Thursday, December 2, 2010

Missionaries don't deserve to be trusted

 Wow, what can I say, these last few days have been hellish, I don't even want to really talk about it, I just somehow want to get through it, I guess. It has been totally insane and crazy, but I think I might make it through alive, the fires of hell might of burn off one of my eyebrows, but that's okay I can live with one.
I guess instead of going over all the crazy hell parts that happened the past couple of days I'll mention some highlights, there were some

* My mom made me hot chocolate milk and pancakes for breakfast yesterday. Hooray! Being an adult is overrated...
* My work party {Kids Stop} was SO much fun, I am really happy I made the decision I did to work at AF I truly belong there and absolutely love everyone I work with {Even my Boss!! When does that happen?!}
*When working on Wednesday I was in the infant room & I got to hold the CUTEST baby ever for a while and even though I was going through hell this little baby boy made me so happy and I just held him and hugged him forever!
* The same night this silly  little girl went "Fire in the Hole!" {a Tim Griffin thing} and spit out this HUGE loogie, it was disgusting but oh so funny.
* I won a 50$ gift certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs! Thank you Taza, you really are a Rockstar.
* My lap top got a brand new keyboard part to it, because it was chipping, yes!
*I became addicted to the song, the dog days are over :) By the Glee Cast
*I also became addicted to the song "forget you" by the Glee Cast
*I caught up on Glee and boy did it bring sunshine to my life :)
*Laughing until my stomach hurt in the Library about Ryan Krauss' obsession with Taylor swift
*Laughing about Lisa Wade saying "Spotted, T. Swift celebrating her birthday with a BYU student" Sounding JUST LIKE Gossip Girl.
*Watching Gossip Girl
*Eating at Sammy's

And that's about it...



PS. Today's Post title was brought to you by Ryan Krauss when talking about whether Missionaries should be able to use Facebook or not, which they are actually looking into letting them do. They would have 1 WHOLE hour on Facebook a day, to keep in touch with Investigators.

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