Sunday, June 12, 2011

My son saved China, you too can save buy one dumpling get one free!

So basically I was awake today and just thinking. I got this great light bulb moment and I figured I would write it down as best as I could remember.

Wyatt's a champ and exemplifies what a worthy husband should be...

He Provides for me-
I know I am technically the breadwinner at the moment. But it won't always be like that! If I'm hungry he'll provide me a grilled cheese sandwich too haha.

He Protects me-
Wyatt protects me in a lot of little ways. For instance, sometimes he will go out to the car to fetch something I have forgotten so I don't have to be outside at night. He sleeps closest to the door so as to be able to hear anything suspicious and protect me. He has walks on the outside of the sidewalk. If he reads something terrible in the news he'll keep it to himself so as to not distress me.

He Presides-
There is probably no one else in the world that tries to life my self esteem like Wyatt. He is concerned for my spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. He feels that this is a responsibility he carries and strives to do whatever he can to do it well. When we were first married I struggled a lot with the idea of being equals. I never knew wives were equal in value, or in the eyes of God until Wyatt taught me. He constantly told me how special I was to the Lord and what great worth I had in his plan. He bought me books, took me to see people who would be able to answer any question I had about my worth. It is because of him and my efforts to gain a testimony that I am a happy member of the church.

I feel so Lucky to have a husband who is always looking to raise me up. I am so grateful for him and hope that I can show that in my actions.

Moving on, we have a lot to catch you up on! So first off my birthday! 21 Years of age now! on the day of my birthday Wyatt tried to play las "mananitas" for me. My mom had left me a present & it was one that I REALLY wanted! When I was at work lots of people said happy birthday and were kind! Two students brought me a cupcake and a man walked through the door with beautiful roses and a stuffed animal! It was a yellow bird for me from Wyatt! That night when I got home we didn't really do anything. I was tired! But later on Saturday we went to see Kung Fu Panda, again, with Phil & Lupe {we love hanging out with them}. We also went out to dinner. The Sunday after that we had a picnic with my parents and played games like badmitton, volleyball, and bocci ball. It was really fun. {however no one sang happy birthday to me!! it was tragic}

We also just went on a date to wingers and to the Movie X-men. And boy was it good!
Went out to Ice cream with grant and his wife.
Went out to eat with grant and his wife & afterward watched a movie "Thor!" and to eat at "la dolce vida"
Ate sushi, A LOT! :) we are sushi people now.
Went to noodles & company to celebrate.....

Wyatt got the Pathology Tech job! Yay :) He was so excited, I was excited for him! I am so happy he got it, I think he needed it to push through this semester, it's been tough.

I have to talk about myANONAME JEANS!! :) yes they costed a fortune but they were my anniversary/birthday gift, and are amazing! THANK YOU!! They are super comfy and fit like a dream.

I haven't worn them yet! waiting for a special occasion! Or at least a good hair day!

We are going to hawaii on thursday!! should be amazing and fun to spend time with my hunny.

Wyatt and I have been getting a long great lately and it makes me oober happy. I hope things keep going well and I'll let the good times roll!

That's all for today.


ps. today's quote was brought to you by "Po's" dad : )