Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shut up and drink your koolaid

This will be a quick post but I thought I should squeeze it in there...lets see since i last blogged I...

*Started a Dental Assisting class- lots of work, but I like it so far.... :) Sometimes I wonder if I will actually like working as one. If I ever do
*We went to Filupes baby blessing and it was wonderful
*went to lunch with filupe
*filupe's baby was born :) should mention that!
*hung out with them multiple times
*went to a dinner at Jatairas
*watched Crazy stupid love (loved it) and the help {loved it} The help really taught me to be more grateful for my life.
*lots of scooter rides with Wydo
*Work got REALLY stressful
*got addicted to pinterest
*went to "Holy cow" boutique in AF
*went to Noodles and co. with Abby and a couple of movies
*went to the melting pot for the first time! {delish}
*made a version of melting pot of my own... and many other things....

Anywho needless to say life is good, however I left one thing off my list

*Had a nervous breakown of epic proportions
this one makes me nervous. I haven't had one of these since I was first married and it was about WORK and not getting enough sleep beforehand! I cried all last night! Crazy, right? I have big issues with stress and everyj ob I go to my stress runs HIGH. There are a couple things I have realized/done that should help me with this

*first of- I shouldn't go to work to make friends
*people at work don't always want be my friends, and that's ok
*work is JUST work, I go there to make money, nothing else
*work is NOT my life
* once I leave work I shouldn't dwell on it
*I should share less about my life, cuz, people probably don't care to know {and that's a good thing}
*lastly, work again is NOT my life, I have a life outside of work, i do. I need to remember that. Work is a short period in the scheme of my entire life.

Another thing I hope will help is just managing my stress! last friday I went and rented the books "How to stop worrying and start living" and "stop complaining and start living". First one by dale carnagie and second by dr. laura  I am going to write down somethings I have learned{I haven't started reading the second yet}

*I have to compartelize my days, like in big cruise boats. Where big steel walls go up and don't let water seep in to other rooms. Yesterday I am not going to worry about cuz it is gone, tomorrow isn't here, so today Is really ALL that I am guaranteed. I won't let work and home seep in either. I'm going to put up my thick steel walls
* Life is too short to be little- I really need to not let the little things get me down. I've gotta forget about them and let them be.
*If I'm stressed about something ask myself "What's the worst that can happen" then prepare to accept it and then make a plan of how I'm going to handle it IF it comes and then forget it.
*carefully weigh decisions out, once I have done so get busy and don't look back!
*keep myself busy! then I won't have time to worry
*accept what life has given me and move on {like... I wish I would have studied dental hygiene before the bachelors I have... didn't happen like that, oh well move one :) } Besides I got a degree from the Y baby!
*Don't worry about things that will probably never happen.
*don't compare my life with others. I have a good one I'm not in debt I'm not hungry and I have my health!
*let myself be happy in the now! Sometimes I can't enjoy wyatt as much cuz I'm so concerned with stress. I would hate to look back years from now and realize that I wasted all this time with wyatt on stresses from work or someone who cut me off on the road or whatever!

I am basically trying to take huge doses of "Chill pills"

Lastly I need to comment on how sweet wyatt has been. He truly is amazing and number one! He gets home late and doesn't get to sleep that much. But one day he came home {like 1 am} and my feet had been hurting. He massaged my feet for what seemed like forever and then my back and I cried cuz I thought it was so sweet of him and (I'm dramatic when I'm tired) and when I asked him why he did that he said {cuz I love you and want you to be happy} I heart him. Last night when I had my mental breakdown it was anguish for both of us. Neither of us could sleep. But today when I asked him if he hated me he said "No way! don't worry about last night i'm over it". Thank the Lord for the wonderful Wyatt I have been given :) he makes me happy when I can't make myself happy. {and when I ask him why he is so nice to me (cuz marriage wasn't always peaches!) he says "Because it's my job as a Wyatt and as a priesthood holder" I know it sounds cheesy but that makes me love him SO MUCH MORE! While some men would use the "Priesthood" as a means to be mean, wyatt understands his responsibility so differently and he legitimately believes that one of his duties as a Priesthood holder is to help me be the happiest I can be, emotionally, mentally, and physically. How cute is that?}

k that's all!