Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love kung fuuuuuu

 JIMMER MANIA! oh what a time to be alive! Really, I feel honored that I get to graduate the same year as "The Jimmer". Wow he's so famous... anywho, this is going to be a very LARGE post, so fasten your seatbelts this will be a very long post. Read... if you dare!

So probably I should start back at around like the 14th, Valentines day of course, really it's probably the most far back I can remember, I think it would hurt to much to try harder. Anywho, We celebrated valentines day with our good friends Lupe & Phil Earnshaw! We kind of re-kindled our friendship with them :) Which was fun... oh wait I need to tell you about the Nacho Party!

The Nacho Party was a great success, lots of friends came over to watch Jack Black & his brilliant peformance as Nacho. What i thought was kind of fun was the fact that Wyatt really did so much to help! Like seriously, he helped a ton! He was a good little host too, I was so proud of him! I am also HAPPY that the dust has finally settled in our marriage and we can actually have people over without getting into too big of a fight... among those that came where...
*Diedra H. &  Cory
*Alyssa A. -- WHO got her mission call to ROMANIA!!! She goes through the Temple THIS Saturday and Wyatt and I will be going!- -
*Lauren K. -- WHO is engaged!! To be married in August! SO excited! --
*Sarah A.
* Ali& Nate V.
*Phil & Lupe E.
*Jonathan & Zataira S.
* The NEW Bryan & Lindsay Merrill
I think that is just about everyone who came! So exciting! We loved it. Ali, BTW is a new friend I made in my 290 class, she is SO fun AND super cute! I swear she is the sister I never met, we are so much alike it's crazy. I'm sort of really excited to have her as a friend!

Anyways, The next Friday Lupe & Phil came over to have an "Eva Luna" party, we basically just watched an episode of Eva Luna, which, of course was magical! Then we decided "hey... let's go to Las Vegas for the 4 day weekend" so we planned that. But the icing on this cake was when I came home from work and was like "Wyatt... I think I like crashed the car... you should definitely come take a look at it" Of course I hadn't crashed the car, but I got him to come outside, then I asked him to take a look in the trunk and when he did There was his Beatles poster FRAMED! I did it, that was his Birthday Wish, but I KNEW he wouldn't be expecting it for Valentines day! I totally surprised him! He was pretty excited too. Wyatt also got me flowers the same day :)

Then the NEXT day for Valentines day Lupe, phil, Wyatt, & I all went up to Salt lake, to have some tacos from heaven. They were in front of a ghetto Sears, but they tasted amazing. I also had a quesadilla. After that we went to go dance at studio 600! Wyatt actually had fun too!! We also got some hot chocolate before that and slushes after, definitely a successful Valentines day :)

Then on Sunday we went over to the Ahlstrom's house to have crepes for breakfast, and BOY do they make great crepes! They were delicious! I wanted more and more of them, but I'm pretty sure we each only got two, but thank you to them! They are awesome, they are amazing friends and we are so happy to have them!
-As a side note- I LOVE our ward, and I'm pretty sure Wyatt does too. We are so lucky to be in such an awesome, unique ward. It is really all people our age, young & married, same problems & everything :) Every sunday feels like it is TOTALLY geared to helping our marriage blossom, which we all know, it needs!

Then we had a pretty busy schedule DURING the week, but it was really exciting to know that we had friday to look forward to because we were going to LAS VEGAS baby :) & with friends which I think was SUPER fun. So I will just start off there, we left friday at like 3:30 and of course Wyatt & I had to bicker a little to make the trip great {beforehand}. But we were off and it was like the most exciting feeling eva! We got to St. George at around like 9, and we stopped by to eat at a place called "Roberto's" and I was pissed because I didn't get to get my "Carne Asada" fries. I swear Wyatt's is deathly worried I am going to get heavy... But anywho after that we drove over to Deborah & Bill's house which I was excited about! They are always so kind and Deborah is just amazing. We got there and they were nice, like they usually are, We talked for a while & then she {Deborah} showed us the different rooms that each couple could stay in. We had kind of a hard time deciding, [Phil says, and it's really accurate that before you are married it's easy to be selfish, but after you get married you think of others so it is impossible for you to come to an understanding with another couple because you are all thinking of each other] Anyways Lupe picked the one downstairs, So we went upstairs. We all tried to watch the movie Kung Fu Panda, that didn't work... we all fell asleep. Wyatt and I went upstairs and slept on a bed that was like too fancy for us. it was a memory foam bed, which I have always wanted to try, but it was a little too much for us with ghetto bed backgrounds. The next day Bill made us breakfast, and It was great! Then we watched Kung Fu Panda, always funny. Then we went to visit Renee & Annika. Annika was a little grumpy so it was kind of sad to be there, but I'm happy i got to see her and her cute little face.

We got to Las Vegas and we got to our Hotel which was called the "Sahara" which, was a lot more ghetto then we thought it was, still, it is so exciting getting to your room. We had Wyatt & Phill check in, to make it seem less fishy that the four of us where there sharing one room. Anyways, so We got to our room, and hung out for a while, which was fun, and then Phil & Lupe went to dinner with his parents.
They turned out to be out for that night but told us to come back tomorrow (feb. 20) for it. We decided to find somewhere to eat {Wyatt & I} so after much debate, we went to a buffet in ramada. It was pretty good, we were definetly satisfied. Then Phil & Lupe met up with us there and I participated in my first EVER Gamble! AND actually MADE money! I was able to do that because when we were waiting for the two of them to arrive I was sitting on a railing and a security officer didn’t want me sitting there so he asked me to sit on the chairs by the slots and basically knew I wasn't 21 but let me go anyways. When we met up with the other two we decided that that night we would walk the strip. Oh man did we regret that. We walked a total of 6 miles, not even counting the walking around IN the casinos. {I got a cinabon too!} We were dead tired at ceacers palace. We thought we would die, poor pregnant Lupe!! But we made our long voyage home, too poor for a taxi.
 When we made it we were all SO relieved and happy. The next day we {tried} to wake up early and go get our tickets, which we were able to get. Then we went to go eat, because we were hungry & good thing too, we waited in line for 2 HOURS to get food at the "Belagio" buffet. Oh man it was worth it!! DELICIOUS, never had I been to a better buffet and doubt that I will ever go to one as good as that. After that we went to go visit the pawn shop off of Pawn Stars, which was fun. Then we went back to our hotel room to TRY and digest our food we were all so full we could barely walk... Then we went to the mall & Wyatt got a cute new coat and I got a VERY NICE skirt! from forever 21! hate that store, but I LOVE their clothes... it's a love/hate relationship. Then we made our way to tournament of the kings, which was awesome, I must say :) Then we went home and went to bed. We woke up bright and early and came home so I could go to work. Our trip was AWESOME. I would have to say that that the highlights were the belagio food, I can almost still taste it in my mouth, amazing. And Turnament of the kings "Here here... Drink! Ah!!!, Huzzah!" Really it was just so much fun to be around people we like and hang out with them!

Today is Guero's Birthday!!!

:) he is now 24!!! For his birthday he has gotten ....
*Framed poster of beatles
* Sunstone ring
*Aztec calendar ring (Thanks mom)
... and... drumroll please...

I know I'm awesome :) I should get wife of the year award, sadly I feel like he didn't really like the gifts or appreciate them. His parents up and got him a plane ticket to oregon, which I was a little upset about. Anywho. I feel like I did a great job at gifting!

I am tired and this post is LONG, I'm going to share some pictures and hit the sack!

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