Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life will suck if your married or single... so might as well be married

Lets see... it's been a WHILE since I have blogged, and probably I should be doing homework... BUT I'm not :) anywho... lets see so I last blogged about monday the 7th. Last you heard I was having a sucky day and wasn't feeling well. Then tuesday the world blew up.

Seriously, it was major intense (our fight) I'm pretty sure we were up till about three or four in the morning, and we were like yelling and casting "contentious looks" at each other! Seriously it was NUTS. Scary as well, because it kind of reminded me of how we used to fight when we were REALLY struggling. However we pinned it down to thinking that it was the advisary in our lives. We figured we were doing so well at our relationship & we actually made plans to go to the temple again... so obviously the bells of hell rang and let all the demons know that we were doing so well. Anywho, the rest of the week was spent trying recover from our nuclear war. I don't think I ever talked about our date with lupe & philip. We went out for tacos & dancing again. It was pretty fun except for the fact that the dance was LAME we went on a friday night instead of saturday night. The next saturday we hung out with Jataira, and watched the "Brothers Bloom" which was weird... and sad. But anyways back to the week of the 8th. Wyatt left for oregon the 10th and the entire weekend I played with my mom! We went on a picnic, had ice cream, i saw my roomates, we went shopping for fabric for baby gifts and other fun things :)

So the Jimmer mania is at an ALL TIME HIGH!!! LIke even my cousins kid (moses) loves this basketball star! basically he broke all sorts of records on friday with his game vs. new mexico! He SCORED 52 points!!! Football practice has officially started. (wyatt is estatic) I bought a curling iron, and my recipe box! YES. I can't really think of anything else to fill you in on, besides the fact that if you need a smile listen to "Alibi-the racist dragon" or "It's business time" both very fun songs :)
In other news Academic- I am SO DONE with school. like really I am so lazy, which I shouldn't be, but I am.
I also just watched Lady Gaga's new video and it was NUTS she's crazy!

That's all for now.


ps. today's post title was brought to you by an annoying girl in my class

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