Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pidgeons aren't afraid of anything they stand on electrical wires!

Have you ever heard of the expression of building an plane in the air? Well I feel like I am doing that in my life. Anywho, I kind of feel like I am building an airplane in the air, like I don't know where I'm going and instead of making a game plan as I go I'm planning it as I go, and I must admit I was feaking out about this a little about it before, and I may or not be still freaking out about it, but I realized that there is no hurry, I am just feeling good old mormon pressure. So I feel a little better, things between Wyatt and I are getting better. I'm just happy he's still around! good grief! We've been doing some fun things lately, and this morning was really fun just playing around. But as far as I can see NOW things are going to be good! My friend Sarah Is getting married and I am super excited for her {BTW}

So I have some New Years Resolutions I would like to start!

1. scripture study and sincere prayer at least once a day! no time limit or anything.
2. send out thank you notes more often, or of any kind.

4. Say nice things to wyatt and be very sure to do nice things to him. and show him I care

3. Reach out to the following friends
Lauren King
Diedre Hegstrom
Alyssa Atkins
Sarah Atwood
Kate Bailey
Joslyn Wilson
Tuare Garrido

5. Make the name "Cindy Anthony" cool. I realized the reason why Cindy Anthony was so hard to get used to is because I haven't done anything to make the name amazing! So I am going to attempt to make Cindy Anthony just as cool as Cindy Almaraz.

ps. Modern family is a horrible show that makes me smile!


ps. Todays post title was brought to you by Mitch from Modern Family :)

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