Sunday, December 5, 2010

I say **** the man in the sky!

Wow, these past few days have been crazy, I don't know what to say... really I don't. I literally feel like my life was turned upside down and shaken around. I'm frustrated and confused by everything.

So many questions I have been asking myself as of lately.... Can I do this? Can I make it happen? Is it worth it to me? I'm in a really difficult part of life right now, and it's really wearing on me. I am happy and grateful to have the support of my mom, I couldn't do anything without her... Without her I would feel lonely 24/7! My Heavenly Father has also proven to be quite the supporter and has championed me time and time again.
Let's see last time I posted I talked about, on Friday I went to work, and it was really quiet and I enjoyed it, If it had been crazy I don't think I would have been able to put up with life, After I got out of work I watched Glee, which made me SO happy, I made it to the last twenty minutes of Spanish then I walked aimlessly hoping that I would have a friend to see or talk to... but no one, so I went to my mom's work and ate the rest of her Cafe Rio salad, which brought me a substantial amount of happiness... I waited for my mom to be done, then we went home and then after that I went home and went to sleep. Saturday wasn't that much better, I did however, hang out with my mom which made my life brighter. { As a side note, is it sad to say that I don't think I could pass the GED if I had to take it? Sad}. Anyways I'm hanging out with my mom today as well, like I said THANK HEAVENS for her, we really are each others best friends, I couldn't make it without her...

P.S. Today's post title was brought to you by "The Invention of the Lie" In a scene where people were first being introduced to the "Man in the Sky" and had mixed feelings about him.
P.S.S. I miss my friends.

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