Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well, God just hates you, SORRY

This post will probably be more of the boring ones, We both got up and went to school. Oh oh! But this morning it was so nice, Wyatt cuddled me ALL morning long, it felt good to be so loved. Also We rode the bus together and we looked for gloves when we got to BYU but I couldn't find any that I liked.

 I went to my first class, spanish, and I got a 5/5 on my quiz! Yay! hope I can keep that up! Then after that I went to check my zumba schedule, which I am SO excited to do! After which I went to my law class, and that was good, a little confusing but I kept up with it. A girl I don't really like wound up being in my class today. I guess she just added it and I am NOT happy. She is just kind of annoying... ya know? Anywho, after that I bought garments and a calculator and heated up some lunch and went to my temporal welfare class. Then after that was over I bought two doughnuts for 75 cents, ate one and then took it to Wyatt.

This will probably the highlight of our day. So I didn't exactly know where to find Wyatt, or even if he would be ready to come home, but I went to the Widthsoe on to the 7th floor where he said he would probably be I wasn't sure how I was going to find him, but figured that I used to be able to find him with ease when I wanted to visit him (seriously, it was freaky how easily I used to be able to find him! Back when he worked as a Janitor), so I figured I would figure it out. When I got off the elevator he was walking down the hall! Lucky me! I gave him a doughnut and he said "Oh is that for me? You're sweet"

Then I followed him around cuz he needed to buy something for his test tomorrow. When we finally found what he needed to buy it turned out that they only accepted cash. So I did him the favor of running to an ATM and withdrawing. He was grateful, and I felt good about myself. We then went home, my bus ride home was terrifying, I was paralyzed with fear! There was a man on the bus that looked like jeffry daumners and another who looked like sloth, the creature on goonies. Thankfully nothing bad happened. And now I am here, waisting homework time...

PS. today's post title was brought to you by Lori. in the Deans office, expressing her frustrations about some students that email complaints.

ps. 1/1/11!

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