Monday, November 15, 2010


So last week I was pretty sick with a cold & I suffered greatly because of it! Finally, I started getting better, but then here we go again. I had this lingering cough that would NOT go away! At night it kept Wyatt and I up. Last night was simply horrible! I coughed ALL NIGHT long, so Wyatt decided we would take the car today to school/work. When I got to work I had this uncontrollable cough, it was violent! So when my boss (Lori) got to work, she told me I sounded HORRIBLE, so she sent me home so I could see the doctor. At the doctors office I had a horrible cough attack & my doctor said that he could order a swab for my saliva to figure out whether or not I really had pertussis, but he instead was pretty confident that I had pertussis, so he just started to treat me for it. He prescribed some anti-biotics, cough syrup (with coadine), & some cough suppressants. I went back to work & told my boss "thank-you" for giving me time to see the doctor. She was pretty concerned about me getting better, so she told me not to come back until monday, woot woot! After that I went to see my teacher for 471, to talk about a paper we are writing in the class. I  had a horrible cough attack right outside her office, she cautiously came outside & told me that we could talk via e-mail. (That was nice) I went straight home, because my cough attacks were only getting worse! There was a huge mess when I got home, about my work. If indeed I really had pertussis, they would have to treat all the children, & the employees. Either way I can't come back to work tomorrow, which makes me mad. I feel like I have been such a flake. I really want to show that I'm reliable & loyal. Anyways, after a long time & lots of phone calls I went to UV outpatient lab to do a throat swab, and we will find out in 24-48 hours whether it's positive or negative! hopefully negative, because this is just a mess.

P.S. who even gets whooping cough?! that sounds like something from the 1800's!

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