Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The worst day ever

 So today I woke up on definitely the WRONG side of the bed! For one I woke up at 4:40 AM, to people walking around upstairs. At first I wondered why the heck people were awake, but then I figured I would try to go to sleep because they must have had a good reason for being up that early! My first thought was Grandma Anthony but instead of waking up and going upstairs to see what was up, I tried getting some more sleep. In protest of it being Wednesday and the lack of sleep I decided that I would not shower and not do my hair or ANYTHING, oddly enough Wyatt talked about how much he loved the way I looked all day. I went to work and that was actually kind of fun, Afterwards I went to my Self Defense class and begged my teacher to help me pass my class. I then proceeded to go to my International Lecture series class & fell asleep and learned NOTHING! I didn't go to my spanish class ( I should have...) because I was SO cranky and annoyed at life.

Even though I sometimes HATE when Wyatt makes me laugh, he always makes me extremely happy. Wyatt  suggested that we get some food in my system to make me happy so he took me to NOODLES & COMPANY! Yay! one of my favorite restaurants. After that I went to work at "kids stop" and had a really good shift with the kids. They were good! After work Wyatt picked me up from work and me, him, and his little brother drove to BYU to watch the basketball game and boy was it a good game, {and I don't even like sports that much} It really was so much fun. {I even got one of those frozen lemonades!} Anyways the worst day EVER turned out to be alright!
Grandma Anthony is in the Hospital & this morning we thought she was going to slip into eternity, (hence the walking around at  4:40 AM) But she decided she wanted to give life another chance and she is back at it! I love Grandma Anthony, she has made me so happy and has been the best grandma I could ask for! Ever since I met her she has adored me and it's pretty difficult not to love someone back who raises you up when you are down.

A note about grandma, she loves BYU football. As in she is passionate about it! It's funny because I've heard that grandpa Anthony really liked it too, however he would sit in his seat and be very serious during the games, grandma on the other hand would bounce around and yell. She's pretty neat.

The worst day ever turned out to be a completely fine day. I think sometimes it's hard to remember how lovely each day is just for being above ground.

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