Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I would rather have breast milk than a million melons!

So surprisingly it hasn't been that long since I last blogged. I am happy to report that my expedition to becoming rubber is going better than I thought it would. For example today {work basically blew up and two students were kind of badgering Leah and I} while I did get worked up, I didn't get as worked up as I would have. When I felt myself getting worked up I said to myself "this is your chance to not let things bother, this is your chance to be more like rubber" and I did it! I was definitely more like rubber.So that's happy news! In other news I am thinking about taking a Dental Assisting class. I figured it could be useful in the long run. So I am looking into that, however I would have to pick either that or R.O.C. if they'll even let me do that. If I am made to choose between the two I might pick R.O.C.  Just hopefully I would be able to get along with everyone.
My mom and I had a good conversation about not letting petty things bother us today. which was very necessary towards the end of work. I realized that I really need to change my attitude or else I'll never be happy! There will always be little annoying things in life. The trick is I need to not let them bother me so much. I need to choose to be happy instead of mad. Anywho I think that's about it for today.



ps. today's quote was brought to you by this creepy 8 year old I saw on a youtube video today who is still breast feeding! ew!

P.p.S. Yes as you can see in the above picture (fall 2008) Wyatt and I did indeed break the honor code. I let him in my room... we are sinners

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