Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You're about as quiet as a foghorn

Hello, well things have gotten better since last I blogged... Wyatt and I ended up talking, he was really sweet when he got home, but I just wanted nothing to do with him, I was distant and he could tell. Finally I cracked and told him all that was eating at me. He was very understanding and he cuddled me and tried his best to make me feel better, which I appreciated. I wonder whether or not things will actually change, but who knows... he's been pretty tender since then, but I don't know I'm still not completely sure about us being together and the sincerity of his love towards me.
Today was pretty hectic, but surprisingly bearable.

Wyatt and I stayed up late watching Apocalypto, super disturbing by the way. we didn't go to sleep until like one in the morning. I didn't get any sleep the entire night! I hated it. Then we got up and got ready to go to school. Then we got on the bus and went to school. And then it hit me! I saw this woman on the bus, the same woman I see every day, she's old, and every day she gets on the bus to go to work at Taco Bell. But she is in desperate need of gloves! I decided that I would buy her some and give it to her by the end of the week, I just had not time to do it today... but I will! My mom gave me one sweet glove today! I wish I had the other one, they are warm and I like them
I sat next to Brian in statistics, he's getting married the 21 of feb! I wish he and Lindsey them the best! I'm happy to have a class with Bryan, it takes me back... quite a bit... like...
When Andrew Kao wrote me a "Story"
When I thought I was going to marry my junior high crush
When all the boys liked me because I was so dang cute

*** When Wyatt and I caught A and Jenny making out in his truck!!!*** AND FOLLOWED THEM, WHAT'S WRONG WITH US?!

Anyways... that was probably the biggest tangent ever... Anywho. I went to work today and it was NUTZ 20 kids! but suprisingly from somewhere inside of me came the energy to do all that I needed to... future mother much?

PS Post title brought to you by Andrew Kao describing how quiet I am haha

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