Monday, February 28, 2011

Everyday I wake up hoping that today is the day that Lou Vega will grace us with mambo #6

Alright so I believe that my last post was a lot of venting, so I am actually going to fill you in on what has gone on...

Thursday night- Gave wyatt his presents, had cake and ate posole, thanks mom!!
Friday- Went to school, didn't have to work "Yay!" and I studied for my stats test, which I have
yet to take & yes I'm freaking out! I'm going to study right after this! went to a test   review with Ali, and Kristen and took a picture with Ali, because I don't have any   pictures of my new bestie!! Then we went out to dinner with The Anthony's awesome   :) Texas Road-house! It was pretty dang amazing. THANK YOU! Then we went to their house to   watch TV Then we stayed up watching "Jershey Shore" of course :) How could we not?   It ended up being amazing :)! love watching TV with Wyatt :)
Saturday- Bright and early I went to "Fiesta" Practice, and as usual everyone was late :) I got   there at like 7:30 and no one got there {really} until like 8:30 and we didn't officially   start until like 10, but our practice went well. After the practice I rushed home to get   ready to go to the Temple. I know crazy that Wyatt and I would go after so long of   not going! It was crazy too because Wyatt MISSED the  BIGGEST BYU game of the   year to go! {although it seems like every game that BYU plays is the biggest game of   the year :). We also had the hardest time actually finding the temple, it was snowing   and somehow that large castle got lost in the snow.... But we made it there and  actually had a wonderful experience, something we hadn't share for a long time. It was   tender. we then got Carne Asada fries!! YUM and went to Trevor and Andi's to watch   the BYU game, which they WON! They are now ranked #3! Yay cougars! Then we went   back home & headed to BYU I got ready for "Fiesta" and performed! it was awesome!   and fun, I'm really happy I did it, but I am also happy it's over :). We then flew over to   Macy's to have ice cream with our friends Jataira :) and discussed the possibility of a   trip to DC for the 4th of JULY :) Then we watched a movie with them {The brothers   bloom} and went home and went to bed, not before trying to watch the movie "No   strings attached" We fell asleep though...
Sunday- We went to Church and enjoyed ourselves, we finished watching "no-strings attached"   and thought it was a nice movie :) Then we picked up our cousin Alexa and went to   dinner, as usual was great, my suchi is a great cook! Then we got home and installed   our new showerhead= my new best past time!!! it feels like rain is coming down on  you :) Pretty awesome.
Monday- Today was a kind of a sucky day, I felt like crap for more than half of it... but when I   got home Wyatt knew exactly what to do to make me feel better :) We watched   Tangled and he cuddled my blues away. He is truly my sunshine.

So there you have it, you are all caught up on what we did & here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

well I am calling it a night, at least to start homework now...

Wyatt's amazing,



ps. Today's quote was brought to you by Connan O'brien, so funny :)

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