Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big girl you are beautiful

Well the day has arrived. I am part of the BYU alumni and I couldn't be more heartbroken. I feel useless. I still have had no luck finding a job. On somewhat of a brighter note I got an interview today & I am getting slightly more toned. But really I have felt, empty, useless and talentless these past two weeks....
One thing I should say is that I'm happy that Wyatt is with me!
last night I finally told him that I had gotten an interview. He was SO excited that we went straight home and I put on my birthday suitd, sat in bed, while he painted my nails and asked me interview questions that are commonly asked.
Oodly enough every one of those was asked....
Anyways I guess we'll see how it goes.



ps. I got a lisa leonard ring today and it's beautiful! it reads "Guerito y Cindita"
PS. Post title song by MIKA

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