Monday, December 20, 2010

!Ay Virgensita De Guadalupe Illuminame!!

So, as you may, or not, be able to deduce, I am the Queen of Internal struggles, My king you ask? why Anikan Skywalker of course, we live quite happy in our kingdom torn apart by civil war. Okay, all jokes aside, I really am the queen of internal struggles, I wish I wasn't but what can I say we were all handed our rightful trials when we came here did we not? Mine just happens to be this one. Anyways, so as of late my internal struggle has based itself on what should seem to be not an internal struggle at all. Wyatt and I are doing better, we spent all day together today and it seemed to be promising for the future, however one thing still kind of doted in my mind. What am I? What type of a relationship do I want to be? What type of woman do I want to be? Do I want to be the sweet innocent Audrey Hepburn or a Sassy Meg?

I think both are great, but really do I want to be a type of Damsel in distress? Sweet, quite? That's not really me. But then there are people like Taza who seem to be a mix of them both. I want to be the type of girl that Wyatt can't help but to want to be with because they are just so dang sweet. But it's SOO HARD! Like today, we woke up at 8:30am and didn't leave the house until 6 pm. For me that is TORTURE, really, but I tried to be nice because I thought we all had to sacrifice right?

I want a romance like on Slumdog Millionaire. And it just so happens that she falls under the Audrey Hepburn category, so boom, they live happily ever after. Will I ever get to travel? Will I ever get to have fun again? Wyatt hates dancing!! Anyways, among that I am having more internal struggles. But anyways. I think that is enough venting for today. That felt good to get out though. And another thing, I still struggle with the last name Anthony. For one reason or another I am just annoyed that I have to sacrifice my very identity and I feel like Wyatt doesn't care!



PS. Today's post title was brought to you by my very own mother, when we were watching and joking about a show called "La Rosa de Guadalupe" I guess we use the term {In the post} whenever we are faced with a problem so I guess in this case I would say "Ay! Virgensita de Guadalupe, Iluminame que pueda sentirme mejor y ayuda me con mi matrimonio!!"

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