Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yahoo Suckers!

Anywho this post will be a quick one! life is SO crazy right now, I am behind in what seems like ALL of my classes, and I never have enough time to do anything, even sleep {story of a student life}. but I did watch the movie Radio Flyer the other day and had mixed feelings about it....
*first off what type of kids are aware of their financial situation? I was really pleased with that in the movie but thought it was EXTREMELY unrealistic. {ex. "Mom can't afford that! put it back!}
*how the heck did they use a wagon to fly to china??
* If my kid flew away in a wagon I think I would go crazy, lots of people would, he never goes to college, gets an education or anything! Does he even have a girlfriend...? So many questions unanswered.
I made food yesterday {yes I know amazing} I made pico de gallo, steak, and tortillas, and rice! yahoo! Things with Wyatt and I are starting to look brighter and boy has it been refreshing. So far I have tried out my "multi-viatamin" challenge one day, and was pleased with it's results, 29 more to go! I have to run to english, I may or may not update this post later... :)

Saddest story of all of this? I missed GG yesterday :(

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