Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do you feel guilty? NO!! I just don't want to get caught!

I know this picture looks silly to you but I love it! I am so done caring with what other people say or think about me. I think caring about what other people think about me has gotten me in to a sufficient amount of trouble. I really want to try being my own person & while being nice to others, I don't want to let them control my life like I have been letting them for the past 5 years. This is the closest picture that I could get when I used to be cool and not because people thought I was but because I knew I was. This is me! I'm nutz, annoying, and loud. I also have problems spelling! Anywho, these past couple of days have been kind of nutz. My hair is falling out because of all the stress I am feeling! all the pressure {in case you haven't noticed I have discovered the ability to make some words bigger than others} I have lots of homework and while work isn't necessarily hard it still takes up time. however I LOVE the people I work with, they have proven to be amazing friends.
Speaking of friends the Lord has blessed me with being able to see SO MANY of my friends! I see Matt Wise all the time, I see Mika every saturday at Fiesta Practice, I also watched devotional with her and Auna Janice with her today! I am beginning to see my roommates more, Alyssa also goes to Zumba with me. I have seen Emily Jacobsen, and so many other people. I feel like God has sent them my way to let me know that I'm not alone in the world.
Things between Wyatt & I seem like a roller coster up an down. So I called bishop and requested an interview with him to help us keep our marriage more on the happy side rather than the sad side. Last night I kind of broke down in tears because I was looking through our special box and I realized that it had been a LONG time since we had been happy together like maybe we were for an entire month, sad I know. But I was thinking today and we can still have fun together and fall in love again, I don't think we are completely lost! So i talked to Wyatt about doing fun things like we used to. Things that would help us enjoy each others company again. hopefully with some ideas  we can have that spark in our marriage again. Here is hoping for the best!


PS. Today's Post title was brought to you by anonymous! He had cheated {a little} on a test and he seemed anxious about it. So I asked him, do you feel guilty about cheating? He replied... "No way! I did what I needed & wanted to do! I just don't want to get caught!" Godly sorrow for you :)

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