Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've known her for seventy

So today was.. hmm let me remember, I went to work and I posted reminders of the staff meeting on lots of peoples (professors) doors. Then I walked around and fixed the bulletin boards. I really was in the office for only about one hour... it was nice :) I like walking around. After work I went to this "Recapturing Beauty" talk, or something. The guy speaking was a psychology professor at BYU, & he shared a nice talk with us. His talk was called the "parable of the apples" he spoke about how we are all seeds (spirit sons & daughters) living in apples (our mortal bodies) and that if we were too concerned with who was the prettiest plumpest apple we might not be able to nurture our seeds and we wouldn't be able to become a huge sycamore tree (Heavenly Father). It was nice, one of the things that I liked a lot was when he talked about two things.
   He talked about how when Christ said "Be ye perfect" he didn't actually need us to be perfect but to be complete, fulfill our divine potential. Not flawless.
   He talked about how the only physical description of Jesus, was basically that he was an "Average Joe" & that people like me and those in the BKM and New Testament really loved and followed him because of his "Spirituality"
Phew! I finally figured out how to get rid of bullet points once I had started them. Uhm after that I went to my 471 class and we had a very interesting discussion on fathers contribution & what it means for them to protect, provide & preside. After that I had to work really hard to find a venue for my dance that I'm hosting Tuesday the 23 of november for Charity; I am fundraising money to send "El Sauzal" orphanage in Mexico, they are low on food rations & they would like to give the children presents. Hopefully we can make enough...Somehow I feel SO much cooler when I am doing things like this, I feel like my life is worth something. After that Wyatt & I went to English, that was okay, I am SO READY & EXCITED for our technical report to be done, it still needs some work, something I probably should have worked on today instead of playing with my blog. After that I went around and looked for more venues, and I found that studio 600 would let me use their venue! yay! So I hope it goes well, I hope people actually show up so that we can earn some type of money or revenue.
Wyatt and I then came home, Wyatt made me dinner {I'm seriously SO lucky}and we cuddled for a while and watched "Seinfeld! I saw baby Evaleigh there! She can crawl and she is waiving too! She's fun. Now that It's 1 am Deborah & Sue are here and it is SO much fun, I LOVE them. hahaha about the title. Linda was talking about how old she is and she was telling Deborah, "I've known your mom for 30 years! That's a long time!" Sue replied "I've known her for seventy..." life is good :)

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