Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So lately I have been wasting more time than usual on my blog :). It's actually a little frustrating that I can't get it to work... I don't  know where this yellow polka dot background came from, & I have NO idea how to get rid of it! I just want to put the above image as my background! 
In other news today was off to a rough start! This morning was SO hard to wake up to, I haven't had to wake up early for like four days {Also, I hate that I continually use the word "like" or "uhm" so maybe I'll stop doing that}. I literally had to peel my eyes open, when the alarm went off I had to turn the light on to slowly drag my eyes to wake up. But I remembered how I was supposed to give a presentation in my English class on APA formatting. I got up and got dressed & ready {I had taken a shower last night because I knew it would be hard to wake up this morning and take a shower}. I was able to wake up early enough to have my usual eggo waffels & milk and then drive to the transit center & take the bus to BYU. I went to work and tried to work through it so {maybe} it would go by quickly. I then went to lunch with Wyatt, we had to walk somewhere because we didn't have a car. We decided to go to the "malt shop" and have a hamburger. They freaking took forever and a day getting us our food, mainly because there was only one person working there. when they finally called our name Wyatt got up to get us our food and when he brought it back. I had complained that the guy behind the counter had gotten my order wrong. I wanted to complain and ask for my rightful hamburger. Wyatt protested saying that the nice young man had given us two for one and had saved us oodles of money. I ate my hamburger grudgingly, only to find out more than halfway through my meal that I had picked up someone else's food and this other guy had gone without eating and essentially paid for my food. It really wouldn't have been my fault, he didn't even order my meal!
Today has been the LONGEST day I am so emotionally/mentally tired I hate it! Part of me is so ready to be done with school, but then I think that April is my last semester and it makes me sad. Hopefully next semester will be good.
I have been so overwhelmed with school I am definitely ready for a break.



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