Thursday, January 27, 2011

You've been Jimmered!

So, nothing too exciting has happened these past couple of days, besides me waisting my time reading blogs, sleeping, and watching TV. Really, I NEED to get my act together! And yet here I am updating my blog. I just feel l like I Haven't done it in so long... so long I feel like I needed to updated so I wouldn't completely loose sight about what's happening in my life. Well I have had a couple of ups and downs in life since my last post. Wyatt and I went to our new ward and It's pretty much AWESOME, hooray for young married wards! However, it's HUGE and the women there are all really pretty and seem to dress in expensive apparel, but I think overall it should be a fun ward to be in.

 Wyatt and I walked to church, which I loved because we get to spend that little extra time together and we found each others company pleasant. Uhm... I spotted out a lady on the bus i ride in the morning who seems to get off at a buss stop and then wait for another bus to pick her up (she gets off the 832 and waits for the 831) Anywho, she has no gloves! or a scarf or anything! so I figured this would be a great opportunity for me to become "cool" again. So, I decided that I would by that woman a pair of gloves, as it would turn out I had a scarf that matched the gloves I bought and my mom had made me some ear muffs (headband thing) that matched so i gave her the complete gift! I felt an overwhelming sense of self-esteem and I just felt good about what I had done! {I saw her wearing the gloves today on the bus and It made me SO happy!}.

Another nice thing I felt was, I saw Linda Flores, and talked to her for a bit, I mostly felt like i was just venting, but it later turned out that something I said was something she really needed and it made her feel closer to the spirit, so that made me feel great as well. Uhm Wyatt and I have had our fights but overall I think it will work out just fine. It seems like trevor + andi are going to buy a house and it is gorgeous! it will be perfect for them!

Wyatt & I are planning a "Nacho Libre" party and I've invited who knows how many people to it, I have no idea if anyone will even show up... seeing as how i didn't write the address down on any of the invites! But hopefully it should be fun, eh? One thing is for sure, if no one shows up I'll at least have Wyatt there to celebrate with. Speaking of which, we participated in this marital stud it took about two hours, but they gave us cash. Wahoo! They put these weird sensor things on my head and it felt crazy weird and it got my hair all wet! then we talked about a time where we felt "connected" In marriage. Then afterwards I stared at a computer screen for what seemed like an eternity and tried to identify what way a small arrow in the middle of the screen was facing... Then I had to listen to a voice say some numbers and I had to try and add the numbers he was saying, it was bizzare, but we got our 30$ so were pretty happy.

Wyatt and Trevor got to go to the sandiego game last night, I was pretty for wyatt. Apparently it was NUTs Jimmer Fredette is now the apparent God of Basketball, and he's cute too. I am pretty sure that is about it for things I have to say... bye!


ps. The catch Phrase for the day is "you've been Jimmered!"

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