute and she is perfect in every way! {at least I think so!}
Friends will rise naturally when they need to. I'm pretty Sure that Abby Cruz {Shown below}

Was a blessing sent from the Lord. I bet he knew that I would need a good dependable friend to help me through the hard times I had at work and picked abby because he knew she would fit like a glove. Thank you Lord :) But she is a perfect example of how friends will naturally come to you, no need to hunt them down, just be cool when you are around them and don't share too much about your personal life with them!I supposse for now my best of friend will be Wyatt.

Like Phil and lupe! They are great :) We haven't hung out with them as much as I would like to cuz they have a baby. But they make me terribly happy and am honored to be friends with them!
Things have been SO happy lately, I'm listening to christmas music lately, and I like it!

I had a HUGE sigh of relief when I quit my job. Suddenly the world didn't seem so gloomy like it normally did! I have been doing some renovations such as my coffe table, the one I bought on ksl for 20 bucks! take a look :)

One of the many excapades I have enjoyed with my parents. Living with them has sort of been a blast. I am going to be sad when we move and my mom and I won't be able to chill out all the time and do whatever we like. We have had such good times together I don't want to take any of it for granted!

Another kind of fun thing that happened is that I saw Chelsea Robinson from high school the other day at Nordstrom. As ususal she looked perfect and beautiful. it was so great talking to her! regretably I felt super embarrassed to talk to her and didn't want to talk about me because I'm sort of a loser {or at least I feel like it...}. Anywho she told me that she was up at Utah State College getting her MBA! Masters of Business Degree. Could she get any cooler? Not only is she brilliant and beautiful but she is getting her MBA, this really made me want to be like her !

When I was close to having a melt down my mom told me something very wise I hope to never forget! She told me that I am always worrying about something. And it isn't healthy! not for my marriage, me, or anyone for that matter. She told me that If I were to concentrate all that brain power on thinking of ways to improve myself that I would be totally rad {not that I wasn't already}. She had a point! So from now on I am going to focus all my attention on improving me! not wasting a single moment on silly things, or stressing about things! So I am going to focus my attention on being like the lovely ladies I look up to. Such as Chelsea Robinson, mentioned above and...

Monica Ship, she is not only mexican but she is totaly accomplished too! She is also married { It's actually really hard to do things while being married... or at least i think it is!}. She tutored me in english for a while and she went to BYU. She is now at freaken Columbia University in NYC! yes you heard it right, NYC!

Lastly Chelcie Todd. She is mentioned on another blog post. But I still think she is pretty awesome and secretly admire her from a distance! T.A. for my Refugee class Kelsey Carter, is now in law school. Married, bachelors of public health, masters of public health, and now a lawyer, BOOM!}

So my new goals are as follows...
1. spend energy on improving me not worrying about silly things
2. get to the best possible body I can be and stay there....
3. Treat Wyatt like the best friend he is and apply Dr Laura's advice more often
4. Cook more :)
5. Be a good employee and make it through work without making enemies
6. Get A's in my classes to be on my way to Dental Hygiene!
7. Get into Dental Hygiene school...
8. Be frugal!
9. Be kind to others
10. more churchee
11. let things go
12. Be terribly happy :)

In other news thanksgiving was two days ago, and it was pretty good. We woke up EARLY to watch 30 rock, our new show. Then we sort of took a nap (wyatt did, I just wallowed in self pitty and hated on my inability to sleep during the day). Had a breakdown and a migrane, wyatt recommended some Loritab (he had left over from his toothache) .. I was hesitant because the migrane wasn't that bad and I had an empty stomach. He convinced me to take it. We went to his parents house ate thanksgiving dinner... I felt REALLY naucious and eventually hurled three times in Linda's bathroom. Like on her carpet, door, floor and wall! Wyatt was  kind enough to clean it all up while I laid on the couch and recovered.  Lounged around and felt sick again. Vomited like 6 times in the downstairs bathroom and wyatt held my hair back {true love}. Decided we would go black friday shopping and our nightwent as follows

*got to walmart at 7 to get a nintendo wii for 100$ bucks! Still felt naucious waiting in line, but held a box. I was also sneaky and got other things before we were allowed to touch them!
* Stood around from 10-12pm to get our blueray dvd disk player, I thought I was going to die! I got mobbed!!
*Ran over to Kohls and averted a 21/2 hour line!
* went to the mall and got a scarf a gap
*Went to target
*crashed at home.
We spent WAY too much money, but we had SO much fun. I have a picture but it's late and I will post it later. Here is a list of what we bought

Lastly! This morning when I woke up I smelt it! Yes it was there! I felt it, that special feeling that comes every other year or so {no one else understands what I'm talking about but that's ok}. It made me extremely happy I got up and made breakfast with my mom to christmas music! The feeling only lasted for about an hour but it made me SOO SO SO happy. I wanna know what that is and I want to feel it more... whatever it is. Then we made chicken noodle soup and cake. We then all decorated the christmas tree. Wyatt and I then set up our wii, I couldn't wait till christmas! I know we should have though... oops!



Ps. Today's title is from 30 rock, and I love the picture with the heart and the hourglass. don't was a second!