Sunday, December 5, 2010

You party pooer

Today was an excellent day! Very few times have I had such an amazing sunday, so lets start off. As you saw earlier today my saturday had been horrible, to be honest I thought it was nearing the end of the world, BUT then my day did a complete 180 degree turn. After I had a hard morning, messy too {my house is a MESS}. My mom and I ran to her ward {At least I think it is her ward} We were half an hour late, but we decided to go anyways, and it was EXCELLENT. I mean where do I start off? Most {many around me} look down on spanish wards, because they don't see them as good as english, but man it was BETTER! I felt so at home, I felt so relaxed. It was loud there were lots of people talking, children crying, and even ringtones going off, but it made me have to work to listen to the people bearing their Testimony. There were a lot of Testimonies on Joseph Smith and Tithing. The members there have such sweet spirits my soul was so happy! After sacrament meeting we went to Gospel Doctrine, and we learned about Daniel. I had no idea that Daniel in the Lion's Den was the same person that was thrown into the fire with mishak and abindigo, I can't remember the other ones. Shadrack! But it was good, we learned how important it was to stand up for the gospel and be an example to others around us. It was so great, the members there were so sincere, they had nothing to hide, some shared stories about when they drank coffee, alcohol, and when they smoked. It was so refreshing to be around wonderful, simple, sincere, sweet members. I feel like the last couple of wards I have been in the people in the wards, while they are nice, I feel like I have to compete with them, but I was so happy in church again, I had forgotten how good it could feel to go to all three meetings, and they actually went by pretty quickly too!
In Relief Society, which felt like what Relief Society should feel like, we talked about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon on a daily basis, it really touched me. On top of the great lesson given, this sweet sister talked to us how important it was to read the Book of Mormon. She said that if we had forgotten to eat one morning that all day we would not feel good. She said that our spirit is the same way, we can't just not eat {read the scriptures}. She said that if we aren't properly satisfied {fed? healthy?} we can take multi-vitamins to help our body to get back and be healthy. So she gave us Multivitamins but in scripture style! it really touched me she packed 30 of them so that we can develop a good habit of studying the scriptures, as a sneak peak I'll tell you what tomorrows multi-vitamin will be!

2 Timoteo 3:15; I'm so excited :)

That's about it!



P.S. Today's post title was brought to you by my Brother Hoss. A real estate Agent was typing something on his facebook status and he wrote "you party Pooer!" instead of "Party popper" I think I had something funnier, but I forgot what it was...

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