Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm sort of like Costco, I'm big, I'm not fancy but I dare you not to like me!

So lately things have been going pretty good. I can't quite remember what we have been up to since our last post but we went to Megamind, which was amazing by the way. We also have been going out to eat quite a bit. Like Olive Garden, Mawali's, we have also been working on making our marriage better, Wyatt is doing a pretty great job and is really sweet and sensitive, we ate J-Dawgs and I noticed this creeper girl trying to flirt with Wyatt, I was so pissed. She was totally flirting with him and this other married guy, anywho. Wyatt's program is kind of crazy but he is doing great! For my birthday I have decided I want to take wedding pictures with Wyatt again!

ps. Today's post was brought to you by cameron on Modern family, LOVE HIM!

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