Friday, December 10, 2010

So this week has been pretty horrible but I thought that I should at least blog about the fun things that I have done this week because really I have so here goes...

*Monday- I went to work and then afterwork I met with my Kennedy Center presentation group to plan what and how we were going to say for our presentation on Tuesday. Afterwards I went to my mom's house and probably did something fun with Annika, I can't exactly remember at the moment, darn. It was probably today that we went to the riverwoods, because they finally ended their construction and walked around. We went on a fun chariot ride and then we had some hot chocolate.
*Tuesday- I went to work and afterward did my little presentation and got roasted, literally people were really rude to us, so we didn't exactly know our entire presentation, MY BAD.
*Wednesday- All hell broke loose, I moved out of where Wyatt and I were living and in with my parents. Luckily, my parents were especially understanding and they really helped me out. It might have been Tuesday when we went to the mall and rode the little train thing with Annika, that made us happy.
*Thursday- I was a little more settled in, I went to work and then afterwards came back home, Wyatt wanted to take me out on a date, so we went out for lunch. then afterwards I went home to Annika and My mom. I know we must have done something fun, but really my mind has been stuck on the same thing for ages now so I can think of little else, nor remember really what has gone on. Ah I remember now! We went to Chuck E Cheese! I am so happy that Annie had something to distract her because she was really starting to miss her parents, can't blame her. After that I asked my mom to take me to see my Grandma Anthony. I got there right after they took her off the oxygen. Pretty emotional day, there was lots of family there, just to kind of support her. After spending like two hours there, some of us went out to dinner at Mawali's pizza, which is probably my most favorite restaurant at the moment it's delicious!
*Friday- my last day at work :( after that I ran over to my english class and did my eval and found out that I was going to get an "A" in the class. Yahoo! Once again i went out to eat lunch with Wyatt. Then I came back to my mom's house, and we kind of just hung around the house getting settled in cuz we had a bunch of junk that we had to move around. After a long day we went out to Mawali's Pizza again.

*Saturday- We woke up and ran over to willow lane to pick up my AWESOME nightstand, it's SO freaking cute! I'm happy it's here. After that we went to the University Mall for a little bit, then headed over to the sandy south town mall so that Annika could ride the caurossel horses. After that we went to another mall to have dinner. I forgot how disgusting chick- fill- A was. Gross. Then we went to Thanksgiving points and saw the lights. That was basically what we have done with the week, not all bad. I actually did a lot of fun things, mostly eat out, which I love I love food.

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