Monday, November 29, 2010

All the kids at my school have Iphone 4s except the mormons

We then started setting up for Linda's party which was wild! As we were decorating Eric came in and brought 5 DOZEN ROSES! and he bought her this BEAUTIFUL cake that looked like a birthday present! The party was a complete success! Linda got some fun presents and she had a really good time {Which she needed and deserved}. Anyways, after that Wyatt and I stayed up watching kun fo panda, and it was way nice. Also, we had a REALLY nice dinner that night (that makes two nice dinners in a row). Then We woke up on Saturday morning ready to go to the BYU vs Uof U game. We went to it with of Jared Deghani, one of Wyatt's oldest friends he bought us tickets for this awesome rivalry game and we had the sweetest seats ever! I loved the game though it was a good game, after that we wanted to go out to eat so went to Olive Garden! Thank you so much for coming down Jared! We love you! Jared is one of the nicest people around. We then watched Toy Story 3 and how to train your dragon AND part of Austin Powers: Gold Member. Funny, all great movies, Today {Sunday} will probably be slow and uneventful. But tomorrow we go back to reality and to be honest I'm a little sad about it... Below are some pictures from the game yesterday {The fat ute fan is just something I found, really UTE fans are such rednecks, loosing to them was like loosing to a fat UGLY chic at a beauty pageant so I don't feel as bad. 

The following is the Camera that I have FINALLY decided on, it took me forever but I want this Camera for Christmas it is the... sx210IS, powershot's seem to be the best around! I really want this camera and I hope I get it for Christmas!

Anyways that is what has been going on as of late, I really need to get to doing my homework now... I think I have ran out of reasons to procrastinate...



PS. today's quote was brought to you by a disappointed cougar fan on the TRAX ride home. I tried to cheer him up about the game by telling him that Christmas was coming, he quickly said that we wanted to have an I PHONE 4! He claimed that everyone in his 6th grade class had a sweet I phone except for him & the mormons :)

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