Saturday, March 26, 2011

Studies show that 75% of shopping carts contain fecal mater... oh my gosh, they're on to me

Wow, I think I have a lot to catch up on {BTW this picture is with me and renee in hawaii, my first trip there ever!:) Sadly the BYU cougs lost their game against Florida, it was the last time that Jimmer Fredette would ever play. **sigh** I've said it before and I'll say it again, I feel honored to be graduating the same year as "The Jimmer". The jimmer mania has been pretty crazy & gratefully fans STILL met the basketball team at the provo airport when they came home. Wyatt, Thomas & I went to meet the basketball team the night they won a huge game against gonzaga, basically blew them out of the water. I think what was the most sad was to see Jimmer loose. And my friend, he didn't just loose he was DEFEATED :( He missed a bunch of his three pointers, and what was really sad was that everytime he didn't make his shots he was on the floor. The other team was just really bullying him around, his calf was aching (I concluded because his coach was massaging it for him) He had a big red bruise on his shoulder & he had this gash on his chin. It was sad, I could barely look.  It was a bittersweet ending to Jimmer's BYU career. Like I mentioned earlier Wyatt & I met The team at the airport... so I'll try hard to sum up some fun things weve done this week.

8th- We had a sleepover with phil & lupe, our first "official" sleepover as a married couple, we loved it. We watched Dragon ball, ate tempura, and then ate crepes made by yours truly, and they were delicious!

19th- We went shopping! I finally got the shoes I've wanted for a while! {you can see a picture of them on a post I did on Nov. 20th of 2010! They are adorable but have yet to wear them! We also watched a game at my in-laws house & we won :) I also decided to crack open my mother in laws "Cricket" and I was so happy I did, I love scrap-booking, who doesn't?
 we also received a calling! we are the newest members of the "New Member Welcome Committee" We are way excited and we actually have already tried our hand at it!

21st- School & I believe we went to In & out this day, just for the pure fun of it.

22nd- can't really remember what happened... Oh Wait! Yes I can! So I'm in this law class with this girl who I am friends with, and on this day she commented that she had gotten an interview for a job she applied for at the hospital, that job turned out to be CHILD LIFE SPECIALIST! I was disgusted! she hadn't done the right major OR an internship for that job, but she got an interview?! Worst of all, it's at UV peds! My home job! I was pissed and immediately went to work on doing my best to swoop that job up for myself. In short words, I saw jill, Annete and made cookies for both mother baby & Pediatrics, I can honestly say I have done all that I can :)
23rd- went to work and HATED .I came home at like 830 and was not happy. I came home and couldn't even talk to wyatt { he spoke to me pointing out that he had made the bed for me, he must have known I was pissed :)} I immediately went to the bathroom with the intention of either taking a shower or a bath, really both would probably have felt amazing at the moment. Wyatt came in being as meek and humble as he knows how to and asked if he could hug me, I said no! We also went to In & Out AGAIN!
24th- thursdays are always so nice :) I went visiting teaching and I felt it went really went well.

25th- we thought we weren't going to do anything but we ended up bowling with jataira and we went to In & Out AGAIN! :) So much fun

anyways I have to fold clothes!
Cindita :)

ps. today's post title was brought to you by Conan :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life will suck if your married or single... so might as well be married

Lets see... it's been a WHILE since I have blogged, and probably I should be doing homework... BUT I'm not :) anywho... lets see so I last blogged about monday the 7th. Last you heard I was having a sucky day and wasn't feeling well. Then tuesday the world blew up.

Seriously, it was major intense (our fight) I'm pretty sure we were up till about three or four in the morning, and we were like yelling and casting "contentious looks" at each other! Seriously it was NUTS. Scary as well, because it kind of reminded me of how we used to fight when we were REALLY struggling. However we pinned it down to thinking that it was the advisary in our lives. We figured we were doing so well at our relationship & we actually made plans to go to the temple again... so obviously the bells of hell rang and let all the demons know that we were doing so well. Anywho, the rest of the week was spent trying recover from our nuclear war. I don't think I ever talked about our date with lupe & philip. We went out for tacos & dancing again. It was pretty fun except for the fact that the dance was LAME we went on a friday night instead of saturday night. The next saturday we hung out with Jataira, and watched the "Brothers Bloom" which was weird... and sad. But anyways back to the week of the 8th. Wyatt left for oregon the 10th and the entire weekend I played with my mom! We went on a picnic, had ice cream, i saw my roomates, we went shopping for fabric for baby gifts and other fun things :)

So the Jimmer mania is at an ALL TIME HIGH!!! LIke even my cousins kid (moses) loves this basketball star! basically he broke all sorts of records on friday with his game vs. new mexico! He SCORED 52 points!!! Football practice has officially started. (wyatt is estatic) I bought a curling iron, and my recipe box! YES. I can't really think of anything else to fill you in on, besides the fact that if you need a smile listen to "Alibi-the racist dragon" or "It's business time" both very fun songs :)
In other news Academic- I am SO DONE with school. like really I am so lazy, which I shouldn't be, but I am.
I also just watched Lady Gaga's new video and it was NUTS she's crazy!

That's all for now.


ps. today's post title was brought to you by an annoying girl in my class

Friday, March 4, 2011

Letter for Cindy

Dear Cindy,
Sometimes you’re a little windy.
But that’s okay,
Cause I don’t always have much to say.
As I sit and ponder in bed,
My face is turning a little red.
No, I’m not trying to push out a fart,
Instead I’m letting you hold my heart.
And I don’t always do well on a test,
But in bed I’m the best.
Anyway…lets get down to the nitty gritty.
And I’ll think of something witty.
Just one more thought for now,
And trust me your gonna say “wow”
Love you forever, Like you for always

Forever, and ever, my baby you’ll be.

Secret Tunnels

I decided that I needed to blog about my marriage. If you've noticed my marriage has been through A LOT in the past few months, when I thought we would get a divorce!

BUT, man am I happy we stuck with it! We are FINALLY starting to have that "marital bliss"!!! It took long enough to get here, but I am VERY happy it's here. Wyatt and I have finally gotten to that level in marriage where it's like "Dating without limits" and we are having a blast, we both feel loved & understood and are both quite content being married.

That's not saying that we absolutely have no problems whatsoever, but we have finally gotten to a great part of our marriage and the sunshine of happy marriage is shinning brightly on me. I can safely say that after all we've been through there's not much more that could go wrong... right?

Anyways, thanks for bearing with me on a roller coaster of EVERYTHING, but here comes the sun and it is very warm and welcoming :)


ps. Today's post title was brought to you by "Nacho Libre" where the fat lady is explaining to esqueleto how it was that she got up the stairs so quickly :)