Sunday, October 16, 2011

So I wanted to blog about some things that have been happening because I realize I have been focusing a little too much on the negative and missing out on all the great things that have been happening!! From now on I am going to blog about the great things going on! :)
So lets see Monday I can't quite remember what happened but on Tuesday I left work a little early because I felt sick {miserably sick} .Afterwards Wyatt and I went to Zupas :) yummy! Lets see wednesday I can't remember what I did, probably something with my mom. Thursday was a great day! My mom took me to lunch, aka the park for lunch. I LOVE it when she does that... she picks me up and makes everything seem great! I was SO giddy thursday night to go home. It was amazing, I was like bursting with happiness! I went home and I didn't even hurry because I knew wyatt would be home all night. So I went home and watched all our favorite shows with wyatt. Friday I got up and did some dental assisting and I must say I did great! I was actually sitting in the chair and everything! I had something happen at work that I thought would do me in, but miraculously I realized it was out of my controll and decided not to worry about it. Then wyatt and I went to go sign our lease for the apartment we want in salt lake! on the 4th floor! score! Then my mom and I went home and got the paint to make my coffee table! Marco and emily came over and I will have to continue this post later! :)