Saturday, December 18, 2010

They say evil never sleeps... maybe that's why I'm so tired all the time

Wow, where to start. I can honestly say that this week has been absolutely insane, in so many ways. I am not going to lie when I say that these past two weeks have been pretty horrible. Wyatt and I are still learning how to be married, but we will come out stronger, I'm sure of it.

First and foremost. My sweet Grandma Anthony died, words cannot express how sweet she was to me. I remember the first day I met my grandma, I was wearing my red skirt and my new black shirt, Wyatt had come to pick me up for our date because we were just barely dating. My sweet grandma just thought I was one of the sweetest girls around. Mind you I have never had a grandma so I got excited about grandma from day one! I cried so much her last couple of hours, I didn't know what I would do without her. I almost panicked at the thought of not having a grandma. I feel like she just came into my life. She made being an "Anthony" really worth it. Yesterday at about 4 they {including her} decided that it would be best to let her go, she was doing so well I didn't think that she would leave just yet. As we sat in her room remembering her, and the fun times we had with her, someone mentioned how there would never be another "Grandma Anthony" quite like her, but then they all came to the consensus that I would be the next best thing, and that was beyond flattering. It broke my heart to say goodbye to my grandma. she said she loved me one last time, and that was the time we spoke. My Grandma, what will I do without her? She always made sure that she told me that I was pretty or that I was so smart. She was my champion, and now she's not here anymore. I am happy however that she is on the other side, probably happy with her family and her husband with the "beautiful body". I wish her the best, heaven will be a little bit more exciting. I love you Grandma Anthony, and always will.

Here she was at my wedding day, she had given me a diamond of hers so I could have a nice ring, but instead I made it into a necklace, so that I could always keep her close. I really had a meltdown in the car the other day because I thought I had lost it, but luckily Wyatt had it this entire time. I will miss my grandma dearly, she was always so kind to me. I love her and hope to see her on the flip side.

So speaking of wedding check out these pictures!

Doesn't Wyatt look so happy? We were so young and innocent and fun back then. So in love, less to fight about less to worry about. I know that couples everywhere ask themselves this, but can we ever get back there? I know it's only been a year and a half but I feel like our marriage has gone through A LOT.
I remember that Grandma before she died gave Wyatt and I some Marital advice. She said that because we were so young that our marriage would be really hard and that we would have to grow up quickly. Then she paused and, you need to stay young together, like grandpa and I did.

"In order for your marriage to be a happy one you either need to grow up or stay young together forever"
-Derelys Anthony

Anyways in other news, I have done really fun things lately despite the sadness, like one of them has been taking care of my niece! in the picture above. She is SO sweet, and has already taught me so much about life, even though she hasn't been around for much of it!

#1. People will like you a lot more if you are sweet. This is probably a piece of advice I should have learned years ago. I used to be so much more sweet than I am now, and now that I have my sweet testimony back I think I might be able to turn over a new leaf!

#2. Learn to say "It's okay" in an attempt to try to keep her happy since her mommy is gone we took her to the grocery store, and she instantly saw the toy she "had to have" A grocery cart! of all things! We spent like half an hour in the store, when we had to leave she wanted to take the grocery cart with her. It broke my heart and literally made me want to cry but I said "Annie, I can't afford that, we have to leave it here" she quietly and disappointedly said "Oh, Okay". it broke my heart and made me want to get her that grocery cart even more! I will for christmas, even though its freaking 50$! UPDATE: We totally bought it for her as a Christmas present!

#3. Last but not least she softened my heart today. She has this nack of climbing up and down from the kitchen chairs and it was driving me INSANE! So finally today when she was climbing around I said "Annika! enough! that is enough! sit and stay on the chair!" Her eyes welled up in tears and she couldn't keep them in. It killed me because I suddenly realized "Here this two year old has been without her mom, her best friend in the whole world, since Sunday morning, and won't get to see her until Sunday night." I felt like garbage and comforted her.

So those were my lessons learned from Annika, I loved having her around she is so sweet. Thanks to Chrissy Marie Walker we were able to get some extremely adorable pictures of her! Oh hey while I'm here, I found some new bedding that I think is absolutely gorgeous, I want it!
lately I have felt really immature, in a lot of ways and probably won't go into it, but I am tired and I think I might actually go to sleep now. Goodnight.


ps. Today's post was brought to you by Cheryl Snelgrove in Religious Education. She can be a crack up. Also, today was my last day at the Dean's office, I will miss everyone there! I had such a positive experience and I feel like I was placed there by God so that when times would get hard I could lean on the church.

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