Sunday, November 27, 2011

Go to hell Kenneth!... Why thank you sir :)

Go to Hell Kenneth!... Why thank you sir :)

Well... It's that time of year again, where I actually blog :) So many things have happened since I last did. First off my situation  at work got SO much worse. I mean I feel like I was literally being held under water until I finally had to burst open and bring all sorts of drama into my life. I was harassed at work, yes you read that right, harassed! can you believe that? Doesn't bullying end when you are in elementary school? and all this time I was wrong... Now I have grown in MANY ways but I still don't know how to stand up to someone, and I have a feeling I won't learn for a while... hopefully will never have to. It got to a point where I couldn't sleep at night, I lost my appetite, and all I could think of was dreading work. In one of my previous posts I had listed all the things I needed to remember before I got a different job. I feel as though if I would have followed those I would have been saved from most if not ALL my heartache... sometimes I hate myself!
I did however gain lots of good things from this horrible black butterfly in my life. First off, I learned to let things slide off my back... something I had desperately wanted to master and well know after a refiners fire I am much closer than I ever was. Secondly, letting people go.
Now this is HUGE for me. I have always had issues with letting people go. I feel as though I am closer to being more mature about the whole, saying goodbye thing, still hard though.
When I left my job {rather unexpectedly} I left SO MANY people behind that i got along with SO well... :( and this made me very sad. But I realized that this needed to happen for my personal well being. It was hard but I survived, right?
Another thing I learned is, stop trying to be the best! When I started at this job I REALLY wanted to be great at it, I was willing to give it my all, and I ended up leaving a sour taste in my supervisors mouth. Not because I didn't do the job right, or because I didn't work hard enough. But because I wanted so badly to be friends with the people I worked with and because I wanted to be the next best thing. I realize now that If I would have just tried my best and left it at that  I would have been an excellent employee. Like Cori, I met a girl there while I was working who is pretty dang cool! You wouldn't believe it but she's actually really quite, but she left a big impact on me! She is basically the most easy person I have ever met to get along with and she is REALLY nice. She worked as a Dental Assistant for 3 years! And she is still completely normal. She saved up half her tuition for school with her husband by being super frugal! She so dang cute and she is perfect in every way! {at least I think so!}
Friends will rise naturally when they need to. I'm pretty Sure that Abby Cruz {Shown below}

Was a blessing sent from the Lord. I bet he knew that I would need a good dependable friend to help me through the hard times I had at work and picked abby because he knew she would fit like a glove. Thank you Lord :) But she is a perfect example of how friends will naturally come to you, no need to hunt them down, just be cool when you are around them and don't share too much about your personal life with them!I supposse for now my best of friend will be Wyatt.

Like Phil and lupe! They are great :) We haven't hung out with them as much as I would like to cuz they have a baby. But they make me terribly happy and am honored to be friends with them!
Things have been SO happy lately, I'm listening to christmas music lately, and I like it!

I had a HUGE sigh of relief when I quit my job. Suddenly the world didn't seem so gloomy like it normally did! I have been doing some renovations such as my coffe table, the one I bought on ksl for 20 bucks! take a look :)

One of the many excapades I have enjoyed with my parents. Living with them has sort of been a blast. I am going to be sad when we move and my mom and I won't be able to chill out all the time and do whatever we like. We have had such good times together I don't want to take any of it for granted!

Another kind of fun thing that happened is that I saw Chelsea Robinson from high school the other day at Nordstrom. As ususal she looked perfect and beautiful. it was so great talking to her! regretably I felt super embarrassed to talk to her and didn't want to talk about me because I'm sort of a loser {or at least I feel like it...}. Anywho she told me that she was up at Utah State College getting her MBA! Masters of Business Degree. Could she get any cooler? Not only is she brilliant and beautiful but she is getting her MBA, this really made me want to be like her !

When I was close to having a melt down my mom told me something very wise I hope to never forget! She told me that I am always worrying about something. And it isn't healthy! not for my marriage, me, or anyone for that matter. She told me that If I were to concentrate all that brain power on thinking of ways to improve myself that I would be totally rad {not that I wasn't already}. She had a point! So from now on I am going to focus all my attention on improving me! not wasting a single moment on silly things, or stressing about things! So I am going to focus my attention on being like the lovely ladies I look up to. Such as Chelsea Robinson, mentioned above and...

Monica Ship, she is not only mexican but she is totaly accomplished too! She is also married { It's actually really hard to do things while being married... or at least i think it is!}. She tutored me in english for a while and she went to BYU. She is now at freaken Columbia University in NYC! yes you heard it right, NYC!

Lastly Chelcie Todd. She is mentioned on another blog post. But I still think she is pretty awesome and secretly admire her from a distance! T.A. for my Refugee class Kelsey Carter, is now in law school. Married, bachelors of public health, masters of public health, and now a lawyer, BOOM!}

So my new goals are as follows...
1. spend energy on improving me not worrying about silly things
2. get to the best possible body I can be and stay there....
3. Treat Wyatt like the best friend he is and apply Dr Laura's advice more often
4. Cook more :)
5. Be a good employee and make it through work without making enemies
6. Get A's in my classes to be on my way to Dental Hygiene!
7. Get into Dental Hygiene school...
8. Be frugal!
9. Be kind to others
10. more churchee
11. let things go
12. Be terribly happy :)

In other news thanksgiving was two days ago, and it was pretty good. We woke up EARLY to watch 30 rock, our new show. Then we sort of took a nap (wyatt did, I just wallowed in self pitty and hated on my inability to sleep during the day). Had a breakdown and a migrane, wyatt recommended some Loritab (he had left over from his toothache) .. I was hesitant because the migrane wasn't that bad and I had an empty stomach. He convinced me to take it. We went to his parents house ate thanksgiving dinner... I felt REALLY naucious and eventually hurled three times in Linda's bathroom. Like on her carpet, door, floor and wall! Wyatt was  kind enough to clean it all up while I laid on the couch and recovered.  Lounged around and felt sick again. Vomited like 6 times in the downstairs bathroom and wyatt held my hair back {true love}. Decided we would go black friday shopping and our nightwent as follows

*got to walmart at 7 to get a nintendo wii for 100$ bucks! Still felt naucious waiting in line, but held a box. I was also sneaky and got other things before we were allowed to touch them!
* Stood around from 10-12pm to get our blueray dvd disk player, I thought I was going to die! I got mobbed!!
*Ran over to Kohls and averted a 21/2 hour line!
* went to the mall and got a scarf a gap
*Went to target
*crashed at home.
We spent WAY too much money, but we had SO much fun. I have a picture but it's late and I will post it later. Here is a list of what we bought

Lastly! This morning when I woke up I smelt it! Yes it was there! I felt it, that special feeling that comes every other year or so {no one else understands what I'm talking about but that's ok}. It made me extremely happy I got up and made breakfast with my mom to christmas music! The feeling only lasted for about an hour but it made me SOO SO SO happy. I wanna know what that is and I want to feel it more... whatever it is. Then we made chicken noodle soup and cake. We then all decorated the christmas tree. Wyatt and I then set up our wii, I couldn't wait till christmas! I know we should have though... oops!



Ps. Today's title is from 30 rock, and I love the picture with the heart and the hourglass. don't was a second!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

So I wanted to blog about some things that have been happening because I realize I have been focusing a little too much on the negative and missing out on all the great things that have been happening!! From now on I am going to blog about the great things going on! :)
So lets see Monday I can't quite remember what happened but on Tuesday I left work a little early because I felt sick {miserably sick} .Afterwards Wyatt and I went to Zupas :) yummy! Lets see wednesday I can't remember what I did, probably something with my mom. Thursday was a great day! My mom took me to lunch, aka the park for lunch. I LOVE it when she does that... she picks me up and makes everything seem great! I was SO giddy thursday night to go home. It was amazing, I was like bursting with happiness! I went home and I didn't even hurry because I knew wyatt would be home all night. So I went home and watched all our favorite shows with wyatt. Friday I got up and did some dental assisting and I must say I did great! I was actually sitting in the chair and everything! I had something happen at work that I thought would do me in, but miraculously I realized it was out of my controll and decided not to worry about it. Then wyatt and I went to go sign our lease for the apartment we want in salt lake! on the 4th floor! score! Then my mom and I went home and got the paint to make my coffee table! Marco and emily came over and I will have to continue this post later! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shut up and drink your koolaid

This will be a quick post but I thought I should squeeze it in there...lets see since i last blogged I...

*Started a Dental Assisting class- lots of work, but I like it so far.... :) Sometimes I wonder if I will actually like working as one. If I ever do
*We went to Filupes baby blessing and it was wonderful
*went to lunch with filupe
*filupe's baby was born :) should mention that!
*hung out with them multiple times
*went to a dinner at Jatairas
*watched Crazy stupid love (loved it) and the help {loved it} The help really taught me to be more grateful for my life.
*lots of scooter rides with Wydo
*Work got REALLY stressful
*got addicted to pinterest
*went to "Holy cow" boutique in AF
*went to Noodles and co. with Abby and a couple of movies
*went to the melting pot for the first time! {delish}
*made a version of melting pot of my own... and many other things....

Anywho needless to say life is good, however I left one thing off my list

*Had a nervous breakown of epic proportions
this one makes me nervous. I haven't had one of these since I was first married and it was about WORK and not getting enough sleep beforehand! I cried all last night! Crazy, right? I have big issues with stress and everyj ob I go to my stress runs HIGH. There are a couple things I have realized/done that should help me with this

*first of- I shouldn't go to work to make friends
*people at work don't always want be my friends, and that's ok
*work is JUST work, I go there to make money, nothing else
*work is NOT my life
* once I leave work I shouldn't dwell on it
*I should share less about my life, cuz, people probably don't care to know {and that's a good thing}
*lastly, work again is NOT my life, I have a life outside of work, i do. I need to remember that. Work is a short period in the scheme of my entire life.

Another thing I hope will help is just managing my stress! last friday I went and rented the books "How to stop worrying and start living" and "stop complaining and start living". First one by dale carnagie and second by dr. laura  I am going to write down somethings I have learned{I haven't started reading the second yet}

*I have to compartelize my days, like in big cruise boats. Where big steel walls go up and don't let water seep in to other rooms. Yesterday I am not going to worry about cuz it is gone, tomorrow isn't here, so today Is really ALL that I am guaranteed. I won't let work and home seep in either. I'm going to put up my thick steel walls
* Life is too short to be little- I really need to not let the little things get me down. I've gotta forget about them and let them be.
*If I'm stressed about something ask myself "What's the worst that can happen" then prepare to accept it and then make a plan of how I'm going to handle it IF it comes and then forget it.
*carefully weigh decisions out, once I have done so get busy and don't look back!
*keep myself busy! then I won't have time to worry
*accept what life has given me and move on {like... I wish I would have studied dental hygiene before the bachelors I have... didn't happen like that, oh well move one :) } Besides I got a degree from the Y baby!
*Don't worry about things that will probably never happen.
*don't compare my life with others. I have a good one I'm not in debt I'm not hungry and I have my health!
*let myself be happy in the now! Sometimes I can't enjoy wyatt as much cuz I'm so concerned with stress. I would hate to look back years from now and realize that I wasted all this time with wyatt on stresses from work or someone who cut me off on the road or whatever!

I am basically trying to take huge doses of "Chill pills"

Lastly I need to comment on how sweet wyatt has been. He truly is amazing and number one! He gets home late and doesn't get to sleep that much. But one day he came home {like 1 am} and my feet had been hurting. He massaged my feet for what seemed like forever and then my back and I cried cuz I thought it was so sweet of him and (I'm dramatic when I'm tired) and when I asked him why he did that he said {cuz I love you and want you to be happy} I heart him. Last night when I had my mental breakdown it was anguish for both of us. Neither of us could sleep. But today when I asked him if he hated me he said "No way! don't worry about last night i'm over it". Thank the Lord for the wonderful Wyatt I have been given :) he makes me happy when I can't make myself happy. {and when I ask him why he is so nice to me (cuz marriage wasn't always peaches!) he says "Because it's my job as a Wyatt and as a priesthood holder" I know it sounds cheesy but that makes me love him SO MUCH MORE! While some men would use the "Priesthood" as a means to be mean, wyatt understands his responsibility so differently and he legitimately believes that one of his duties as a Priesthood holder is to help me be the happiest I can be, emotionally, mentally, and physically. How cute is that?}

k that's all!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stinky Pinky

So as of lately I have had many "conclusiones"... I don't exactly know how good I will be at writting all my thoughts down but I will try.
I struggle SO much with my self esteem, mainly because I am a shadow of the overacheving, pretty, friendly girl I once was. It's hard for me to think about that and how I haven't done too well at that. It is hard to keep my chin up when I remember this, and I know that Wyatt is always telling me that I don't half to save the world to feel good about myself... which I have actually come to find out is necessary for my happiness... now I can't seem to understand why on earth i would go from being pretty cool to not being cool at all... basically. I just can't seem to find an excuse for that... So this thought has been eating away at me for quite some time... but I feel like I have finally awoken from this sad slumber of poor self image and self esteem. I mean FREAK God gave me SO much to work with, I mean if you look at my history I have been good at anything I have tried... so what's my excuse? Wyatt keeps telling me that I need to develop a better self-esteem... which I find extremely hard... I mean where do you get that?! It's not like it just grows on trees! But finally, today I believe, and a little bit of friday... I have come to realize I have nothing to complain about! I have truly a wonderful life! on Pinterest I read a quote that says "Don't let comparison ruin your happiness" how true that is, I should have that tattooed to the back of my eyelids. I have been feeling so jealous of some girls that I feel have been handed everything in life. But when I was blog stalking one of them I realized that this particular girl would probably be happy poor OR rich, because she is just so happy to be around! It was startling to me! I am lacking NOTHING in my life to be amazing... I should be just as happy (or sad I guess) as the richest man in the world (or woman... sorry I'm tired).
First off Wyatt is SO SUPPORTIVE, he's my number one fan! he wipes my tears away (he thinks their gross) :) and he has been feeding my self worth since before we got married, He bought me a prime rib dinner on friday! just cuz I had never tried it! Lets face it he is my sunshine when clouds are gray.
My mom is also extreemly supportive, she is an amazing friend and support)... she has always thought I could do anything I wanted to and I know that I can look to her for support.
Lastly, one fan I hardly ever acknowledge is the Lord. He really does try to give me things that make me happy and even though i haven't gotten to know him as well as I (or he) would like to, I still have faith in the quiet member of my fan club. I need to work on this relationship, because I am sure that when i unlock that friendship my possibilities truly are endless.... With his help you can do many things.... hmm interesting. Anyways...
I believe that this is the begining of a whole new Cindy. A cindy who isn't dependant on whether or not her las name is Almaraz or Anthony (I know it's been two years and I'm STILL adjusting) ... a new Cindy who is AWESOME, and not by the standards of anyone else but myself and my fan club. I met the famous Chelsei Todd the other day and yes in case you are wondering she IS as pretty as she looks in this picture below...
Yes, I know she is gorgeous! Now this girl was a Jazz Cheerleader AND a student at UCDH at the same time, impossible? I would think so... she is EXTREEMLY nice, down to earth and actually real. And even when you think she can't get anybetter, SHE CAN! She just got accepted in to Dental school... freakin DENTAL school! No big deal "I'm pretty, intelligent, kind, and REAL". after I met her I rubbed the stars out of my eyes, made a note to self to add her as a friend on facebook, and decideed that by the time I was her age (26? 27?) I wanted to be like her! I believe I can be... and I will.


ps. stinky pinky makes wyatt and I laugh nonstop, the first time I heard in on Youtube with Wyatt we about died...Wyatt, I love you

Monday, August 15, 2011

I need a horse!

I have so much to be grateful for! My life has been pretty darn good. Wyatt today did all the laundry, folded it, and even made the bed!! He was so sweet to do all of that. I know that we don't always have a perfect life but we are really getting better at. Wyatt makes it SO easy to be nice to and want to do things for! Work has been hectic to say the least, and it's not easy to get up early. I'm actually getting a little burnt out. Especially because Leah has been gone so long it's hard to do two peoples work.
But I mean I really can't complain. Wyatt has been so sweet to me. I love him so much. I can barely stand it sometimes. I really actually cry at night sometimes because I love him so much! Total night and day difference from a few months ago!
 Life has been nice hanging out with Wyatt or my mom. The two people who are my bestest friends!
Wyatt and I went to go watch Thor again on saturday and had popcorn and a coke, which we never do. We also went to that super expensive crepe place, way overrated. and overpriced.
Oh yeah... lauren got married as well. It was special to be there. I love her : ) I also got to hang out with Sarah a little.


ps. today's quote was brought to you by none other than Thor himself! :)
pp. We started playing stinky pinky together and it's actually kind of fun

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My period will now be officially referred to as Shark Week

So lately nothing too big has happened. Just still working and trying to figure out what it is that I want with life. Wyatt has been working from 6:30 to 11:30 pm and it's tough! I miss him so much and I feel as though I never get to see him :(

Luckily my mom has been around a lot. We spend every evening together and she makes things better like...

*She picks me up for lunch at the park- totally makes my day
*We shop in the afternoon
*We've done crafts

So many other things I can't even begin telling you how much fun I've had with her. But I sure miss my man !


ps. today quote comes from pinterest, apparently the uterus looks like a sharks brain. Genius!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I would rather have breast milk than a million melons!

So surprisingly it hasn't been that long since I last blogged. I am happy to report that my expedition to becoming rubber is going better than I thought it would. For example today {work basically blew up and two students were kind of badgering Leah and I} while I did get worked up, I didn't get as worked up as I would have. When I felt myself getting worked up I said to myself "this is your chance to not let things bother, this is your chance to be more like rubber" and I did it! I was definitely more like rubber.So that's happy news! In other news I am thinking about taking a Dental Assisting class. I figured it could be useful in the long run. So I am looking into that, however I would have to pick either that or R.O.C. if they'll even let me do that. If I am made to choose between the two I might pick R.O.C.  Just hopefully I would be able to get along with everyone.
My mom and I had a good conversation about not letting petty things bother us today. which was very necessary towards the end of work. I realized that I really need to change my attitude or else I'll never be happy! There will always be little annoying things in life. The trick is I need to not let them bother me so much. I need to choose to be happy instead of mad. Anywho I think that's about it for today.



ps. today's quote was brought to you by this creepy 8 year old I saw on a youtube video today who is still breast feeding! ew!

P.p.S. Yes as you can see in the above picture (fall 2008) Wyatt and I did indeed break the honor code. I let him in my room... we are sinners

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm rubber and you're glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you

So It's been quite a while since I last blogged this has been for a combination of reasons. first and foremost I am just plain lazy. Secondly I haven't exactly felt well about myself .Anyways we have A LOT of catching up to do. Sadly I won't be able to remember everything with exact detail but hopefully I'll remember enough...

Funny... I just had dejavu... odd. anywho so I think I blogged about graduation... So it looks like I actually caught you up on quite a bit. So I will just add pictures :) For example my 21 birthday... Below are pictures of the roses and the cute birdie my Wyatt bought me!

Isn't this bird SUPER cute? He's way fluffy and fat as well, my favorite!
I love when Wyatt gets me flowers. Especially when he has them sent to me at work.

We went to Chilis and then to Kung Fu panda to celebrate my birthday!

Lupe is having her baby in like two weeks!
So as you can see we have been having fun! Since then we have also had a carne asada with Phil and lupe and hung out with them for various other reasons... so much fun! Gone out to sushi a couple of times. Had Annika come stay with us for a week! sadly it was raining the entire time she was here BOO but I loved seeing her all the time. She taught me a lot.

Other than that lets see... We ate a lot of sushi and... we went to Hawaii!! Kua'i to be exact! It was so exciting and while there was one or two roughe patches but the rest was freaking amazing! THANK YOU!  The picture at the top is from Hideaway beach! an amazing beach. We also went waterfall jumping, we went on a boat ride on the napali coast, a lua'a and so many AWESOME things! It was really just awesome to spend all that time with Wyatt. He was a complete gem! He washed our clothes so I wouldn't have to worry about it. He also was SUPER kind to me and tried hard to make sure I was happy. I also read a book called "the Proper care and feeding of husbands" It totally rocked my world.

Here we are at a waterfall! we actually got to hike down to it and swim in it! The water wasn't even that cold. It was a breathtaking experience though!
Our Lu'a was fun too.
The beach we went to our last day at hawaii! so pretty the water was warm and it was clear, truly breathtaking!
Just us at the rental home.
The sunset at the napali coast, boat ride.
Our first boat ride as a married couple! we were so happy there!
Tunnels beach
Farmers market, always fun.

Last but not least, Queens Bath. I wish I could have seen this one more time, it was WAY pretty. Just plain fun to swim in too. Basically hawaii was awesome!!

Moving on to something else. As I mentioned before I read a book called the proper care and feeding of husbands and it blew me away! it really did. this book is amazing {I hope I didn't loose it... I don't know where it is off the top of my head}.
This book has completely changed the way I think! The woman is amazing! she kind of points the finger at women, instead of men. Anyways needless to say I tried to follow her directions to a T and it definitely paid off! I had broken Wyatt's hard candy shell and he was oozing with love and goodness! I really am going to try and make it a point to treat wyatt better. Because I really do love him and he's my best friend.

I have a new job! This may or may not surprise you. I work for the Utah college of dental hygiene. I'm sort of a secretary. but believe me it's not all that easy! Some, well most, of the girls there are spoiled brats! it's hard to deal with their attitude and demands.

 However, it really makes me want to grow a thicker skin. Sort of not care what they think and not let what they say about me ruin me. Because currently it does. Sad, I know. I love the people I work with. Jeanine, the girl who trained me did an excellent job. What I loved is that she gave me an in depth social training. as if she told me things about people that I should know, in their life. Sometimes I wish she was still around so I could learn to do things the way she did them. Maria was crazy so they let her go, although I was absolutely amazed at how well I could keep my cool, when she would go nutzo. {now why can't I do that with other people...?} Finally Leah, my other half at work. I'm so happy to have her! We get along super well and have even hung out together as well! She's my friend and I am proud to say it! This job has definitely tempted me. I think I am going to pursue a degree in Dental Hygiene...where? I don't know... but I know for sure that's what I want to do now. Sometimes It makes me mad to think that it took me this long to get to this decision. However after having a heart to heart with Abby, a dental assistant in the college dental, I realized that it's never too late to go for something you want.

Finally, Wyatt and I have been doing well. Wyatt started his job in Hystology and he LOVES it! It's a huge relief to me to know that he likes it. He has also started his application process into Duke. It would be SO awesome if we went there.

In other news, I am going to see Sam tomorrow! I'm going to try to come back to BYU as a non degree seeking student. I hope I'm not too late to do it. I really had no idea how to do it and was in denial about being an alumnus. I'm going to try and take anatomy again and hopefully do really well in it. I'm thinking about joining ROC though the thought of seeing any of the people from my job at multicultural student services mortifies me.

I also took re-wedding pictures. It was way exciting! I can't wait to see them!

Anyways this has been long enough. You are now all caught up with my life, basically. Hopefully I will keep better track of it now.


Cindy Lou

ps. my title today is a sad, pathetic, yet funny truth about me. I'll try to work on being more like rubber and less like glue.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My son saved China, you too can save buy one dumpling get one free!

So basically I was awake today and just thinking. I got this great light bulb moment and I figured I would write it down as best as I could remember.

Wyatt's a champ and exemplifies what a worthy husband should be...

He Provides for me-
I know I am technically the breadwinner at the moment. But it won't always be like that! If I'm hungry he'll provide me a grilled cheese sandwich too haha.

He Protects me-
Wyatt protects me in a lot of little ways. For instance, sometimes he will go out to the car to fetch something I have forgotten so I don't have to be outside at night. He sleeps closest to the door so as to be able to hear anything suspicious and protect me. He has walks on the outside of the sidewalk. If he reads something terrible in the news he'll keep it to himself so as to not distress me.

He Presides-
There is probably no one else in the world that tries to life my self esteem like Wyatt. He is concerned for my spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. He feels that this is a responsibility he carries and strives to do whatever he can to do it well. When we were first married I struggled a lot with the idea of being equals. I never knew wives were equal in value, or in the eyes of God until Wyatt taught me. He constantly told me how special I was to the Lord and what great worth I had in his plan. He bought me books, took me to see people who would be able to answer any question I had about my worth. It is because of him and my efforts to gain a testimony that I am a happy member of the church.

I feel so Lucky to have a husband who is always looking to raise me up. I am so grateful for him and hope that I can show that in my actions.

Moving on, we have a lot to catch you up on! So first off my birthday! 21 Years of age now! on the day of my birthday Wyatt tried to play las "mananitas" for me. My mom had left me a present & it was one that I REALLY wanted! When I was at work lots of people said happy birthday and were kind! Two students brought me a cupcake and a man walked through the door with beautiful roses and a stuffed animal! It was a yellow bird for me from Wyatt! That night when I got home we didn't really do anything. I was tired! But later on Saturday we went to see Kung Fu Panda, again, with Phil & Lupe {we love hanging out with them}. We also went out to dinner. The Sunday after that we had a picnic with my parents and played games like badmitton, volleyball, and bocci ball. It was really fun. {however no one sang happy birthday to me!! it was tragic}

We also just went on a date to wingers and to the Movie X-men. And boy was it good!
Went out to Ice cream with grant and his wife.
Went out to eat with grant and his wife & afterward watched a movie "Thor!" and to eat at "la dolce vida"
Ate sushi, A LOT! :) we are sushi people now.
Went to noodles & company to celebrate.....

Wyatt got the Pathology Tech job! Yay :) He was so excited, I was excited for him! I am so happy he got it, I think he needed it to push through this semester, it's been tough.

I have to talk about myANONAME JEANS!! :) yes they costed a fortune but they were my anniversary/birthday gift, and are amazing! THANK YOU!! They are super comfy and fit like a dream.

I haven't worn them yet! waiting for a special occasion! Or at least a good hair day!

We are going to hawaii on thursday!! should be amazing and fun to spend time with my hunny.

Wyatt and I have been getting a long great lately and it makes me oober happy. I hope things keep going well and I'll let the good times roll!

That's all for today.


ps. today's quote was brought to you by "Po's" dad : )