Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do I Mitchell?

Man, okay so this POST is definitely going to just be venting {not that I haven't done fun things lately because I definitely have} But This is SERIOUSLY bothering me & I would rather not end my night with Wyatt on a bad note. I will post our fun day tomorrow or something. Anyways a couple of months ago I had a post on my old blog called "Barbies Among Us", basically me venting about how there are some girls who seem to have it all together & have the perfect husbands?
Well that STILL bothers me, and I am even more bothered when i saw the blog of a girl I went to high-school with who BTW was a total BI*** She was RUDE to everyone and thought she was the cats meow. She was rich spoiled and rude. Well She got married, and I thought, well! That should put her in your place, because if there is something that humbles you in life it's MARRIAGE! Not that marriage is bad, but it makes you a better person, and MAKES you realize you aren't the only person on this earth, I mean things like "Sacrifice" and "Compromise" which were, before, a foreign concept become a daily occurrence.
WElL I am mad to report that it doesn't seem like this girl has had ANY of that. Her husband still takes her shopping once a week, they live in a TOTALLY CUTE apartment, have a TV, which I DON'T have & She probably has a bright future full of cash. {& flowers} So... what now? How is that fair AT ALL!? WHY?! What did she do to deserve such a wonderful easy life?! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! I don't get it & probably never will...

Cindy Lou

PS. today's post title was brought to you by "Cameron" on Modern family :) & last post's title was from Kung Fu Panda, so great :)

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