Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big girl you are beautiful

Well the day has arrived. I am part of the BYU alumni and I couldn't be more heartbroken. I feel useless. I still have had no luck finding a job. On somewhat of a brighter note I got an interview today & I am getting slightly more toned. But really I have felt, empty, useless and talentless these past two weeks....
One thing I should say is that I'm happy that Wyatt is with me!
last night I finally told him that I had gotten an interview. He was SO excited that we went straight home and I put on my birthday suitd, sat in bed, while he painted my nails and asked me interview questions that are commonly asked.
Oodly enough every one of those was asked....
Anyways I guess we'll see how it goes.



ps. I got a lisa leonard ring today and it's beautiful! it reads "Guerito y Cindita"
PS. Post title song by MIKA

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened

Okay LONG time but NO post so I decided to post because it's been a long while and there are a lot of things I think I am going to want to remember for the hard things to come. Because I assure you they will come & I am sure they will not be ANY fun. So first off we went to the temple "yay for cyatt!" we went to the the temple with the Ahlstroms. Let me tell you I was WIGGING out! I can't even explain why I was so DANG nervous... I guess I just was. We were hoping to do a session, but didn't get to. We instead decided to do sealings Thanks to me on my part for bringing up the point that we would all get to sit together if we did a sealing (or was that bree...) anywho, it was amazing. It started out pretty shaky. One of the things that immediately caught my attention was the fact that the wife both gives herself and accepts the husband. While the husband only takes. Immediately when he started talking I noticed that... You have NO IDEA I was freaking out! I was thinking how unfair life was and I think anyone who could be reading my mind knew that SOMEONE needed to answer this question ASAP or else i would bolt out there! Well to my utter surprise, he addressed specifically that. He talked about how the husband gives himself to Christ, he promises to act and be like him whenever and wherever he is. He agrees to be a savior in his home and is expected to lay down his life (check ephesians) wives give themselves unto their husbands, which isn't hard because he has agreed to be the savior in that home. Amazing right? Awesome. I asked him where it was that women get the authority to do living ordinances for other women, he explained that the work under those that have the keys (temple presidents) but EVERYONE operates under those keys, even sealers... so that was pretty cool. I also asked him about what the veil meant, he didn't know the answer, he joked saying that our "radiance" was way too much for men to handle. But he did talk about how much the Lord loved his daughters. ex. Adam Adam Adam, whereas Eve answered the first time.

I HAVE to mention Elder Scott's talk in general conference this april, it was amazing :) He talked so fondly about his wife. I'm pretty sure that was the favorite of many married girls around BYU, a total hit :)
Our temple class has been great Thank you ,we will eternally be grateful. Our marriage would have NEVER been the same without it. Thank you to Bishop Thompson, for helping us SO much, this ward has been amazing it has helped our marriage SO much. Which brings me to my other sad, VERY sad news....
Our ward is disintegrating... :( ALL the BYU wards are being done away with. No more Young Married Couple wards. Sadly, this was the first ward where I felt like I really belonged. I felt loved. The sisters were AMAZING. Our Bishop and his Wife were basically our age... We had once a great lesson on being a good husband and father, which helped, we had the opportunity to be in a group that helped wyatt and I get back to the temple. We saw marriages work together as COMPLETE equals. this ward has helped my testimony SO much, I can't even explain it. Although it depresses me to think It's over I am SO GRATEFUL that the Lord went through all that work to get us here, so that we could experience this, help our marriage & my testimony. I really need to remember all of this because I don't think I'll ever be the same, I see the world completely different. Thank you Lord, for all you've given me.

My next sob story, BYU, I am done :) what can I say, I'm heartbroken and happy at all the same time. TOTAL bitter sweet. I can't believe I made it (still finals left...) My dream came true. I have always wanted to graduate from Brigham Young University & soon (if I pass my finals!) I will have a little piece of paper proving that I made it... amazing. I am still in utter amazement. I have been so sad about my upcoming graduation but I realize something. I shouldn't be crying because it's over, I should be smiling because it even happened...

I am also saying goodbye to Kids Stop. Thank heavens, I'm not as sad about this one :)
Anyways, lots of reflecting lately. I have been so depressed because I'm having the hardest time finding a job. but right now, I feel ok, thank heavens.

Lots of reflecting, lots of gratitude & lots of change. I swear I need just a little while for things to settle down!



Ps. our quote was brought to you by Dr. Seuss...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hola Bitches!

I love that, todays post title was brought to you by our friend -Ben Stiller, on the movie of Anchorman. He looked hilarious :) Anywho it's been a while since I've posted so here goes.
Since we've talked I have....

Made more killer cookies
Made some Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies :)
Sucessfuly (hopefully) finished up my group project on "Unwed Pregnancy"
Took my Stats Exam #3 and actually a 77%! MUCH better than I was expecting
Gone to In & Out about 3 times! (And loved it each time!)

I have recently found an article on "Heavenly Mother" at the BYU library & it was pretty awesome. It's called "A mother there"

I have also learned more about Brigham Young :) He was a product of his time, but I never knew he was such a proponent of the womens suffrage.

Hopefully I'll be able to get better looking rather than worse.

Graduation is just around the corner!