Monday, May 2, 2011

You're future is as bright as your faith

I haven't exactly wanted to post everything that has been going on lately because it's a little pathetic. I did hear back from the job that I got an interview from, they said I was still under consideration. I was so dissapointed at that, I was really expecting to just get the phone call telling me I got the job! I have had a strange array of emotions as of late... I was never exactly excited to graduate from BYU, I feel scared about being thrust into the world!

I almost don't even know what to do with myself! I have been a little depressed at the thought of just working as a receptionist, after I got a freaking Degree from BYU, at that. However, it's funny that more and more people I run into have mediocre jobs after they graduate. I mean eventually they go on to do something amazing. I have been really searching for meaning in my life, for I can "contribute"-Wyatt thinks I'm silly for wanting to do that. He feels as though I should enjoy sitting at home not having any commitments. Truth is, nothing drives me crazier...I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin. I am so incredibly stressed out about money, I'm worried my hair is going to fall out... or I'll get an ulcer...or more white hair. -All the mentioned are pretty good possibilities. I've done so many fun things as of late I feel like I haven't quite realized them because I have been so worried about monies and finding a job & not "living up to my potential".
I feel like I have been kind of a pain in the neck as of late. It seems as though nothing will make me happy, except finding a job and making money. However, I feel as though something should change.. be more like Chrissy walker! but I figure she struggles, but she is a pure joy to be around, she just radiates joy! She didn't do anything too fancy or important... But she's beautiful inside and out. I want to be more like that... I should try to reach out to her and spend more time with her... maybe it will rub off, If I'm lucky...
In other news, I graduated, I waited to what... I forgot what I was writing. We have done lots of fun things as of late thought such as...
*go to lunch with Wyatt’s parents in honor of my graduation, Dolce Vita was so yummy. THANK YOU
*Wyatt's parents got me a TV for graduation THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
*Go out to dinner twice, with my parents
*We went to olive garden today... with no money :)
* Ward, closing social
*Hang out with girls in the ward!
* Go to noodles and co. with the Van De Graffs & the Scolvilles
*oh BTW Osama is dead...
*Stay up late with Wyatt
* sleeping in.... reading...

Anywho that is some things that have gone on as of late... this next week we have a double planned with grant and wife and the ahlstroms. Yay I can't wait for our weekend!!

Anyways... not sure this post made any sense... but


ps. our post title, I believe, I was brought to you by President Monson

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