Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bailar contigo, soñar contigo

Wow where to start on today's post... lets see, well I guess I could start of by saying that Christmas was fun, I don't think I ever mentioned that. But anyways yes it was fun. School has started, yesterday was fine, but today, wow, today was a slammer. Mainly because I had to work. I worked from 2-7 which doesn't seem like that long! 5 hours is nothing, but it seemed like an eternity today probably because I was outnumbered 1:13! There were TONZ of Kids downstairs it was insane. Some were really sweet like Caden, Anna, and Kinley... oh and Naomi :) She as one of the sweetest there, she made me so happy. The rest of them were for the most part crazy, working there makes it seem like being a mom will be a cinch, seeing how the most I'll be outnumbered is 1:3 maybe, maybe 4. Today was kind of a hard day. I woke up feeling pretty bummed out, I have just really struggled with my self worth for like the past year and a half. I know you wonder (Why?! you have great parents, an awesome husband, go to school, and you have a job!) I just feel like I am a piece of trash. So going to school was hard enough because I felt horrible about myself. Then when I got to statistics I felt sick thinking of how hard the class would be, but I got a little ray of sunshine! I saw Bryan Merrill an old friend from High school and we sat next to each other, he's getting married in February to Lindsey Bolton! Then I went to my research methods class which wasn't as bad as I had thought, will it be hard? You bet, but at least a certain number of people weren't in the class that I was dreading being there. Anywho I left class early, THANKFULLY because I skipped out on having to take a "pre" test to measure how much I knew about research methods I went home and sulked around at home for about 2 hours. Anywho Ieventually got my butt to work and it was hectic. And now I am here, happy that work is over and still stressed.

I mean not only do I have school to worry about but lately I have felt more and MORE pressure to be more domestic, and put my husband before me. I feel like a 50s housewife. Which we all know were never truly appreciated. Any who, I am SO EXHAUSTED I will REALLY be happy when it is time to go to bed! :) One more thing! I get to see my roommates tomorrow!! I'm SO excited to see them and give them my presents! I hope they like me! Because I think they are amazing. Oh and the Ke$ha concert is all sold out :( so no Ke$ha concert for me. Boo

not so many hugs and kisses,

ps. Today's post title was brought to you by one of my favorite songs called Bachata en Fukuoka by Juan Luis Guerra.

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