Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So I know it's been a while since I have posted. A couple of things have happened since we last conversed. Among them we had a Nacho Libre party that was pretty darn fun, and we had friends come and Wyatt & I had tons of fun.

 It was great reconnecting to some of our old friends like phil & Lupe Earnshaw it was also fun making new friends like Ail & Nate Vande Graaff , crazy name I know. Other than that it's been school & work. I actually survived my first stats & SFL 290 test, so good for me eh? I might actually graduate! Wyatt & I have been good, days are getting brighter, both literally and figuratively speaking, thankfully.

So as you know I have a hard time with the Temple, so our new Bishop, Bishop Thompson arranged for us to go to a "Temple Prep" class with a couple who is preparing to enter the temple, well He lied! The other couple had already gone through the temple!! The other two couples were just there for Wyatt and I. Holy cow! I felt embarrassed, I'm sure I don't need to tell you of the plenty of tears that were shed, it was tough, but I felt comfort in knowing that I had a good support group & that he {The bishop & the Lord} thought it so important, that I, little me, feel comfortable and happy going to the temple. So that made me feel happy I was quickly brought down by the fact that I am UGLY U-G-L-Y I DEFINETELY HAVE NO ALIBY, man I am SO sick of being ugly :( I have a friend named Emily and let me tell you she is a walking Goddess, I would probably sell my soul to be able to look like her, or even a cheap knock off would do :( sadly I do not, I'm just my ugly old self.

In other news, a silly girl at BYU named Michelle Peralta was foolish enough to write a letter to the Daily universe saying that she was sick of all the hype about Jimmer (because she claimed him to be a false idol of sorts), she got slammed back with TONS of facebook replies that were hilarious! These are just a handful and boy are they funny!

"One time the byu basketball team was walking on the beach and they looked behind and only saw one set of footprings"

" ... and jimmer dwelt in a tent"

"for God so loved the world he gave us Jimmer"

"Jimmer fredette is the only one that can find Carmen Sandiego"

"It is better to dwell in the Marriot Center and cheer for Jimmer than it is to dwell with a contentious and angry woman"

"wow I'm glad I finally finished reading this thread, now I can brush my teeth, pray to jimmer and go to bed"

"You obviously haven't asked jimmer with a sincere heart or with real intent because he would have manifest the truth unto you"

"as for me and my house we will serve Jimmer"

"jimmer can kill two stones with one bird"

"they once made Jimmer fredette toilet paper but it wouldn't take crap from anybody"

"some kids pee their name into the snow, Jimmer pees his name into the concrete"

"jimmer fredette's account at match.com was immediately terminated because no one was a match for jimmer fredette."

"Jimmer fredette can speak french in russian"

"Even Jimmers enemies list him as an emergency contact"

"Isn't it about Jimmer time?"



PS. Today's post title has been brought to you by Sue Sylvester on Glee, she will never get old :)

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