Monday, November 29, 2010

All the kids at my school have Iphone 4s except the mormons

We then started setting up for Linda's party which was wild! As we were decorating Eric came in and brought 5 DOZEN ROSES! and he bought her this BEAUTIFUL cake that looked like a birthday present! The party was a complete success! Linda got some fun presents and she had a really good time {Which she needed and deserved}. Anyways, after that Wyatt and I stayed up watching kun fo panda, and it was way nice. Also, we had a REALLY nice dinner that night (that makes two nice dinners in a row). Then We woke up on Saturday morning ready to go to the BYU vs Uof U game. We went to it with of Jared Deghani, one of Wyatt's oldest friends he bought us tickets for this awesome rivalry game and we had the sweetest seats ever! I loved the game though it was a good game, after that we wanted to go out to eat so went to Olive Garden! Thank you so much for coming down Jared! We love you! Jared is one of the nicest people around. We then watched Toy Story 3 and how to train your dragon AND part of Austin Powers: Gold Member. Funny, all great movies, Today {Sunday} will probably be slow and uneventful. But tomorrow we go back to reality and to be honest I'm a little sad about it... Below are some pictures from the game yesterday {The fat ute fan is just something I found, really UTE fans are such rednecks, loosing to them was like loosing to a fat UGLY chic at a beauty pageant so I don't feel as bad. 

The following is the Camera that I have FINALLY decided on, it took me forever but I want this Camera for Christmas it is the... sx210IS, powershot's seem to be the best around! I really want this camera and I hope I get it for Christmas!

Anyways that is what has been going on as of late, I really need to get to doing my homework now... I think I have ran out of reasons to procrastinate...



PS. today's quote was brought to you by a disappointed cougar fan on the TRAX ride home. I tried to cheer him up about the game by telling him that Christmas was coming, he quickly said that we wanted to have an I PHONE 4! He claimed that everyone in his 6th grade class had a sweet I phone except for him & the mormons :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Do you want my pillow?

So as of late I have had a really hard time with self-worth, and it's really only been getting worse, on a daily basis I wonder if I'm important or valued. I know that sounds crazy because of how amazing Wyatt is and everyone around me, but it tears me up inside. Today I have had a hard day thinking about it, and due to my lack of self worth my trust/relationship with Heavenly Father and the Savior is all but in shambles. I try so hard to think that God loves me, and there is so much evidence in my life that would say he does, my issue mainly being I feel like God just doesn't like women, I feel like he thinks their silly and not worth his while. it hurts so bad to think about this whether true or not it truly kills me. Today when I was pondering this I remembered something. I had this story on another blog on an old post but I thought I would copy and paste it here, because it has a lot to do with this post.

So I just had to write this post, I knew that I would forget my experience if I didn’t. So… about two months ago I was working (In pediatrics) and that day in particular was REALLY hard. I had been busy all day, on my feet, stressed and tired. My shift seemed like it would last an eternity! FINALLY six p.m. came around and it was time for me to head home. I was so tired and grumpy walking away from work. But when I walked to the security desk I noticed these BEAUTIFUL flowers! They were in a really cute tin can looking thing; they were the best flowers I had ever seen! I commented to the person sitting at the desk how beautiful they were, and how good they smelt! She told me I could have them, so I took them! I was so happy! Suddenly my horrible day was brightened, I thought to myself that surely the Lord wanted ME to have those flowers!
Walking out of the hospital to Wyatt’s car, I was sort of stuck behind someone. This woman in a wheel chair was taking FOREVER! I grew very impatient with her, she was in the middle of the door to go outside. (I know that sounds really mean of me, but its exactly what I was thinking) When I finally got close enough to pass her I realized that she smelt bad too! “EW” I thought (not that I smelt that much better, a day with sick children) She looked like she hadn’t taken a shower in weeks! I was so bothered by her! Finally I was able to pass her. As I did she lifted up her head and said “Oh.. What beautiful flowers” and as I was walking away in a hurry I said “Thanks!” I could see Wyatt sitting in the car and was excited to tell him about my flowers.
Suddenly I felt in my heart that I should give her the flowers. I felt the Holy Ghost tell me that the woman really needed those flowers more than me. I was enraged! I was angry! I thought that the Lord was giving ME those flowers because I had had a BAD day, why did she deserve them -I thought! I was getting closer to the door when I felt that feeling again.
Finally after having an internal struggle, I turned around and offered the woman the flowers. I didn’t know her name, I didn’t ask it, I just turned around and said “Do you want these flowers?” I was secretly hoping she would say no. To my dismay she said “Oh yes! I would really love them, they are beautiful!” so I handed them to her, my heart sinking. When I turned around to leave I noticed tears running down her face.
She told me about how she lived in the rest home across the street. She sobbed even more telling me that none of her children had come to see her in over a year, not even called her. She told me how depressed she had been, she didn’t want to live anymore. For weeks she had been praying for a sign from the Lord, that he cared. That he loved her. I watched as this elderly woman cried and sobbed, it broke my heart. She said “ These flowers are the answer to my prayers, I know it. You are an angel sent from God, you have such a good heart to give me these flowers. I know now that God loves me, because he sent me these beautiful flowers, through a complete stranger. He knew that no one I knew would give me flowers, so he sent them through you, an angel”
My heart broke into a thousand pieces. Here I was today, so selfish, careless. Here this woman was needing a loving word, and I didn’t even want to talk to her, nor even ask her how she was doing. I was no angel, just a BIG brat. As I walked to the car I was crying so hard I could barely see, I was so blurry. When I got to the car, he asked why I had given those flowers away, and I told him the story. Relieved and confused he said “ I sent you flowers to work today, roses, I felt like you needed them today, I was worried you gave the flowers I had given you away… but if those aren’t the flowers that I gave you, where are they?”
It turned out that the floral shop forgot to deliver the roses to me at work; we drove over to the floral shop. Wyatt went inside, and came out with a beautiful bouquet of roses. Purple, Pink, red and white roses. They were far more beautiful than the roses I had given to the elderly woman.
I couldn’t help but cry more. I didn’t want to give the woman the flowers I had earlier. I couldn’t believe the Lord was asking me to give MY flowers up. I couldn’t believe what a grand lesson I learned that day. The lord asked me to give up the flowers that I had, but he had a far BETTER bouquet of flowers waiting for me. He made it up to me. He never asked me to give them up, just trade them for better ones. Still when I think of this story it makes me cry a little.
The Lord’s love for his children amazes me. Here was this elderly woman, a woman I didn’t even care for, and apparently no one else. But yet, to show he cared, he sent her flowers. What a beautiful gift to give someone in need. He gave me BETTER flowers later, from a loving Wyatt.
I am SO grateful for my family, for my amazing Wyatt, who thought to give me flowers. I am the luckiest girl in the world, and will be for all time and eternity.

So there you have it, my extremely long post. However thinking about it brings me to tears, for this past year I have thought that it was I who was doing HER a favor. But as I have reflected on this time more and more I think that it was really me who needed this. First of all, as mentioned in my post I thought that she was a waste of life when I saw her {I am being super honest and I know I was a jerk} however what really gets me is that God took time out of his probably really busy schedule to make it possible for this woman to receive beautiful flowers. Of all the things to do for her, he gives her flowers, she must mean a lot to him. Makes me think that God can't possibly love his sons more than his daughters if he made it possible for her to get the flowers. Also another thing that I thought about is how I have long thought that I am so un important and how he thinks I must be dumb. But he trusted me to get the flowers to her, not Wyatt {not that he wouldn't have been great at it} not a man, but me, little old me.
Another thing that I have been thinking about is how on wednesday night I was having a hard time and was silently crying to myself in bed, hoping not to wake Wyatt up, I couldn't hide my tears from him, he could tell from my breathing patterns that something was wrong. Which is crazy to me because he was snoring just moments before I started crying. My tears, my breathing woke him up. He turned around and said "what's wrong dear" I tried so hard not to tell him, I just felt embarrassed telling him what was wrong for the millionth time. I told him my troubles and told him that I didn't like the pillow I was sleeping on, it was extremely uncomfortable. {I had forgotten my pillow at my mom's house}. Without skipping a beat he said "Do you want my pillow?" This only made me cry more, to think that he would be willing to sleep with my uncomfortable pillow so that I could have a nice sleep. He took my pillow and gave me his and hugged me and told me he loved me. He then rubbed my back until I fell asleep. Wyatt is the best gift I have ever had, he's better than a basket of puppies! Whenever I need him he is there. In a blessing a while back I got when i was having a hard time I was told that I would be given a husband that would make up for anything that I have or will go through. How true that blessing is, I love Wyatt he is so good to me.
And though it is hard for me to see it, I feel that God is good to me as well, he cared enough to give me Wyatt and let him shower me with love and kindness. This gives me a little more encouragement I hope that I can get over this. But for now I am so extremely lucky to have Wyatt.

Another thing I thought about was that when I thought about Wyatt saying "Do you want my pillow" I felt like it was something similar to Christ saying "Do you want my life?" That made me cry even more thinking that he cared about little old me, no one of importance, not even smart. He gave his life for me and I am grateful that whenever I have hard times I can remember that Christ gave his life for me.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

You can't break steel Liz

As If you didn't already think I was insane, here is the picture to prove it. First off, I have my delicious highly nutritious lunch, a coke & a champ... hmm I LOVE champs. Secondly, I'm sitting in the cafeteria, it wasn't until much after that I realized that it was indeed extremely uncool to sit in the lunchroom. Lastly, I am forcibly hugging a poor frightened boy. You see, he was a new student, Lucas I believe, and he spoke very little english. I being the very nice girl I am wanted to make him feel at home so I sat next to him and gave him a hug, needless to say he was probably petrified the rest of the school year and paranoid that I would hug him. Poor kid :)
Moving on, I know it's been a while since I have blogged, but I will fill you in on what's been going on. So the day before yesterday the day after my blizzard and I woke up and we had breakfast and spent the day at the mall. She tried on some pants that looked amazing on her, and we put them on lay away. I wish I had all the money in the world to be able to buy my mom and those I love the things they love and what they would want! After that Wyatt came to see me at the mall (he looked SO very attractive) and we had lunch after which we walked around the mall together. We got his mother {Linda} a birthday present, I hope she likes it. After a day at the mall we went home and took a nap {a two hour nap}. It's funny how often I have been taking naps, I hate it. After that we went to Trevor's house to help with decorations for Linda's surprise birthday tomorrow. Eric is having the party catered and everything! I'm happy he gave Wyatt such a good example of what a husband should be. Then we went home and watched the fugitive, I liked the movie because it was so intense, but I hated it because the thought of someone who just lost a loved one going to jail for it makes me so sad! We finally went to sleep.

This morning we woke up at {12 noon, twelve, ridiculous} we got ready {my hair was a hot mess} we then had Thanksgiving dinner. What was the best part was Linda was cooking and she stuck something in the oven, before we knew it it was on fire! she opens the oven and flames come out and went "oh!" and she closes it again, then she turns the oven off and opens the door again and still flames, she close's it and starts screaming "help!" everyone rushes over to help her and Deborah takes the flaming dish out of the oven. When she does the flames die down and all is well.
Then we went to my moms house and had thanksgiving dinner, and we are now watching wolverine origins. so good :). Tomorrow we are going shopping!! Yay!



PS. Today's Quote was brought to you by Matt Sanford, after rolling his truck, running into a median and then going down a hill and only receiving a scratch on his finger. We were all pretty amazed, and grateful, he was still in one piece. Liz was especially amazed and when she commented on how amazing it was he replied "Well, you can't break steel can you Liz?"

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh no! We forgot to celebrate your Birthday!

I'm blogging about yesterday today. I got home so late I didn't get a chance to write about my day. I went to work yesterday in the morning, it was hard getting up because I hardly slept but I went to work and for a while was in the office alone (nice!). After that I skipped my Spanish class. I really shouldn't have but I did. {I also REALLY should have written a rough draft for my Spanish lit class}. Lately I feel like I am so overwhelmed with school, I don't even know why, it's just been really hard on me. Luckily this semester is almost over, somehow during semesters I always get a little burnt out towards the end of the semester and feel like I can't make it to the end. I'm also pretty overwhelmed because I don't know what I'm going to do when I graduate {April} I can't go to grad school, I can't really do anything. I feel like I can't wrap my head around what's going on in my life... Anyways my day yesterday was fun. I came back home after work and took like a 2 1/2 hour nap, I hate taking naps. After which I hung out with my mom all night & we went shopping. I was quite satisfied :) Then I watched Harry Potter and the deathly hallows with my brother Hoss & his friend Josh. I love my mom, she is seriously the nicest person in the world, she is always willing to do something for me, she is my best gal-friend and my dear mother. I'm so lucky to have such an awesome mom!