Saturday, May 14, 2011

You know that one steak with the round thing in the middle? Yeah, that's the most expensive one, I always get that

I thought I should take a moment and blog about what I love most... Wyatt! Here are a couple reasons why I love him...

*He rolls with his elbows
*He used to send me text messages when I was sleeping telling me he loved me,cough cough hint hint
*He buys me flowers just because
* He says I'm pretty A LOT
* He encourages me to pursue my goals
*He makes me happy
*He's a fantastic lover
*He sings silly songs
*He gossips about people with me :)
*He likes the same TV shows I do...
*His lips are number one...

Those are just SOME of the reasons of why I love him ***

Sometimes I feel like our marriage is a fairytale, other times not so much. But as of late, our marriage has been so sweet I feel as though our first year was really rocky and now we are enjoying the fruits of our labor and they are sweeter than a million mellons!!

I'm worried sometimes our marriage will break sometimes... but mostly I learned that I REALLY need to enjoy our marriage in the NOW and hopefully things will be amazing and sweet!


PS. Our post title was brought to you by an anonymous brother of a friend :)

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